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Functional and Addicting
3C-P & Caffeine
by phenthyl
Citation:   phenthyl. "Functional and Addicting: An Experience with 3C-P & Caffeine (exp116609)". Sep 25, 2022.

T+ 0:00
33 mg oral 3C-P  
  T+ 1:00 200 mg oral Caffeine (liquid)
  T+ 2:00 300 mg oral Caffeine (liquid)


t+00:00: 33mg 3C-P HCl dosed orally with 200mg magnesium glycinate in capsule taken on empty stomach. Note: author has tolerance to this drug. Set & setting: home mostly and gym for about an hour.

t+00:15: First pings, subtle stimulation present. Very slight psychedelia.

t+01:00: Effects strongly present, decide to drink 200mg caffeine. Effects are amplified, stimulation is very apparent, slight sprinkler euphoria reminiscent of racemic amphetamine prescribed for ADHD. Words on books and screens are bouncing and floating around like the middle of a 35ug hit of LSD trip. Colors are vibrant, sky is brighter. Sweaty palms and feet.

t+02:00: Effects peak between the 2 to 6 hour mark. Raised body temperature, increased perspiration, dilated pupils. Drink another 300mg caffeine. It's probably the most functional out of most other non-traditional psychedelics, I can get a lot of work done. It gives me the drive to get shit done and the dexterity and physical strength this drug gives me is almost ridiculous.

t+04:00: Peaking now. Go to the gym to strength train do some deadlifts, weight goes up very easily. Again, the mind and body connection is seamless and what is difficult for me to lift when sober goes right up when I am on this drug.

t+05:00: Still peaking, a little exhausted from strength training. Go home take a shower. Small talking with people is easy, it's reminiscent of eating an Adderall or a Vyvanse.

t+05:30: Lay down in room and rest for a bit. Slight closed eyed visuals. Sit down at desk, open up a book and decide to read a chapter. Stimulation is still very apparent with psychedelia feels more like background noise- but it's still there. Reading is very easy and it's quite easy to jump from book to book and grasp the different authors' writing styles and understand the ideas they're conveying in their texts. On this drug, I read at a faster rate and I can very imaginatively picture abstractions and stories in my head. This drug makes it a lot easier to cement novel ideas in my head, hence the 'functional' in the title. My headspace is still there and there is no 'mindfuck' like with traditional psychedelics. I'd imagine this drug would be great for studying mathematics or other subjects that the reader finds to be tedious.

t+08:00: Coming down, still stimulated from the caffeine. Stimulation is still apparent but fatigue setting in.

t+10:00: Crashing now, drinking caffeine on this drug is great but it makes the crash worse
drinking caffeine on this drug is great but it makes the crash worse

t+12:00: Take a nap for 1 hour, feels good but not refreshing.

t+16:00 Effects gone, psychedelic after effects/tones are present but overall feeling very exhausted and fried.

All in all, it's a great drug to get things done like I would do on Adderall or Vyvanse but with like a psychedelic edge to it. I have done doses of 60mg orally, the stimulatory effects are much much stronger and the psychedelia is much more apparent. At the peak of that, I redosed 30mg intranasally. The effects came in in less than 2 minutes and the psychedelia was overpowering the stimulation.

At high doses, it just feels like psychedelic adderall and the headspace is controllable. If you have a tolerance to harder street stimulants like meth in the United States or speed powder/paste in Europe the stimulatory effects of this drug would probably not be as novel for you but the psychedelia is something different. It is related to Mescaline, after all. If I had to compare it to traditional drugs I'd say that a 33mg dose of this drug without a tolerance to anything feels like eating a 60mg Vyvanse with 15mg 2C-B.

I suspect that this drug is pretty neurotoxic. I recall reading from a reputed source that gauging a drug's neurotoxicity just from feel alone is not ideal because psychoactives alter the way you perceive the world and your body, so you can feel great from a drug but at the same time it may be frying your brain cells. A great example of this is MDMA. I do not recommend doing 3C-P every day or every other day. Doses should be kept at minimum 2 to 4 weeks apart.

Unlike most psychedelics, my desire to redose is there and it's easy to go overboard, especially the days after when I'm coming down and feeling tired.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116609
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Sep 25, 2022Views: 284
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