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I've Enjoyed It but Also Cursed It Many Times
by 4POC
Citation:   4POC. "I've Enjoyed It but Also Cursed It Many Times: An Experience with 2-Fluoroamphetamine (exp116606)". Sep 21, 2022.

T+ 0:00
30 - 70 mg oral 2-Fluoroamphetamine
  T+ 4:00   repeated oral 2-Fluoroamphetamine


Detailed Report of General Effects of 2-FA

I am writing this report as a way to share my experience with this compound that I've enjoyed but also cursed many times of the past year or so since first discovering it.

I have plenty of experience with other drugs, mostly stimulants but also plenty of psychedelics both the classics and research chemicals (list would be too long to name them all). Though Iíve struggled with addiction more badly in the past I have somewhat found a balance in that where I now use maybe once every 2-3 weeks, I can recover pretty well and it doesnít interfere with my performance at my job. My current chemical of choice is 2-FA, which is sadly severely lacking in detailed information (both personal and academical), about the potential hazards and benefits associated with its use, as well as properly designed dosing recommendations. Which is what I hope to attenuate somewhat in my writing here.

Consider this Ďexperience reportí will be more of a general report about its effects and dangers (taken from my personal experience).

I usually decide to take it on a Friday evening when I get home after work and I have no important things planned for the weekend. Because I know I wonít sleep much (or at all) that night.

I usually take it orally but have also plugged it occasionally, though the oral route is easier and effects are not noticeably different at the same dose.

T:+0hr 30-70mg
Usually around 6:30pm I start by taking the first dose (before dinner)
Starting dose 30mg (pleasant effects, where I find lots of things interesting and am in a mood to socialize and can really get sucked into a thing I'm reading or game I'm playing) is where I started, but I have gone up to around 70mg for a first dose (strong effects, less focused during the peak but later it comes back, but still comfortable and at ease, not the anxiety I sometimes get with other stimulants, heightened libido, and tingly bodily sensations that come and go, noticeably faster heart rate and somewhat higher blood pressure).

T:+4-12hr 50-90mg repeated every few hours
Now this is the part I donít recommend but itís my weakness to re-dose a couple times before I feel I am done with the experience. Usually about 3-4 times in total with slightly increasing amounts during the night (but never over around 90mg), usually taking the last around 7am or so, every redose still gets me another satisfying high feeling described as before, though unless I increase the dose a lot it will be less powerful each redose.

The effects of redosing depend on the dosage and decrease with each redose of similar mg amount.
The effects of redosing depend on the dosage and decrease with each redose of similar mg amount.
Another thing I will start noticing during redoses is lack of thirst, tense muscles, sometimes a headache around noon the next day, and the intense focus on whatever I'm reading or watching makes it easy to forget to care for myself so I set my alarms for brushing teeth, drinking and though I'm not hungry itís relatively easy to get some food in because my mouth is not as dry as with many other stimulants. Another thing with the repeated redoses is that I do usually start to get some heart palpitations near the end. My heart rate would be around 80 before and around 90-100 after a redose, but usually at the end of the night it would occasionally skip a beat, which is quite noticeable when it does happen.

T:+18hr 20mg
Then usually my last dose is a small dose around noon (10-30mg) or max 2pm, to stave off the tiredness that will start to set in by then (this will increase focus again and make me feel more Ďnormalí but thatís about it). If I talk to people in the evening that day, I will start to have some slight issues with pronouncing words and also more trouble finding words (where my friends would make a joke about it but think nothing of it other than that). While my memory works fine, and I am still able to perform complex tasks and read scientific literature. I usually use this day to study, clean up the house or work on a presentation.

I will still have trouble sleeping the night from Saturday to Sunday, so sometimes I resort to a sleeping aid like diphenhydramine 50mg or etizolam/flunitrazolam. However I will wake up after a relatively short sleep of 5-6 hours and feel quite energetic (considering the lack of sleep) during that day.

On Sunday evening I will be able to fall asleep early, without use of sleep aids, and Monday will be a day where I am more tired than usual, especially in the morning because my alarm goes at 5:15am, but otherwise Iím fine. The days after this gets progressively better.

In lower doses, 30mg or below itís excellent for studying and working on tedious tasks that I normally wouldnít want to do. Itís also excellent for temporarily dealing with tiredness or sleepiness if Iíve had a particularly bad night and take a small dose in the morning before going about my things (of course not if I'm gonna drive or do something dangerous). The higher doses are recreationally interesting, they donít disorient me or change my mood in an extreme way like MDMA for example or high doses of amphetamine-sulphate, but itís a very pleasant way to spend time on whatever I feel like at that moment. The comedown is relatively mild and keeps me focused, but lingers for a long time, I might also experience some mild anxious feelings during that time.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116606
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Sep 21, 2022Views: 202
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