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BOD of Christ
BOD fumarate
by Dexedrine
Citation:   Dexedrine. "BOD of Christ: An Experience with BOD fumarate (exp116629)". Sep 19, 2022.

31 mg oral BOD (powder / crystals)


I have been blessed with many experiences with substances since adulthood, including LSD, San Pedro cactus, cannabis, opiates, amphetamines, salvia, DMT, ketamine, and a slew of tryptamines and RCs.

I had some BOD and had held back on psychedelic use for a little over a week to use it. I basically just wanted to be able to try it out again on my time off. I have lots of substances that I can and try to take every day or so in variable amounts, such as frankincense (supposedly GABA-ergic), myrrh (supposedly an opiate), 2-AI (a very bitter and short acting amphetamine-like stimulant) for hard work days, an opiate RC, and organic alcohol. These should for the most part have not played a substantial role in psychedelic tolerance.

I set an alarm at 4 a.m. to take the white crystalline phenethylamine powder, weighed on an older milligram scale. I knew from experience that I would be peaking from like 2-5 hours in and be under its effects all day. I'll say it was around 4:15 when I swallowed it on an empty stomach with water. It was bitter but I tasted worse. I made a vegan organic breakfast of protein powder in hot cereal to follow it, but I shouldn't have.

I got back into bed to get some extra rest while I came up. I started to feel stimulated after about 15 minutes and began to get sky-blue closed eyed visuals and pronounced thoughts. The body load started to take over the lower half of my body and it felt like half my body was in some other dimension.

Just about 1h 15m in, despite my best efforts, I ruined my sheets with the breakfast. Not a big loss since sometimes I eat breakfast without an appetite for it anyways. Plus, I drank down the BOD about 15 minutes before I ate, anyway, so most of it well should have made it. The hurl didn't taste bitter. I'm sure if I took something like CBD or a motion sickness pill to fend off the nausea, it would have helped it. I tried sleeping for about a half hour more until I decided sleep wasn't on the menu.

I sat on my bed to contemplate. The dark room gave way to more cloudy CEVs. The OEVs, while subtly there, didn't ramp up until the peak. The first time I tried BOD, months without psychedelic tolerance, I had great, bright OEVs with a little bit of fractals.

I had a couple different beta-blockers in my arsenal, including propranolol and Coreg, the latter of which also possesses vasodilator effects. I find a bit of beta-blockers to be great help against feeling overstimulated and even pressed up against physical anxiety. However, I decided I didn't really need them today, which I did not really regret.

I chose warmer clothes to try on since fall was starting here in the deep north. An organic long sleeve shirt, sweatpants, hiking boots, and an organic beanie cap. Showering was decently normal besides some pronounced thoughts. Visuals were there, but not as strong as if I had waited longer for my tolerance to go down. Dimness carried the cloudy CEVs from the thought dimension. However, my thinking could and did take me into visions with the lucidity of knowing they weren't happening to me. BOD is one of those nice and lucid phenethylamines. The open-eyed visuals, while perhaps not very dazzling, are certainly there.

I had thoughts of skipping church if I couldn't handle it, but fortunately, by the time I left at 9:40, I was at a manageable level. I carried my Bible and read some Ezekiel on the way. The letters on the page were slightly shifting and warping size.

I sat down in church and read my Bible with the letters slightly shifting and warping and with some pronounced thoughts. I allowed myself to get immersed in what I was reading, about Babylon defeating Egypt. Each paragraph carried an animated vision in my head. I could see visions of bright light and pictured bodies of soldiers piled on spears near ships. Before this, I was mostly thinking about just politics and work.

When I stood up, I could see angels of OEVs moving around the room like I was in a bubble of another dimension and the OEVs were on the bubble, all of course while knowing and seeing I was where I actually was. I was not able to contain a few grins and had to keep in some laughter during the service.

I went back home and changed out of the hot clothes. I had a thought about "the Levites", a righteous tribe in Israel, running into a snag about their business. I laid down on the floor in my room and heard a voice tell me not to move, so I chose to listen to it. I followed the blades of the ceiling fan while they were off. 3 of the 5 blades would make a pattern like the inside of a peace sign minus the bottom part. I followed the 3 blade pattern around the fan in my head for a while, and the 3 would light up and stand out. After a while, I saw the middle of the fan make this tightly twisted corkscrew into the ceiling and in my head, I saw a soldier wearing camouflage comically getting flushed into it. Then I felt like I could get up and move again.

My phone had some notifications but I wasn't gonna worry about them on a Sunday. I turned on some video game streaming of my choice and it was a spook stream by Tomato Gaming. I felt like my thoughts were engaged as the streamer talked during the intro, like I wasn't alone. I peaked on OEVs and saw squiggling lines. When I looked at the stream player's face, a smudge on the screen made it look like his face was pressed up against a microphone, and his face would also warp into a low degree spiral.

I cooked dinner and it tasted fine. BOD and other phenethylamines, like stimulants, serve as appetite suppressants, though I still know I'm hungry.

A while into the video close to bedtime, I felt like finally writing my experience, and so I did.

I was happy with this experience. I know phenethylamines including BOD can still be rather lucid, even on higher doses. I felt like my body could handle a much higher dose, especially if I did something for the come up. I had tried BOD with dabbing cannabis before, and that was deep. Also, as I said, when I first tried BOD, months without tolerance, I had great and bright OEVs. BOD is structurally related to 2C-D and I recall someone saying 2C-D wasn't the most visual but had good potential to synergize with other substances, and I hope to try the rest of my BOD with other substances. Have a great day.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116629
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Sep 19, 2022Views: 249
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