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An Extensive Review
Citation:   StandardSiren. "An Extensive Review: An Experience with 25E-NBOH (exp116586)". Sep 14, 2022.

100 - 2200 ug   25E-NBOH
An Extensive Review: 25E-NBOH

S : Male
Age : 25-27 yo
Weight : 81-87kg (at the time of the experiences)
Height : 1.83m

Experienced with mind altering substances, previous experiences with psychedelics (tryptamines, lysergamides, phenethylamines), stimulants (amphetamines and derivatives, MDMA, coke, methylphenidate, and weaker stimulants) ; not so experienced with dissos (only some ket and DCK) neither cannabinoids (booze and nothing else), opiates (tramadol, codeine), or other various downers (phenibut, GBL,...).

You need to take into account before reading the following that I'm quite sensitive to stimulants (25mg of pure amphetamine is usually enough to make me party all night). I have a slow digestion and metabolism too, psychs usually hit slowly and last longer than for my friends. I've found that they seem to hit a little bit harder too, but it is hard to compare.

In this review, I will compare 25E-NBOH to what I think are the two golden standards in the world of psychs (my very subjective experience only) :

LSD (L) : I find L to be a very gentle psych, slowly rising up for 2-3 hours before reaching a 3-4 hours peak. The total experience is about 10-12 hours long to me, with a gentle come down and a usually nice afterglow (not every time). I like to socialize, everything seems magic (MD-like magic imo, way less euphoric however), body load is pleasurable but can be uncomfortable at times. L is quite stimulating in a pleasant, not-forced way. The perfect festival drug, I don't feel tired, and feel like I'm connected with others.

Visuals are very fractals and geometric to me, straight lines and lots of hexagonal patterns. Best representation I have would be the "mirror dimension" in Doctor Strange movies. With doses >100ug, visuals are constantly moving and can be hard to differentiate from reality for the 3-4 first hours ("are the leaves moving or is it me?"), that tends to "stabilize" afterward (even more with weed). I've found that L visuals go (consistently, to me) with a little bit of distortion and visual snow, that makes objects in the distance look like hot/powerful machines/things. Lots of facial deformations.

I have no problem eating something, even though food tastes strange. I used doses ranging from ~8 to ~250 ug without tolerance. I prefer around 15 ug to microdose, 50 to mesodose and 150-200 for a blast.

Shrooms : a totally different story. The come up can be brutal, and I'm usually blown out minutes after the first alerts. To me, shrooms are 20 minutes waiting, 10 minutes of "I feel a bit off, something's gonna happen", 30 minutes of steep Come up, and 3 hours of plateau, followed by a gentle and pleasant come down (and a nice afterglow for days). I have some brainzaps during the come up with this substance only, none of my friends seems to experience it.

These are not so stimulants, but I struggle to sleep for about 6 hours after dropping. I like to sit or dance, preferably on slow/deep music. From my experience, it is a good psych to experience alone or with close friends, and usually did lead to positive improvements in my life. The drawback is that experiences have sometimes been difficult, as it made me aware of negative things in me/my life.

Visuals seem very different from those of L, with sometimes some curves and recursive patterns (e.g. Google "tree fractal"), but usually less "3D" and more cartoon-like, with a lot of solid colors and clean textures. A good representation of what I perceive would be the work of Felix Colgrave work or Kirikou from Michel Ocelot.

I find it nearly harder to eat something than with L, food tastes like ashes. I used doses ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 g (dried) without tolerance. I like all this dose range, 2.5 g being good for a gentler trip, 3.5 g being more introspective but can become overwhelming.

I like both substances equally, and I find both to be useful in their own way. I tripped ~ 20 times (excluding micro and mesodose).

I have only one previous experience with phenethylamines. It was sold to me as 2C-E, I couldn't test it, and was flipped with 40mg MD so I don't find it relevant as a means of comparison.

25e-NBOH appeared as a fine dry white powder. The powder was odorless, tested negative [no reaction] at the Ehrlich test (as NBOMes, and I guess most other phenethylamines), and green/yellowish at the Mandelin test (as with 2C-B). I tried Marquis too, but I think my test kit has somehow gone bad : the liquid was brown/black in the bottle and stayed black when I put some powder in it.

The powder was hard to dissolve in water, but 96% alcohol was better (with a little warming).
The powder was hard to dissolve in water, but 96% alcohol was better (with a little warming).
I made 1.2mg (1200ug) blotters on watercolor paper, but a bit of powder stayed in the recipient, so I estimated their dosage between 1000-1100ug (assuming the powder I got was 90%+ pure). From my research and my experience at this day, the drug seems very stable, and can be stored at room temperature. I estimated a beginner/intermediate dose to be 1 blotter, and 1.5-2 blotters to be an experienced user dose.

I cut 1/4 of a blotter (250ug) and swallowed it as an allergic test (25e-NBOH should be inactive with this ROA), and as expected nothing happened. I waited about 2 hours to try the remaining 3/4 (750ug, intrabuccal). I estimated this to be around half the dose I would usually take. I didn't notice a particular taste, the area where the tab stayed was a bit numb though.

I found it honestly quite underwhelming, as the headspace was extremely clear, had some visuals (no geometry or fractals, but distortions and moving objects only, which was somehow weirdly associated with colour shifts), and felt physically very tense, always wanting to contract my muscles, especially my back and legs muscles. I dropped at 17:00 and managed to sleep at 03:00, knowing I usually go to sleep at 23:00 and I need to sleep a lot. It was quite annoying, and I felt a bit stressed and depressed the next day because of my poor sleep. I still felt the physical stimulation the next morning.

I will classify the following experiences by ROA.

A few weeks later I experienced my real first trip in my control conditions for testing a new hallucinogen :

S&S : My home, low light (usually natural light or candles), a Saturday end of afternoon or at night, comfortable clothes, after a shower, with a close friend (in this case my roommate) lightly tripping or not (I was confident from my previous trip with this substance everything would go well, so I was more confident with him tripping with me with a similar duration psych). I have a benzo on hand just in case things get out of control, things I find easy to eat in my kitchen (bananas, chocolate, almonds, fresh bread, kefi,..), and my bottle of water.
I feel good and curious to try the drug.

I dropped quite early that day, knowing the stimulant effect would last for a long time. Everything went like the following :
0:00 I drop at 17h55, 1.5 blotters (1500-1650ug) intrabucally. I ran 12 km earlier that day, so I feel physically a bit tired.
0:22 I feel strange, first alert. But not nearly as strong as with shrooms.
0:33 coming up really strong, I throw away the blotters.
0:41 I feel really clearly the headspace, and it's like I have a varying colour filter in front of my eyes
0:50 I start to see a lot of distorsions on walls and furniture, and some L-like fractals when looking at distant plants. Muscles start to feel tense
1:30 my hands feel a little cold (I'm usually not prone to vasoconstriction, temperature is ok and we are quite active), and physically stimulated
2:44 I tried to eat something, and food was absolutely tasteless and not appealing, much like with shrooms
3:00 I think I am still on the plateau
4:00 even more stimulating, and a bit of introspection. Definitely more stimulating than L, and stimulation is absolutely forced in my case (hard to stay still, muscles contract sometimes involuntarily)
4:35 going up and down (as psychedelics usually do), lots of laughter and visuals.

5:14 I feel I've come down for the last 15-20 minutes, we agree on lighting on a spliff (40mg weed/person). [WARNING : I strongly discourage others from doing so if they are not an experienced psychedelic user. My worst bad trips (especially linked to phobia) happened with this combo. I weigh my weed and count about half I usually take. I smoke slowly, I can still roll another joint].
6:44 weed did maintain a good amount of psychedelia, but I start to feel tired and hungry
7:33 I've eaten a lot. If I concentrate I can still see some visuals, but they are nearly not present anymore (still noticeable with plants and trees though). Physically still energetic
8:14 still some colours shifting and some distortions. It's 2h00 and I will try to sleep.
9:00 Extremely hard to sleep, I try meditation and breathing techniques. I managed to sleep about 1h after. All this time I felt quite tense with high bpm (100-120 lying on my bed)
16:00 I woke up after 6 hours of bad quality sleep, bpm around 80, still physically tense. I felt a bit foggy, tired, and dehydrated.
I later had a good workout, with good concentration and good performances. I felt quite tired at the end of the day.
D+2 I feel a bit groggy, and I didn't sleep really well.

In conclusion, that was… interesting. Not what I expected, but pleasant. The psychedelic effect itself is very reminiscent of shrooms to me. The visuals were notably dark and intricate. It was the first time I experienced colour shifting, usually colours simply are more saturated (especially with shrooms). Distortions were extremely present especially during the come up, and I've seen some fractals on plants, which I've seen only with lysergamides before. I didn't notice facial distortion at this dosage. The duration of the psychedelic effect was similar to shrooms, with a 30 minutes onset, a 30-60 minutes come up, and a ~3-4 hours plateau. The come down is gentle and is characterized by a gradually growing cognitive and physical fatigue while the physical stimulation is still here. I felt mentally baseline at about t + 12, much like with shrooms.

The headspace is very manageable, with this dosage it felt like 70-80ug L with visuals of 200ug. It is a quite internal and dark headspace, it doesn't seem to be as empathogenic as L to me. However music appreciation was extremely good. Even harder genres like frenchcore, hardstyle or metal were good.

Speaking of physical stimulation, I was really surprised by the strength of this effect. It manifests itself as a tension that encompasses the whole body, that forces me to stay tense and move
Speaking of physical stimulation, I was really surprised by the strength of this effect. It manifests itself as a tension that encompasses the whole body, that forces me to stay tense and move
, even when I am exhausted, in an "itchy" way if it makes sense. It is easy to move and I feel weightless, but being not that physically euphoric, it is not unmanageably pleasurable like MD, and actually quite similar to yohimbine or amphetamine. The stimulant effect in my case appears ~1h30h after dropping, and lasts for a solid ~6h, then gradually fades away until 24-36h when I feel baseline again.

I've read that people compare the NBOH family (and phenethylamines in general) with a L + MD combo. I understand why, as this psych has a somehow "rolly", "machine" feeling when listening to music, but I don't think the comparison is fair. 25E-NBOH lacks the empathogenic effect, most of the magic of both substances, and most of the physical and cognitive euphoria of MD (even if it comes with a bit of teeth grinding, decent euphoria and slight dehydration, and music appreciation seems to be better than with other psychs). It is millions of miles away from the candy flip combo imo. I would rather compare it to shrooms + less euphoric amphetamine. Body load is strong but not unbearable. I find it less pleasurable than L. It sometimes feels like a pressure on my extremities, or like needles.

A few months later, I tried the drug in an other S&S : walking in the forest under the snow with a close friend (I took 1500-1600ug too, he took 1000-1100ug), and it was absolutely wonderful. Visuals seemed more organic than L (my older go-to if I wanted to take a walk with a psych). It was absolutely magical, the stimulation made us walk a lot. However, it was a place I knew since I was a child, and at this dosage I started to feel a bit disoriented (I feel it a lot with L usually, not much with shrooms). The place was empty and safe, I wouldn't have done such a dose in a city or with strangers for example.

Then I tried another situation : 1500ug in a club with another close friend. It was a really bad idea, maybe worse possible setting, I wouldn't do it even with a low dose L. Tight dark space, lot of people drunk/rolling, lot of smoke, sticky floor, hardcore/indus techno music. I was hot, stressed, and had one of the worst bad trips of my life. This substance can be very sinister with disturbing/disgusting visuals if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. We dropped at 00:00, left the club at 5:00 (the area was quite dangerous, we weren't comfortable leaving earlier) and finally walked for 3 good hours. The walk was amazing, we rediscovered the city with the rising sun. The remaining visuals were still very perceptible, it changed this nightmare into a very positive experience. Not paying enough attention to the S&S was a terrible mistake I won't reproduce.

I tried the drug during a trance festival. 3 friends of mine and myself have taken 1 tab (1000-1100ug), which was a pretty low dose to me but decent to them (1 experienced male, 2 mostly inexperienced females, all of them around 60kg). My experienced friend and I had a good time even if not intense enough for my taste, and it was more than enough for my inexperienced friends (only one of them had ever tripped, low dose shrooms).

3 specificities of this drugs were particularly obvious in this setting. First, a quick come up with strong bodyload and a general downer feeling for the 1-2 first hours. I'm not particularly affected by this, but my friends preferred to sit and listen to slow, melodic post-rock rather than dancing at this time.

Second, I experienced the so-called "rolly" effect of this drug with groovy psytrance music. It was pleasant, but as before, very far from a candyflip. And I found it less pleasurable than L last time I took it (dosage wasn't comparable though, it was 200ug+).

Finally, at ~t+5-6 when only stimulation and a slight headspace remained, we decided to drink some beers. I don't usually do it (I'm not much of an alcohol guy), but the combination was pretty good, 1-2 beers did wonderfully go with the remaining stimulation and helped smoothing the tail of the experience. We did feel more connected than before, but not to the same extent as with L.

During all this period, I've tried various doses and offered to some of my friends to experiment, too. It is not a double blind study on a representative sample, but for 8-9 people (beginner to experienced) it turned out that :

The stimulating effect is subject to great variability. It seems that I am more sensitive than average to the stimulation, most of my friends could easily sleep 8 hours after dropping and haven't found the physical stimulation to be too uncomfortable. Only one other couldn't sleep before the 10h mark. Body load could be uncomfortable if you have blood circulation issues at doses < 1500-1600ug (some friends had cold hands).

A friend that didn't like shrooms (too introspective to his taste) really liked the 25e-NBOH and found it more manageable. An inexperienced user hasn't seen a difference with real L (he only tried it once before). It's been good for total beginners, as it is not too deep and one can still be blown away by visuals. Most experienced users liked it and found it different enough from other psych to be enjoyed on its own (not as a poor man's L for example), but usually was better in a shroom S&S than in a L S&S.

The intrabuccal/sublingual ROA is less handy than oral, but comes with the advantage of being a bit safer to keep, as it will be impossible for someone drunk, a dog or a child to take it by accident (even if it shouldn't happen… right ?). I guess you have about 5 minutes to change your mind after putting the blotter in your mouth.

A friend of a friend tried 2000-2200ug as a heavy MD consumer (he rolls 2-3 times a week for years, >300mg). He didn't feel a thing, maybe a vague discomfort.

2 friends with ADHD (1 diagnosed, the other not, who both feel extremely relaxed while taking amphetamines, cathinones or other stimulants) had good experiences with the substance, effects seemed to be exactly the same as with other people.

We tried eating strong peppers, and could handle much more with this substance (I haven't tried this with other psychs, I guess it works too).

Most of us have never felt nausea. Only 2 of my friends did feel it very slightly with doses < 1500ug

It seems that 25E-NBOH doesn't build tolerance as quickly and to the same extent as L. It is widely considered that with L you need to double the dose the next day to experience an identical intensity trip, and tolerance should go back to baseline in 7-14 days. Here, I only once tripped 2 consecutives days, and the effect didn't seem to be that low, maybe a slight "already been here, already seen that" feeling. I guess that on par with shorter duration psychs (like shrooms), tolerance takes more time to come and is quicker to go.

I have personally been more often bothered by the dirtiness of myself/a place than with any other psych. Extremely organic visuals with the particular bodyload, and stimulation making the drug suitable for outdoor events could explain this peculiarity. It has been the origin of some difficult experiences, so I now avoid taking this drug in raves/clubs/dusty places, and favor places where I can bathe or shower during the experience.

I decided to try this ROA after reading people doing it and ensuring the drug is stable at such high temperatures. I put 8mg/mL in PG/VG (70%-30%), and it dissolved surprisingly well. I then put it in the cart of a $15 0.8 ohm automatic e-cigarette (e-cig) I bought for the occasion.

First time was a total failure : I didn't draw enough each time (not a smoker), the cart started leaking, and I got e-liquid everywhere on my hands… and in my mouth. Some went against my lips, and I went on a good 7-8 hours trip from intrabuccal administration (I was tripping af, I estimate to have taken 2000ug+). The following day, I learned to properly use my e-cig (with direct lungs draw and not mouth to lungs draw with my subOhm e-cig), and it was a totally different story. Everything went as following :

0:00 (17h10, a Sunday afternoon), I took 7-8 good inhalations (I calculated it was ~700-800ug. take in mind I probably had tolerance from previous day), holding them for 10 seconds
0:02 the effect is nearly instantaneous (about 10-30 seconds to start to kick in), visuals are crippling all over. Basically no headspace.
0:10 I'm energetic and relaxed. Music sounds awesome and still no headspace. My palate is a bit numb, maybe some of the drug did stick to it and is absorbing through the mucosa. I would say I'm seeing visuals equivalent to 1000-1500ug intrabuccal. Peak visuals seem to be around 0:05 and 0:10, I need to smoke slowly to not be overwhelmed.
0:33 I'm doing my batch cooking for the week, everything goes well.
0:43 I feel like visuals are dulling, headspace starts to appear. I feel some teeth grinding.
0:52 It feels a bit more like MD stimulation now, I put faster music.
1:10 body high is intense, I start to feel tense.
1:30 nearly no visuals at all anymore ; they reappear by wave but they are not obvious and overwhelming anymore. While the headspace was mostly clean before, I start to feel it more by now.
1:42 Everything went strong again, I hope not too much has passed intrabuccally.

2:02 I continue my chores (cleaning,...) I now feel mostly stimulated with a good mood and psychedelic headspace and a bit of disorientation.
2:30 I feel physically more tense than before
2:40 I'm thirsty, I drink a lot.
2:50 still in a good functional mood, no visuals at all anymore, but everything still seems more colorful and magical.
3:55 still very physical, I start to relax a bit.
4:07 good vibe, still tense but less stimulated. The headspace is getting weaker, and I feel nearly mentally baseline.
4:45 eating was easy
5:02 smoked a bit of CBD. I feel content and happy.
6:00 I'm going to try sleeping (23h15), I still feel tense but tired. I'm astonished by the amount of chores I did this afternoon (after cleaning your apartment with phenethylamines visuals, trust me it is clean)
7:00 I managed to sleep. I slept 6 hours of medium/low quality sleep. I still feel a bit tense, but fresh and steady.
14:20 good psych afterglow. I was a bit tired the next day but happy and motivated.

I tried several times after this experience, with doses usually ranging 700 to 1000 ug. In conclusion a good ROA imo, that helps mitigate the main drawback of the drug to me, the very long stimulation. It is convenient, quick, has less headspace, and the body load is nearly unnoticeable. I like the fact that headspace doesn't seem to come at the same time as the visuals, as most of my bad experiences with this product come from dirty/organic visuals (teeth, insects,...) mixed with the headspace and the body load (feeling sometimes like "stings"). This ROA is much easier and recreational to me. However, it seems to be less efficient than sublingual, as 1000 ug feels more or less like 1500 ug sublingual but with visuals lasting ~1.5 - 2 hours (vs 4 - 5 hours), a psychedelia and headspace that lasts about half as much time too. So if you want more bang for your buck, I would recommend taking 25E sublingual / intrabuccal. I usually still go sublingual if I want a real trip with full headspace (eg : at a rave).

I only tried 250-300ug oral and it didn't yield any effect (while 100-150ug intrabuccal has a very obvious one). I didn't try more, but I suppose the drug to be mostly inactive with this ROA.

Some additional info from my experience :
For some people (me included), it is really stimulant and puts a real strain on the heart. I treat it as any other stim from a risk reduction perspective. I've found it better not to consume coffee or any other stim on the same day (knowing half lifes and effect duration of the drugs I take). I take magnesium, drink a lot, eat after, have chewing-gum on hand, and under no circumstances would I mix it with other stims without a first experience with this product. Having a well balanced diet, with high potassium and low sodium can help with hypertension and side effects (ie : I eat veggies, potatoes, bananas, and stay away from fast food). Eating a high carb meal (50-100g carbs) and drinking water before bed can help to relax and avoid the crash, as some of my friends are sometimes subject to.

Intrabuccal administration is easier and more consistent than sublingual : I put the blotter between my teeth and gum, forget it and don't wet it too much for 30 minutes and I'm ready to go. I have seen no difference in keeping the blotter 30 or 60 minutes, 30 minutes is usually more than enough to experience the full effects.

The stimulation being mainly physical, benzos work to sleep but somehow I need a strong dosage. I once tried by curiosity with 0.5mg of alprazolam (no tolerance, it can knock me out in 20 minutes with MD or amphetamines), and still wasn't able to sleep before t + 10:00. So I plan and I drop early. I don't like benzos, especially to land from drugs.

Good synergy with phenibut and GHB/GBL, which can smooth the rough come up and stimulation, and brighten up the experience. From my experience, GHB/GBL is basically worthless to help me sleep if I take it at the end of the experience.

As a functional psych
I regularly use psychs in functional settings, usually in the following cases :

Microdose, 5 to 15% the potency of a low trippy dose. It can improve my creativity at work or save my day if I had a very short/bad night or if I'm depressed.

Mesodose, 30 to 60% the potency of a low trippy dose. It can act as a social lubricant in a social setting where I'm not totally comfortable. Wonderfully goes with 2-3 beers. Not suitable for every party though. L is the best substance to mesodose from my experience.

25E-NBOH is an interesting psych to microdose with. But very different from L in that perspective. When L makes me more creative with a strong antidepressant effect, 25E is closer to amphetamines, with a somehow decent euphoria and physical energy (and nice creativity improvements too). Good after a short night or for hard physical work. I tried about 150ug (~10-15% of my usual tripping dose) intrabuccal and it was good, maybe it is possible to go higher without reducing the functionality due to the low headspace. Microdosing with e-cig is convenient but harder to dose and shorter lasting.

As a "PED"
I've tried a lot of drugs while doing sports, especially during short / medium jogs (< 20 km) or resistance training. I think 25E-NBOH is a meh PED (Performance Enhancing Drug) in most cases, but somehow can make a workout easier.
I think 25E-NBOH is a meh PED (Performance Enhancing Drug) in most cases, but somehow can make a workout easier.
I find micro-low meso-dose good as a pre workout or to do cardio (comparable with 100mg caffeine w/o tolerance). Music appreciation especially made longer cardio more bearable. However I haven't found it to help me improve my performance. And as with most psychs, the hazy headspace doesn't help when I up the dose.

I think that it is important to keep in mind that when using a drug to overcome limits, the safety profile of the drugs decreases steeply. Low dose (20-30mg and probably up to 50mg) amphetamine is perfectly safe for most people, to the point of being prescribed to kids with ADHD in the US. But using it at the end of a 80km ultratrail if you are already exhausted can absolutely send you to hospital. Even 200mg caffeine, the most studied and widely used stimulant on this planet, isn't safe if you are exhausted and try to get those extra 20km. Therefore, I'm not willing to use a 25E-NBOH for that purpose, only in microdose for resistance training maybe. For the rest I will stick to good 'ol caffeine, 100-200mg.

Estimating a safety profile
[This part may be off-topic. I made a short review of the literature and gave some elements of my experience to assess a safety profile of this drug].
The resources about 25E-NBOH seems to be very scarce at the time this report is written (2022). Most studies I have found online mentioning this substance are more about detecting the drug or when it appears on the market (eg. Machado 2020), and don't help us understand the effect of the molecule. However, I want to highlight 3 studies that have been conducted to characterize effects of NHOH compounds :
HANSEN 2010 did compare different members of NBOH, NBOMe, NBF, NBMD… families, and a few others. A very wide and interesting study addressing various compounds and their design, synthesis, in vitro activity, etc. The only one I've found to mention directly 25E-NBOH
ETTRUP 2010 did compare activity of a few phenethylamines (mainly NBOH, including 25I-NBOH)
JENSEN 2017 does mainly study 25CN-Nxxxx compounds but is one of the most in-depth paper about this type of compounds

And to compare with other family/type of compounds in order to assess a potential safety profile :
RICKLI 2015 does an extensive review of in vitro activity of few benzofurans and other MD-like drugs. I use it as a reference to compare 5-HT2b and 5-HT2c affinity (high 5-HT2b affinity could induce a cardiotoxic effect on regular use), and some benzofurans have a very high affinity with this receptor (eg : 6-APB). It helps in drawing a "red line".
KNIGHT 2004 compares activity of different psychedelics, like L, DOB, DOI and various others. It is a good starting point imo.

The first thing I noted reading those studies is the fact that multiple compounds of the same family can have tremendously different profiles. For instance, according to HANSEN 2010 and ETTRUP 2010, 25I-NBOH seems to be a nearly full 5-HT2a agonist (very high affinity, intrinsic activity ~99%, to compare with 25B-NBOH with ~7x lower affinity and ~87% activity). Being a full agonist with high affinity is an issue from a risk reduction perspective, as the molecule is able to almost totally block the neuroreceptor (dose dependant) and to fully activate all receptor sites, which may lead to an OD. From what I understand, that's why THC is way safer than most synthetic cannabinoids (THC is a partial agonist with not-that-high affinity with cannabinoids receptors, while lots of noids are full agonists with high affinity), fentanyl derivatives will mostly wreck your tolerance or kill you, and psilocin and L show a good safety profile (both partial agonists with medium to low affinity, especially psilocin). It is usually understood to be the source of the "ceiling effect".

Being a partial agonist doesn't mean the drug is safe, but being a full agonist is a no-no to me, especially with RC drugs. Unfortunately, we don't have data about 25E-NBOH regarding this. However, some users have reported doses as high as 5 000 ug (no tolerance), anecdotally up to 24 000 ug, and no phenethylamine I have found data on shows a >92% activity with extreme affinity (excluding 25I-NBOH) ; therefore, I suppose it is very unlikely for 25E-NBOH to be a full agonist. Affinity is nonetheless very high, comparable with 25E-NBOMe or 25B-NBOH according to HANSEN 2010, it needs to be taken into account.

Most common psychedelics exhibit a better selectivity in favor of 5-HT2a against 5-HT2b (5-HT2a is thought to be responsible for the psychedelic effect ; 5-HT2b affinity could cause some kind of cardiotoxicity). It seems to be the case with 25X-NBOYY compounds : according to JENSEN 2017 and HANSEN 2010, the first finding 7 to 50 fold selectivity between 5-HT2a and 5-HT2b, the second finding selectivity usually in the same order of magnitude than LSD [warning : methodology for 5-HT2b affinity measurements is discussed in the study, these results may be incorrect]. Dosage and affinity are significantly lower than with benzofurans drugs, I don't suspect 25E-NBOH to be particularly cardiotoxic through this path. No more than other psychs, which are usually considered safe in this regard. It is not proof the drug isn't bad for your heart, vasoconstriction + stimulation (higher bpm) leads to higher tension, which can be detrimental for your organs, heart included.

According to HANSEN 2010, 25E-NBOH and 25E-NBOMe have remarkably similar affinity (which is actually pretty uncommon, most of the NBOH and their NBOMe counterpart seems to be quite different), but since the study doesn't provide more information about activation EC50 or activity level, we can't conclude on the effects. Many other elements can modify the experience and toxicity (such as excretion, metabolites, other receptors affinity,...). 25E-NBOMe seems to be extremely uncommon, so anecdotal experiences don't provide much data.

Keep in mind most of the data I showed before were obtained in vitro, most studies haven't been replicated, and some present minor methodology issues. I'm not a doctor nor a neurochemistry researcher. I personally wouldn't trust a stranger on the internet and would do my own research.

As for other aspects of this drug, neither my friends nor me have found the vasoconstriction (which was the NBOMes main issue) to be overwhelming. At our dose (< 2500 ug, nobody tested more), we still found it to be more present than L, but very far from some horror stories I've read about NBOMes, most of them with heroic doses however.

In conclusion, in my case and from my particular experience, I would rate the safety profile of the drug obviously lower than L and shrooms. It's still a RC so we don't know much about the effect on the body, and we can't really extrapolate what we know about other phenethylamines (since even in the same family they are so different). Anecdotally, it's definitely more demanding on the body than shrooms, and significantly more than L. Mentally it seems to be very gentle, but the steep coming up may be an issue. And being gentle does not always mean being forgiving and free of consequences. The particular headspace and bodyload has sometimes been an issue with some of my friends and myself. The stimulation/headspace being not as euphoric as L is a good point from a risk reduction perspective, as it seems to be less tempting to do stupid things (eg : climbing, driving [DON'T]). Furthermore, I've found the vaped ROA to be a bit sly, and as I like psychedelics, it can be tempting. Low doses/microdose are particularly pleasurable, more than any of the other psychs that I've tried. However, while I find it more addictive than L or shrooms, it seems a few orders of magnitude less addictive than most stimulants, opiates and gabaergic I've tried.

Bottom Line : the substance is interesting and quite unique. I don't think I will ever reach dosages over 2500ug sublingual, I'm already satisfied by the visuals at 1500-1600ug and the stimulation is too strong for me. I find it good to have a good time with close friends, meh alone, variable in a party-like setup (bad in a club, decent in an outdoor trance festival), and excellent to hike or walk through a city. It is currently my go-to for that last application, as the visuals are strong enough to be mind blowing even in daylight and the stimulation lasts a long time.

I understand why some people find this drug "evil". Because of the sometimes uncomfortable and strange body load, and strong organic OEV (and CEV), it was common in my case to see crystal clear terrifying/disturbing things. It is part of the experience though, and made me better understand my psyche. It is not as easygoing as some people claim, and can become tricky real quick.

I find the vaped ROA to be more convenient and easier on the body, and it makes this psych very unique, even if I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner with this drug.

The biggest drawback of the substance is the long stimulation time imo, so I avoid taking it after 16:00-17:00 (sublingual) or 19:00 (vaped) unless I don't want to sleep before 2:00.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116586
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Sep 14, 2022Views: 1,467
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