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Experiences of a Completely Different Kind
Salvia divinorum (6x Extract)
by mudl
Citation:   mudl. "Experiences of a Completely Different Kind: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (6x Extract) (exp11643)". Erowid.org. Sep 14, 2020. erowid.org/exp/11643

3 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 6x)


Ok, got loadsa revision to do but ended up getting stoned and since I'm here feeling creative on my own I thought I'd try and write up this strange experience me and a couple of mates had on Salvia. I got hold of some of the extract before and was a bit disappointed when after smoking a shedload of it there seemed to be no effect at all. We were smoking it in a pipe with a powerful lighter but smoked about a full bowl each.

So I got hold of some of the 6x extract and read all the trip reports I could find on the 'net. Still didn't feel prepared for what I expected was going to be something well intense and completely mind blowing. Tried mushrooms twice before and done mdma for about a year + smoked a lot of weed in the past. Felt a bit tired before heading out as hadn't been able to sleep properly for a couple of nights but was in good spirits and felt this was going to be a good experience.

We piled around to Dís house and there was me,D,B & C .. The 6x extract looked like the fluff I find in my pocket. Feeling a bit cautious after reading the trip reports and people describing 200mg of the 5x extract for a 'strong' trip started off with about 130mg and I held it as long as possible. After exhaling I could definatley feel something was happening but didn't know what - felt a bit stoned and was kinda pleased that I could feel something this time but it wasn't particularly intense.

We were sitting in a nice quiet room, a bit darkened and it seemed to be the perfect setting ..

So my mate D who I was smoking with fires up about 150mg . He says he can feel something but it's not too intense either. Feeling a bit more adventurous, loaded up about 200mg and held it for as long as I could . We were just using 2 normal cigarrette lighters ( I dunno if this is a compromise between one lighter and a torch lighter ??). About a minute later I could feel the effects and thought 'I dont think I should smoke any more!!'. I felt a bit like I did on mushrooms, the room seemed to definatley 'fold' like it was warping and it was like my plane of view was split around me, the sofa to the table and the bong as 'one' object. Everything else in the room was another and there was a definate 'separation' . This sounds pretty weird but it was strange at the time too ! I felt a bit like I had a big beanbag stuck to my arse and that wherever I sat I was stuck in it.

As I chilled a bit I realised the experience was really nice, the physical sensation of being kinda warm and content like when lying in bed or in a bath. My mate D smoked about the same and looked kinda thoughtful. After a few minutes we both did about the same again, now I felt really caned ! The room started looking a bit 2-d and the bong pipe which was the only thing pointing at me looked like it wasn't .. like it was flat. B & C asked 'whats it like?' . I fell on the couch and laughed my arse off ..

My thoughts were going 'The experience .. what is the experience? Oh yeah the experience is explaining the experience (as in the experience of explaining what salvia is like is the experience of being on salvia itself )í. I felt like this was a pretty good idea at the time even if I didn't understand what was really going on! Then I tried to explain this but I kept laughing hysterically, falling on the couch and then trying to explain it again. This must have happened a couple of times but it felt like I was stuck in this time loop and I didn't know how to get out except try and explain something that couldn't be explained.

Radiohead was on the stereo quietly, so I could only just hear bits of the song .. but it sounded like each voice on the track had been split into many all like a big orchestra of voices. I also noticed that I was just a floating voice .. and could just imagine that my voice was coming from a loudspeaker somewhere like 'myself' had dissolved . When I held the smoke it seemed to be 'exhaled' by all of the objects in my view. I was staring at a chest of drawers and felt like the more I smoked - the salvia became everything that was around me, so I was what I was seeing was part of me and I was part of everything else.

Ok .. this is an extreme paranoia! So this was like that - in a feeling .. Like the contents of the room and the room itself was like the inside of my lung exhaling the salvia as I inhaled it and absorbed it .. Everything I saw was part of me and everything else. It was funny, the room felt a bit warped and strange but the experience felt really weird - I mean re-reading my description it doesn't make sense but it's just really hard to describe!

B smokes about 100mg and holds it in. She then falls on the floor laughing lots about a minute later and says excitedly ĎOH MY GOD!!! MY ARMS!! LOOK AT MY ARMSí. We looked at her arms and they looked fine, but she insisted they had turned red while still laughing like crazy.

G showed up and sits down, starts chatting. At this point I'd realised that if I closed my eyes and it was quiet I could drift off, see some faint closed eye visuals. One thing that I can't possibly describe is how annoying noise is when I was salvia .. I had this urge to kill G .. it was crazy .. it was like the plant was telling me 'how can he not understand what you are doing!!!
I had this urge to kill G .. it was crazy .. it was like the plant was telling me 'how can he not understand what you are doing!!!
This is of great importance!! Destroy him!! Throw him out of the window!! The experience is the most important thing'. I just lay there quietly for a bit and G chatted on .. the noise just of talking because almost unbearable and I stuck a pillow over my head to try and block it out .. Anyway .. we'd smoked the rest of the 1g vial, everyone leaves apart from my mate D. We look at each other and he asks me 'did you just experience that too ? I wanted to destroy G.. like really destroy him!' .

I thought 'raaah!' . It was so strange we'd just felt the same thing, and the experience seemed to be disturbed by large sounds like someone talking. I just wanted to lie there quietly. After about 15 minutes the experience fades and for the next 45 minutes feel clear headed quite talkative like a really mild mdma buzz. Nice feeling.

Overall was a bit disappointed because we managed to get thru' a gramme in an evening and I thought this should have been enough to have lots of really strong experiences. The most we smoked each must have been about 200mg - were we doing something wrong? I recon smoking a lot more would be good but I have to be fairly quick to remember what I'm doing and not sit there in a daze for a bit. Get one of my mates to keep changing over the gear so I can just keep smoking.

I'd say the experience at it's peak felt fairly strong but it's more the speed that it hits that's the surprise as it must be within a minute. I can only liken it to the feeling of mushrooms but I didn't have any visuals of any sort but felt that if I had smoked a minute bit more I would have. Looking at the stripes on my mate's jumper it looked as if they could flow off his jumper like an animated rubber band. Afterwards felt fine, within an hour had no after affects at all. It's truly amazing !! A good experience if a little weak.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11643
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 14, 2020Views: 421
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Music Discussion (22), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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