Mild but Pleasant
Citation:   Nona . "Mild but Pleasant: An Experience with Coleus (exp116470)". Aug 12, 2022.

6 hits smoked Coleus (extract)
One evening my friend and I, I'll call her N, were biking around in search of the Coleus plant. Having read some interesting articles on the subject we were curious to see if it truly had any psychedelic properties. We found Coleus plants (Plectranthus scutellarioides) in a shaded garden and in a restaurant window box and picked about ten small leaves from both. After doing some research we decided to make an extract (to smoke) by mincing the leaves till very small, then boiling them in water and a drop of lemon juice twice. Once all the water had evaporated from the boiling the second time we then put the coleus plant matter on a metal baking sheet spread out and baked in the oven to dry for about 35 minutes on 170 degrees, checking regularly and moving it around to make sure it was not burning or sticking. Once it was fully dry and crumbly we took it out and put it in Nís gravity bong (rather than joint). We decided to smoke it this way to try and make it as potent as possible.

At this time I was drinking one small cup of red wine, and N was sober. Our other friends, L and G had also arrived by this time and were micro-dosing on psilocybin mushroom tea.

On the porch I packed the gravity bong I took two big hits and held them in for as long as was comfortable. After the second hit I noticed my arms felt tingly and I felt mood altered in a way. I was very smiley, it felt similar to being slightly stoned.
After the second hit I noticed my arms felt tingly and I felt mood altered in a way. I was very smiley, it felt similar to being slightly stoned.
At this time N reported to not really feel anything, but also had not held the smoke in. We all took turns on the gravity bong. N and I took about 6 hits in total, and L and G took about 2.

G instantly after taking the second hit reported to us that they felt very happy and weightless, they also said the tree-line was sparkling beautifully. I think the micro-dose and the coleus may have been synergizing (I would like to try this myself as well at some point). L reported to be feeling altered but not as much as G. G is also not a smoker, whereas the rest of us are relatively habitual marijuana smokers.

I then took two more hits and definitely was not feeling placebo alone. I couldnít stop smiling and I felt very energetic and stoned in a weird way. At this point I realized I was feeling more stoned in a micro-trip way than a weed way. I felt like I wanted to move around a lot and I also felt the nuances of conversation with different people more (like when tripping and you are more aware of your interactions). And also my eyes felt a bit droopy like the high on weed.

N took two more hits and held them in this time. N reported to feel slightly stoned, mood altered positively, and energetic as well. N and I finished smoking the rest of the extract between us. They also said when we reentered the house they were more aware of the fact they were feeling a bit high and that the lights in the room were brighter than normal.

I continued to feel altered for maybe about an hour and a half and the same was with N.

When we woke up the next morning we were kind of achey, I'm not sure if this attributed to the coleus but we did some stretching and I felt much better but N still had back pain.

In general it was a good experience that I would do again. Because coleus is such a common decorative shade plant it is easy to find and totally legal.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116470
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Aug 12, 2022Views: 830
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