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Trying to OD With Hash Oil?
Hash (oil)
by Cire
Citation:   Cire. "Trying to OD With Hash Oil?: An Experience with Hash (oil) (exp11658)". Sep 24, 2020.

25 hits vaporized Cannabis - Hash (liquid)

In the past I have tried to 'OD' with smoked and orally consumed high quality marijuana (mainly indica) with strong results but never out of body experiences or anything particularly interesting. In my search for extreme consciousness alteration, I decided that cannabis oil would be the best route. After seeing the report the homemade oil (butane) technique, I decided to carry out the procedure. However, I decided to change the recipe a little. The instructions called for the use of the cannabis plant material for the extract, while I choose to use instead 5.5 g of high quality hash. This hash was of particular potency having smoked it before. I also noticed it sweating beads of dark yellow oils when handled. Instead of using paper I choose a very fine mesh metal screen to filter and allow the semi-fluid butane to separate the very fine cannabinoids (hopefully most thc) from the other resins. My end product after boiling off the alcohol was nearly .5g of a thick amber oil. Next came the fun.

I thought about the best way to administer such a large amount at once and decided that it would be a waste to expose such nice oil to an open flame. My vaporizer suddenly seemed the most appealing vessel, with its low soothing temperature. I poured all the oil onto the metal plate (mine is rather large) plugged it in and waited readily. When it reached temperature I began puffing away, trying desperately to keep up. First it started smoking a little and then it really got going. It was a harsh smoke and felt as though it was cutting my lungs. Effects were felt after the first hit. The exact number of hits I took is unknown but I would assume over 25 before I really started to lose motor control. I felt this incredible pounding/ throbbing sensation in my head and I started to get very dizzy. My lungs were in pain and I was coughing out of control. I felt pretty fucked up. But the vaporizer was still blazing so I got back to it.

This is where things got strange. I was puffing on the vaporizer when my right ear starts ringing. It seems to get louder and more painful. I continue smoking to further the intoxication. I feel a lot of pressure in my face and my eyes begin to feel sore. I take the last big hit, hold and exhale coughing. The coughing doesn't stop and gets out of control. After some time I find myself gasping for air but I can't breath. My heart began pounding. I couldn't tell if my lungs were in pain or if it was my heart. I began panicking gasping for air and began to feel light headed and actually kind of good. I closed my eyes and saw bright neon lights and all these weird dots. I open my eyes and my face is on the floor and my whole body is trembling. I just breath slowly. I didn't remember how I got on the floor because I had been sitting down on a chair before. I didn't remember passing out, but I did. The shaking didn't go away for hours, and when I look in the mirror I saw a weird purple/blue discoloration under my eye which I found to be a rather large ruptured blood vessel. It did not cause any considerable pain and went away in about a week. The experience was frightening and uncomfortable, I highly recommend it.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11658
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 24, 2020Views: 1,223
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