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Great at Low Dose
Citation:   Joltie. "Great at Low Dose: An Experience with Methylphenidate (exp116588)". Sep 16, 2022.

10 mg oral Pharms - Methylphenidate
Sorry for the imperfect English, it is not my native language. I have a friend who has a prescription for methylphenidate (brand name prohiper), but she hates using it because it gave her anxiety, so I gave her some benzos in exchange for methylphenidate on Monday. I don't have ADHD but I do have autism and social anxiety.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, I have taekwondo lessons coming up, so I decided that it's a good opportunity to try it, I've seen some methylphenidate reports but none of them use it as a physical performance enhancer, so I'm curious about the effects it has on physical performance.
I'm curious about the effects it has on physical performance.
I took just one tablet orally with an empty stomach, then I ate a little bit of chips to give me a little boost of calories.

7:15 AM (T 0:05) I hop on to my motorcycle and ride to my taekwondo gym.

7:25 AM The drive was uneventful and the effects hasn't kicked in yet.

7:30 AM I notice I have the urge to pee, and I peed more than I had originally thought, since I didn't drink very much. The lesson begins, we warm up with static stretches and I notice how easy it is for me to stretch, I can push my limbs to the limit with less pain, I didn't know methylphenidate has painkiller effects. I also noticed I'm really enjoying the stretches.

7:35 AM Dynamic stretching begins, I expected this is where the effects would be really felt. We started off with kicking the air as high as we could, and I was able to kick way higher than I usually could. Usually I could only kick as high as 150 degrees, but now I'm kicking the air at a near 180 degree angle. I notice how great my sense of balance is, I'm somewhat notorious for having a terrible sense of balance, but my sense of balance is on point right now. I'm feeling really proud of myself and confident that I will do well in today's training session.

7:40 AM I feel thirsty, an expected side effect, so I told my instructor that I need to drink a little, I ended up drinking more than I had originally planned because of how dry my mouth was and how thirsty I felt.

7:41 AM We do drills like running and sprinting around the cones, and I noticed how focused I was with the cones and I was distracted less by people around me, I usually get distracted by them because I wanted to compare myself with them, but the thought of looking at others just don't occur to me because of how focused I am with what I'm doing, and I feel euphoria rushing in as I keep on doing the drills.

7:50 AM Drills over, I exerted myself more than I had planned to, and I notice how sweaty I am, so I decided to drink again, but I end up finishing my entire bottle which was about 3/4 full (600ml or 20.2884 oz), I'm still thirsty and refill my bottle and drink again until my bottle is about 5/6 full. I also have the urge to pee again and go to the toilet.

7:55 AM A gymmate asked if I'm on a good mood today, and I reply with "not really, why?", he told me how much I was smiling and how I was doing really good with my drills, and I reply with "oh, I just drank some coffee", then he replies "thought you didn't like coffee, but makes sense, I guess?", and I reply "yup! Its not about the taste but it's about the effects" enthusiastically. Apparently it's super easy for me to get into conversations and I'm not stuttering at all, I have a minor social anxiety, I occasionally stutter, have trouble maintaining eye contact, and I usually don't like talking more than necessary, but I don't dread social interactions, it's the opposite actually, I enjoy them now, and it's not hard for me to maintain eye contact.

7:56 AM Today's topic is drills for techniques used for sparring, we put on our tkd armor gear and learn some advanced countering techniques. The power and accuracy of my kicks and the height and distance of my jumps are really great, maybe at the all-time best I've ever been in a taekwondo class.

8:30 AMish I'm at the peak of the effects of it, and I lose track of time and the only thing I can think of is the drills. I'm focused with my training and only my training, there's literally nothing else on my mind and every part of my brain is dedicated to the drills.

8:45 AM Urge to pee and drink comes back and I finished my water bottle again and peed so much.

9:00 AM We have a point sparring session now, I'm feeling very confident and challenged someone better than me, they were surprised by the fact that I challenged them. We play two rounds with one minute each, and 30 seconds break between rounds, the sparring is short to give other students time to spar as well. I'm not feeling nervous at all and I have very clear ideas in my head as for what to do, I usually have rough ideas only, but this time it's concrete and they work out really well.

9:03 AM I won the spar to everyone's surprise, and I feel really confident and blurt out "who wants to challenge me?", this is very uncharacteristic of me but I felt really enthusiastic, unfortunately my instructor told me to rest because of how sweaty I was and to give other students a chance to fight.

9:30 AM I've been watching other students fight and I can pay attention to them a lot, I gave my critiques to them, which is something I usually don't do because either I don't pay attention that much, or I'm too shy to say anything, but I'm able to evaluate them and point things out.

9:35 AM Training is now over and I changed my clothes, I'm riding my motorbike back home and I'm driving recklessly and I can't stop doing it. It just feels really damn good. I'm really focused on the road and I'm able to react faster to things in front of me.

9:40 AMish I drove past a red light and nearly collided with a car, thankfully that car was able to brake. I'm suddenly overcome by rage and angrily shouted at the car, the driver then replied angrily that I was driving past a red light. I realized that he was right, and instead of just admitting my mistake, I ended up just becoming angrier and threw insults at him and rode away. I regret this but I'm more irritated than regretful.

9:45 AM I arrive home and take a cold shower, I don't usually like cold showers but my body feels really hot and I need to cool down. I'm still really irritated by what happened and it's stuck in my mind.

9:50 AM I cooked scrambled eggs for brunch but my appetite was nonexistent so I ate it slowly.

10:00 AM I play games with friends and I'm playing better than usual, but it's pretty much uneventful.

11:30 AM I'm starting to feel the comedown effects, and it hits pretty hard, I feel like my performance in games is worse, body is stiff and fatigued, I did not want to move at all, I can't stop grinding my teeth to my jaws, and I feel kind of terrible in general, it's like there's a fog of dread in my head and I can't stop biting my nails. I told my friends that I wanted to take a break. I decided to listen to chill music and do stretches, my muscles felt really stiff and I couldn't stretch as well as I did this morning.

12:00 PM I'm not feeling hungry at all and I do not have the urge to eat anything, I also feel a bit sleepy and decided to take a nap.

2:00 PM I woke up feeling a bit refreshed and hungry, I felt unmotivated to cook so I ordered food delivery online.

I went through the rest of the day feeling lazy, but I was back to normal the next day.

In summary, it's really great as a performance enhancer but I would probably not take this recreationally, I felt easily irritated and the crash is pretty bad but it's worth the performance enhancement, slight euphoria, and extra motivation.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116588
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Sep 16, 2022Views: 5,066
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Pharms - Methylphenidate (114) : Performance Enhancement (50), First Times (2), Various (28)

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