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Not the Sleeping Aid I Was Looking For
by QwalVis
Citation:   QwalVis. "Not the Sleeping Aid I Was Looking For: An Experience with Flubromazepam (exp116608)". Sep 22, 2022.

T+ 0:00
8 mg oral Flubromazepam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 22:00 4 mg oral Flubromazepam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 23:00 4 mg oral Flubromazepam (pill / tablet)


Obtained from a vendor that has thus far delivered what's on the label, at least to my knowledge. Was in "pallet" [pellet?] form, each (according to vendor) containing 8mg of flubromazepam.

Record was kept by starting a timer on my phone when I took the drug, then referencing it before taking any notes. The notes were then extrapolated based on memory 3 days after last dose.

Was taking during the major European heat wave in an attempt by me to make falling asleep in the heat slightly easier.

T+0:00: Take 1 pill, go out to play Ingress. Goal is for it to aid in sleep, but from prior experience the come-up takes a while, so I took it a little early and I still wanted to lay my "fields".

T+0:20: A possible slight loss of balance, or at least walking feels more "wonky". The effect is slight, and might just be placebo from me focusing on any potential effects for this report

T+0:40: Usual light sedating effect from being active at this time of day seemingly increased slightly. Feeling is not so much sedating as feeling "tired".

T+1:30: At this stage I feel slightly sedated and very calm. However the perceived "tiredness" from earlier is now gone. Balance seems somewhat impaired.

T+2:30: I had played RL Sideswipe (a mobile game) for what felt like a little bit. I notice how time seems to fly when I realize what time it is.

T+3:15: Decide I took this to fall asleep so I should better try to fall asleep. Hopefully soon after. I did not take any notes after this point but falling asleep was not made easier, or at least took just as long.

T+14:30: Sleep itself was good, and feeling somewhat rested. However also feeling slightly sedated still.

T+19:00: Feeling very tired. Having a hard time focusing on anything. Have felt mentally "cloudy" all day. Generally not pleasant but at the time I was not bothered by it.

T+22:00: Cut a pill in half so its dosage should be around 4mg. Taking it in the hopes of falling asleep or passing out soon.

T+23:00: Feeling very energetic for whatever reason. Taking another 4mg... From this point onward this is just the notes I took as I have no clear recollection, though I did the morning after, I forgot by now. I am normally not this forgetful.

T+24:00: Weird drunken feeling with a "quite" (I don't know how much I meant by that) euphoric feeling.

T+24:30: Mostly sober (feeling) thoughts. Movement seems very drunken/disoriented to me. Behavior is somewhat impulsive. Euphoric.

T+25:10: Very energized, hyped, slightly manic.

T+48:00: (Had slept between this and last note) Been very hyperactive for around an hour.

T+48:05: After a few hits from a joint feeling very tired suddenly. Much more tired than I usually get from weed (same strain).

T+49:00: Feeling restless again. Going to walk around playing Ingress again and lay down some more "fields", plan to smoke after that and then hopefully wind down for the night. (And so I did).

After this point I stopped taking any more of the drug, as well as no more notes. All I felt after waking up is some mental cloudiness which went away after 2 days (~T+96:00).

The sleep aid I was hoping for this to be during a heatwave it was not. I had taken Diazepam twice before this. The first time I passed out within an hour, the other time I blacked out at school... (but stayed awake, didn't do anything stupid, just no memory of that day). This was years before this. I'm not sure why Diazepam seemed to work so well as a sleeping aid where this at times seemingly had more of an energetic effect than anything else.
I'm not sure why Diazepam seemed to work so well as a sleeping aid where this at times seemingly had more of an energetic effect than anything else.
It did reduce anxiety which especially as I was walking around at night was an interesting mix. I don't have any anxiety issues but I did note a slight increase in feelings of comfort at night.

There was no come-down except for the mental cloudiness (though those might just be the "effects"). I did not notice any of the withdrawal symptoms listed online for benzos (not that I was expecting to).

As an additional note, I had bought these to use during a psychedelic experience as an anxiolytic, if needed. With a trial run of 10mg 4-HO-MET it seemed to work quite well for that purpose. However the long time it takes to take any effect has made me throw it out for that purpose, I want a benzo that is faster acting. I also don't want to experiment with benzos again, the feeling this and Diazepam provided is not valuable to me medically, psychologically or really in any way. Any experimentation will be limited to parachute testing on psychedelics.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116608
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Sep 22, 2022Views: 446
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Flubromazepam (832) : Alone (16), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Multi-Day Experience (13), General (1)

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