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The Way to Furry Heaven
LSD, Alcohol & Cannabis
by Steampup
Citation:   Steampup. "The Way to Furry Heaven: An Experience with LSD, Alcohol & Cannabis (exp116569)". Sep 15, 2022.

2 hits sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  3 - 4 glasses oral Alcohol  
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis  


It was 2021 at a furry convention in Florida. I was still kinda new to using LSD and had managed to score some hits from a friend of mine that I was saving for the convention. At the time I was only interested in the drug as a party aid so I was intending to just have a really good time on it. I had only tripped twice before this.
At the time I was only interested in the drug as a party aid so I was intending to just have a really good time on it. I had only tripped twice before this.
I was sharing a suite with my two friends Mitchel and Evan (Names changed for privacy). Evan knows me well and knew I was planning on dropping at some time during the con. Mitchell we didn't tell because we didn't know what his views on substances like psychedelics where. For the entire trip he thought I was just drunk and high and never mentioned anything, but a year later we told him and he thought it was funny, so it turned out to be fine.

Anyways, we all went to the dance competition and sat together to watch the show. Looking at the time, I felt like it was the right time to dose. I lean over to Evan and tell him that I wanna drop and I'm going to go to the bathroom to do it.

18:00 - I excuse myself to the bathroom which was right around the corner. I pick a stall and pull some tin foil out of my pocket, which contained two paper tabs of 100ug LSD each. I pop them underneath my tongue then head back to the show.

18:40 - The sequin vest of the host began to get shinier and shinier, the multicolored reflective vest seemed to assault my eyes every time he turned or moved in a certain direction. The music and cheering started to get a little loud and uncomfortable. Evan must have noticed that I was starting to feel uncomfortable and suggested that we leave the competition early which we did.

19:00 - At this point time dilation really started kicking in for some reason. Maybe because there was so much going on that it was difficult to focus my attention on anything. All the suits looked brighter and more stunning some people really looked like mythical beasts in their outfits. I remember walking by someone who had a long green shiny scaled metal tail that to me looked like a massive snake ready to jump at me at any moment. I clung closely to Evan as we walked past but I couldn't take my eyes away from it, as if I had to make sure it wasn't going to attack as we made our way past the man wearing it.

We walked around the convention for a while, meeting people and taking pictures of all the awesome fursuits. I'm not sure how long we spent doing this, but something, maybe all the people and noise and craziness going on started to make me feel very anxious and like I needed to get away for a while until the peak subsided a bit. So I told Evan that I wanted to go back to the suite and it turned out that he and Mitchell were already thinking about going back to put on their fursuits, so we headed back~

20:00 (Approx) We got back into the suite and Mitchell and Evan offered me a couple of mixed drinks. I honestly don't remember how many I drank. I only remember being offered some drinks and every time I looked down at my glass I had already drunk it. This happened maybe 3 or 4 times. At some point during the time when Evan was preparing me drinks and Mitchell was cooking some pasta for us to eat, I had glanced at the tri-sectional painting above the couch on the wall. It was one of those generic landscape paintings you find in any typical hotel room, only to me, the painting looked like a view of a Scottish moor from the parapets of a medieval castle. I could see the clouds billowing in the sky, the grass and trees swaying in the breeze, I could literally feel the wind blowing through my hair and clothes. I must have stared unflinchingly at this painting for at least 11 minutes while Evan was trying to get me to refocus my attention on something else so that Mitchell didn't think there was anything wrong with me. At some point, Mitchell stepped away from the kitchen to go to the porch to smoke. When he saw me he says "Is there something wrong with the painting?"

I'm suddenly pulled out of it. "Oh...uh, no, its just that...I'm just now noticing it."

"Oh, yeah, it's a pretty shitty painting."

Which to be fair, it was and Mitchell is actually a very accomplished college educated artist, so if he says its shitty, then it's probably true. I went back and looked at the picture again when I was completely sober and yeah, my mind had made up a lot of fantastic detail for that thing.

I sat down on the couch and took another drink from Evan. We flipped through the channels on the television until we found a John Wick movie which was playing. I don't know which one, but there was a scene where he was shooting a machine gun and the gun just kept firing and firing and firing and the brass just kept hitting the deck over and over and over again and I started to get really panicky and started to have bad thoughts about some of my experiences in the service. Evan was too engrossed in the movie to notice me, so without saying a word I quietly reached for the remote and changed the channel.

Evan: "Oh, was that too much for you?" Me: "Yeah, I think that's just too violent for me to handle right now."

We kept changing the channels until we found a channel that was playing men's water polo. This immediately calmed me down and made me feel better. Evan started making funny jokes and observations about the game and the players which made me laugh and lifted my mood greatly.

21:00 (Approx) Mitchell finished preparing the food. It was some kind of farfalle shaped pasta. The kind that look like little bows. I couldn't make out much else of what was in it because the entire contents of the bowl where quivering and writhing. I must have stared at it for about a minute or two before Mitchell says "If you don't like it, I can make you something else."

"No, no, it looks good, I'm just a little high" I managed to say a little nervously. I didn't want him to be offended. The food actually tasted delicious.

After we ate, Mitchell and Evan decided to put on their fursuits and go back out into the convention. They wanted me to suit up with them, but I was really beginning to peak. My body felt bloated with anxiety and I was too uncoordinated and dazed to suit up by myself, so I said that I would suit up with them later.

As we walked to the main convention area, we passed by a portion of sidewalk with a colony of snails. I stopped for a few seconds to watch them, I was so enthralled by them. It looked like they had a little society and a village down there. I couldn't stop for too long, Mitchell and Evan couldn't see me very well when they where both inside their fursuits and I was afraid I would get left behind. Mitchell was in a full German Shepard suit and Evan was in an Otter partial suit. (Just the head tails and paws)

When we entered the main convention space the first thing we see, is a GIANT PINK ANIME SNAIL! WHAT!? I was shook. Was this snail from the village of snails I just saw? Was this giant snail even real?

Mitchell and Evan immediately accosted him begging for a photo. It was a really well made and detailed snail suit. The snail put a blue chip in his mouth (I learned later that it was a small portable cooling fan for his head) and posed with them for a photo which I had to take. I have no idea how I managed to operate Mitchell's phone in my current state but I did.

We then went straight to the inflate panel where Mitch and Evan completely immersed themselves in this room full of giant inflatable animals. They began to jump on them, playing with them and posing for pictures with giant zebras, giraffes, whales and unicorns.

The room took on a kind of gross amber/pink hue, it was really crowded and warm because of all the people. The air felt thick and the wobbling inflatable animals was making me feel like I was in a giant room full of Jello. The whole experience was making me feel dizzy and nauseous so I stepped out into the hallway for a minute. I instantly felt better, but every time I went back into the inflate panel room I felt nauseous again, so I decided to let my two boy friends play and left to wander the convention on my own.

At this time there wasn't very many people around so I didn't feel anxious at all, just kinda bored and like I didn't wanna waste my trip being sick in a room full of giant jello animals
I didn't feel anxious at all, just kinda bored and like I didn't wanna waste my trip being sick in a room full of giant jello animals
, so I just started to wander into convention rooms at random looking for an interesting panel to enjoy while tripping.

The first room I entered was the tabletop and card gaming room There was a table full of people discussing a D&D campaign but it was the least exciting part of the game. They where talking about equipment and gear and statistics and numbers and planning and it felt like a bunch of orcs and elves sitting around a table discussing business. So boring, so I left.

The next room I entered was the media room. It was a dark room with a television that plays various furry themed movies, shows, or cartoons. When I opened the door it looked like a long dark hallway with a small screen at the end playing a creepy old black and white cartoon. There where a bunch of chairs and dozens of eyes peered back at me from those chairs, indignantly wondering who it was that let the light in. I slowly and sheepishly closed the door and backed away. I wanted nothing to do with that room.

I walked further down the hallway and began to hear a faint thumping. I could feel it in my chest. Curious, I walked closer. The thumping was coming from a door which suddenly swung open to reveal a black portal with many multicolored lights mostly red and purple emanating from it. Furries where exiting this portal. I was intrigued. I couldn't stop myself from walking through this portal. As some furries where coming out of it, I slipped through and I was transported to a completely different universe.

I was in the middle of a rave with dazzling lights, electric sounds and all manner of dogs, wolves, cats, bunnies, raccoons and other furries throbbing on the dance floor.

"OMG", I thought..."This is where I need to be...This is furry heaven and furry heaven is a bunch of furries dancing in a rave for for all time! Of course it is! It makes perfect sense that this would be the case!"

But when I looked down at my hands, my boring, pathetic human hands then I looked up at the furry crowd, I felt like I didn't belong here. Like I was in the wrong heaven, like if I stayed I would be ostracized or ejected from the place and shunned forever. I knew what I had to do. I had to leave and come back as my fursona. That's the only way I can truly stay here and be accepted!

I don't know how I got back to the room so fast, but the trip back was a blur. I never told Mitchell and Evan what I was up to, luckily they where so distracted while playing in the room with the big inflatable animals that they didn't even realize I had left them until I was suited up.

22:00 (Approx) - When I had arrived back in the suite, I went strait for my furry kit and put on my head, tail, paws and my black gothic dress for the rave. I am a black mongoose with purple stripes. I checked myself in the mirror. I felt sexy, confident and ready for anything! I am the Mongoose! I remembered that I still had one of those small discrete metal pipes which I had already pre-packed with weed, so I took it to the balcony and smoked it before putting my head on and zipped back to the rave. I passed by Mitch and Evan as they where heading back to the suite. The expressions on their faces was that of surprise and confusion. They thought that I had only stepped away for a minute and now here I am in front of them in a completely new outfit as if I had changed in some quick anime magical girl transformation sequence in the bathroom or something.

Evan had to take Mitch back to the room because he was overheating and not feeling well. I said ok and that I was going to the rave. We parted ways knowing where to find each other.

23:00 (Approx) - At the Rave I had lost all sense of time and place, I had lost myself to the throng of furries, gyrating and grinding to the music and the lights. I felt like I was there for forever, like I had always been there, like this amazing party will never end. This was my new reality. At some point I got lost staring into the lights while in the middle of the dance floor and a handsome noble pure white wolf came to check on me and make sure that I was ok. He pulled me out of the confusion I felt at that moment. I told him I was ok, just a little high and we started dancing for a while.

Suddenly my dress pocket started to vibrate. I pulled out my phone. It was Evan, he was having trouble finding me. I said "Tell me where you are and I will find you" I had to bring him here with me. He had to experience Furry heaven. He was in that sad, depraved, human world and I had to rescue him from it!

I felt like an angel flying down from heaven with Righteous purpose. I found him in the hallway and swooped him up, taking him back to the rave with me, back to furry heaven where we stayed and danced for an eternity~

02:00 (Approx) The rave was winding down everything was about to end, An exhausted Mongoose and her Otter companion made their way back to the suite. I was still tripping, but I was so physically exhausted that I couldn't do anything but take off my suit toss my dress on the floor and slink into the hotel bathtub for a nice hot steamy 2 hour long bath. During that time I felt like I was on literal clouds, heck I felt like I WAS a cloud, just a happy little cloud enjoying a nice bath. It was better than a spa day.

04:00 (Approx) The boys were already asleep. When I came out of the bath, I realized that I had left the TV on in my room. An episode of Rick and Morty was playing. It was the one where Rick goes into Bird Person's memory. The synth-wave song in that episode was lit. I watched it for a while then went to bed soon after~

I woke up the next day feeling content and refreshed. I made breakfast for my friends and we spent the last day of the con just relaxing and checking out various panels.

That was the end of my trip. It was only the third time I had ever tripped on LSD and it really made the convention experience that day the best I had ever had. I learned that I can handle low doses pretty well even in crowded environments, especially if I'm with my good friends or with good people and good vibes. This is definitely something which I will do again and the whole overall experience was simply magical~

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 116569
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Sep 15, 2022Views: 237
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LSD (2), Alcohol (61), Cannabis (1) : General (1), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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