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A Strange Consciousness Space
O-PCE, 3-HO-PCP or Other Dissociatives
by BisulfiteAddict
Citation:   BisulfiteAddict. "A Strange Consciousness Space: An Experience with O-PCE, 3-HO-PCP or Other Dissociatives (exp116604)". Oct 3, 2022.

20 mg   2'-Oxo-PCE


The experience happens when entering some kind of trance under the influence of a moderate dose of some dissociative, e. g. O-PCE (O-PCE or 3-HO-PCP or other dissociatives nasally, sometimes combined). I'm sitting comfortably at the desk in my room which is dimly lit by the computer monitor and quiet save for some occasional traffic noise. I am relaxed, eyes closed, breathing naturally, not focusing on anything particular.

It begins with gravity anomalies.
It begins with gravity anomalies.
I am becoming weightless and there is a sensation of being lifted up- or sometimes downwards. I feel like I'm in a cocoon, a gondola or a chairlift that is moved by some external force. Sometimes I'm being tilted backwards by 90 degrees and lowered downwards into some kind of shaft. The movement starts and ends very smoothly. It repeats several times and stops in between on some kind of "level". When stopped there is a sensation of absolute stability. There is no shaking or jerking motion at all.

After several of such movements the mental space around my head gradually expands which is a very strange sensation. It feels like I have some kind of balloon around my mind that is made of consciousness. I cannot determine how large this consciousness space is; it might be infinite for what I know. By the same enigmatic mechanism of transport I am being gently moved around in this "space" which kind of overlays my perception of the "normal" reality. Both are present at the same time but it feels as if I have gained five extra dimensions.

I can dimly perceive the equivalent of visual phenomena in this space. There are landscapes but they do not resemble any landscape from normal reality. They seem to be made of some kind of fabric that has the property of constant change. I am gliding down some vast abyss that resembles an expanse of rubble on the moon, being "zoomed in" on some "object" that seems to lie around there. As I approach the whole scenery folds back into itself and disappears, morphing into a maze of garlands hanging from an imaginary ceiling. I cannot perceive clearly, everything is a bit hazy. These structures are not fractals in a mathematical sense even though they appear to have some repeating elements. But they do not resemble anything that I know from normal "reality". There are no solids. Sometimes the circular movement will pick me up and move me to a rift between two giant dark mountains where I am squeezed into a tiny crevice but there is no sense of touch, nor is there any feeling of being actually squeezed. I sit there for a few moments trying to make sense of my surroundings until the motion starts again, the landscape dissolves and I am transported to what might be a hilltop overlooking a sea of molten lava, the site of a campfire with some strangely shaped stone figurines around that look like decorative items but seem to emit some kind of child-like whisper that I am unable to understand. Then I am transported away again and so on.

It appears that I am unable to perceive clearly in this space. I imagine that I'm like an infant opening his eyes for the first time. Everything is hazy; objects may be there but I cannot make out their boundaries as I still lack the mental or conceptual model of what enters this strange sixth sense. It seems I have to learn to see here first.

This space of consciousness is like a jelly that can transform itself into anything. It can become fully transparent with clear eddies like stirred glycerine hanging around in mid-"air". Or it can become opaque, displaying multi-dimensional structures of any size, color, fabric, texture... whatever. Like a mental 5D printer that can manifest absolutely everything that can be imagined and not imagined. In an HD resolution that might make hardcore gaming fans cry.

During this experience, which lasts maybe thirty minutes, I am fully aware of my identity. From the back of my head I watch the spectacle unfold.
During this experience, which lasts maybe thirty minutes, I am fully aware of my identity. From the back of my head I watch the spectacle unfold.
I have access to my memories and my reasoning. Using my normal inner monologue I can reflect on what I see and what is going on using ordinary thoughts. Heck, I could do mental math if I wanted to but it would be a waste of time. Rather I prefer to enjoy the experience. It feels a bit like wearing a VR headset. I am immersed in an additional space while being "here" at the same time.

I can open my eyes a little and I see my room and my legs. I can shift around and scratch my nose if it itches. I still hear the noise of cars whooshing by on the road. But I prefer to focus on this consciousness space because it is very relaxing. Even though there is no tactile sense sometimes there is a warm breeze blowing through my "mental body"; I can feel it on my face physically even though the air in my room is perfectly still.

I sit there, enchanted, delighted, mesmerized. Slowly I drift back up to what might be called "surface consciousness"; I'm back to ordinary reality. The whole experience is very relaxing, refreshing, purifying. I might have been coming home tired from work. Now I feel happy and energetic, basking in the afterglow. The "mental energy balloon" around my head is still somewhat enlarged. I can feel the presence of this consciousness space as it slowly fades over the course of the next few hours. It is like an extra sense that overlays my "ordinary senses".

This experience has nothing to do with the dream state during sleep. I tend to have dreams with content related to everyday events and my dreams are a mix of visual and conceptual elements that are usually quite clear in meaning, like an unfolding story. This is nothing like that. I do not know where the content of this consciousness space comes from. I cannot make out any "meaning" in the usual sense. It is pure phenomenon and it is completely alien to me.

It has also nothing to do with DMT geometries though I can imagine that this space is able to generate those as well. But the sensation of DMT space, as well as psilocybin visual space, is different. This realm is like a projection screen in five dimensions. It is emotionally and conceptually completely neutral and there is no relation to what I perceive as my "personality" or any other content from my reality as a human being.

I have done and seen lots of interesting things in my life but I can say without exaggeration that this is the most interesting and fascinating stuff I have ever seen. It is like having access to a second universe within my head, a fantastic and miraculous realm that is able to provide experiences beyond what I ever have been able to imagine.

In my experience this state is easier to achieve with the stronger dissos like O-PCE, 3-HO-PCP and to some extent DCK. I think it can also be done with the "lighter" dissos like 2F-DCK, MXPr or MXiPr, but a higher dosage might be required. It is mostly a question of priming the mind by relaxing into a meditative state which gets easier with practice. It doesn't come automatically, I need to sit comfortably in an environment with a low distraction level. It's easy to become manic and run around frantically thinking grandiose thoughts on dissos which can lead down some rather unpleasant avenues so you need to learn to avoid that; once you have practiced that you can fairly consistently go into that space. Low volume music (especially light jazz) seems to help (me) somewhat.

Control over movement and visuals - not much actually. To some minor extent maybe; I'm not sure whether this can be mastered and how. I'm not even sure whether I'd really want that. The details, the fantastic change of scenery and the pleasant physical sensations are much too interesting, alien and enjoyable so the desire to enforce some arbitrary content is low. It never becomes boring; maybe static for some moments and then the movement starts again and the dimensions fold back into themselves to reveal something totally new and unexpected.
It never becomes boring; maybe static for some moments and then the movement starts again and the dimensions fold back into themselves to reveal something totally new and unexpected.
But it might be worth it to research more to have more subjective control about what is experienced. Or maybe it's a waste of time - I'm actually not really sure. It's really hard to interpret "meaning" into what is experienced there, so the question is how can one gather information from it.

An afterthought:

My latest experience has induced me to believe that this space is somehow related to the parts of the brain that generate visual experience, i. e. the visual cortex. First of all, my consciousness seemed to concentrate in the back of my brain (a strange feeling indeed). Second, I experimented with holding my hands in front of my eyes, shutting off the dim lighting, and the generated content changed noticeably in quality. It seems that visual input from the eyes, even if received in tiny amounts with eyes closed, affects the visuals that are seen. I have only done this once for a longer time and, as the experience ended, my visual sense was in some way "disturbed" that is hard to describe, as if there was some noticeable detachment in some component between my eyes and my visual cortex, making "seeing" more "difficult". I'm not sure whether I'd recommend this. When the eyes are opened in this state, though, the strange content is immediately being replaced by the image from "reality", even if the feeling of an expanded "consciousness balloon" remains.

Due to these observations I am currently inclined to assume that this experience is a purely physiological phenomenon. I don't feel that there is any "external" content from different layers of reality, such as entities or information about the "real world" that can apparently be gathered during out-of-body-experiences, dreams and the like.

[Reported Dose: ''unknown, but probably not more than perhaps 20 mg of O-PCE or 3-HO-PCP or equivalent each with redosing until the described effects'']

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116604
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 50 
Published: Oct 3, 2022Views: 417
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2'-Oxo-PCE (703), 3-HO-PCP (838) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Alone (16)

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