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Transcending Into Nothing and Everything
Citation:   Psychestim. "Transcending Into Nothing and Everything: An Experience with LSD & MDMA (exp116699)". Oct 8, 2022.

T+ 0:00
155 ug sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:15 110 mg oral MDMA (liquid)
  T+ 5:30 55 mg oral MDMA (liquid)
  T+ 5:30 2 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 8:00 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)

This experience took place two days ago after having spent one night in our rented apartment in Ohrid, North Macedonia. My girlfriend and I are currently on vacation here because its a cheap and beautiful country that we havent heard much about.
I recently had a huge biology exam and wanted to retreat for a few days before university starts again in a week. Away from home, away from all the responsibilities and time for ourselves. So thats what we did.

Background information:

- gender: male
- age: 25
- weight: 79 kg
- setting: the garden of our AirBnb in Ohrid, North Macedonia
- set: somehow Im more nervous than I usually am before tripping! My thoughts are filled with possible negative outcomes of the trip. I talk to my girlfriend about it, she notes similar things but we still decide to proceed.
- tolerance: none, I havent taken a psychedelic in about a month.

The LSD tartrate was gifted to me by a friend who obtained it from a reputable vendor a while back and who has indulged in this exact batch multiple times before. The blotter art is very famous so I wont mention the name of it, but some of you can probably guess what tabs Im talking about because of the specific dosage number.

The MDMA was obtained years ago and the crystals have a slight gray tint to them. It was tested by a drug-checking facility in my home country and verified to be 99.8% pure MDMA HCl.

As a side-note, I am familiar with LSD as well as MDMA, but this was the first time I have combined them at full doses. I normally write trip-reports on unusual compounds but this experience was so significant and special that I had an urge to put it into words. So this report is going to be different than the others.

The time stamps are estimates and not accurate to the minute

LSD (155g, sublingual) + MDMA (165mg, oral) + alcohol / Trip Report:

Its 11:20 AM, I place this beautiful blotter under my tongue, so does my girlfriend. It tastes like absolutely nothing, as it shouldnt.

T:00:25: (+)
Definite first alerts, I am feeling quite wavy already. My body however is a bit tense and jittery, soft electrical impulses can be felt in the extremities furthest from my heart. Thats probably the slow manifestation of vasoconstriction.

My girlfriend starts giggling. She remarks that her little feet remind her of paws. Her trip seems to be developing even faster than mine. Faint visuals start to appear, colors are brightening, everything starts to look richer and more interesting. Chew and swallow the blotter.

T:00:45: (++)
The intensity is picking up fast, visuals and headspace are very apparent now. My thoughts are disorganized and I already lose track of time. My stomach is a bit unsure what to do with this foreign molecule dancing around in my gut. Its a little unsettling, slightly nauseating.

My girlfriend lets off another funny remark, she notes that the mountains already look like broccoli and that I should prepare myself for whats about to come. I thank her for the valuable information. The clouds are moving fast and morph into weird figures while their edges take on a rainbow colored hue. The blue sky and the neighboring house look like they are in the same vertical plane, which makes absolutely no sense. Looking up at the sky makes me dizzy.

T:01:10: (+++)
Oh my god, the view over lake Ohrid is gorgeous! This is surreal, I am so blessed to be here. The sun and the weather are fantastic too. The wall of the house beside ours is richly ornamented with carved out rocks and they are moving from left to right. A delightful sight, Im excited to see where this is going. The effects are still ramping up rapidly.

T:02:00: (+++(+))
Sounds, smells, the light, everything becomes a bit annoying, so I decide to move inside. I lay down on our bed and fully engulf in the closed eye visuals. At this point I am full on peaking, this is so much more intense than the last 150g acid trip Ive had. It doesnt really matter if my eyes are open or not, everything is covered in fractals and mathematical patterns. This is spectacular. After a couple of minutes I notice that my sense of self starts to dissolve. There was no fear, only curiousity and a feeling of this is the right direction. I dont want to do this alone, I call my girlfriend and she quickly comes over to join me. We lay down in bed, cuddle up and suddenly, we merge. My thoughts vanish, I can literally see and feel them moving away from my head and wander into my girlfriend's head. I cant believe what is happening right now! This is absolutely glorious. I repeatedly babble "this is unbelievable. I am so incredibly euphoric and full of love. The synaesthesia is so strong that I think about throwing up. I dont, but this is insane. Somehow, this feels like the most profound trip Ive had... Is that it? Is that the notorious +4 experience that I always wanted to have?

This goes on for quite some time until we return to a relaxing and content mind state and a feeling of magnificent warmth and security. I fantasize about having sex with my girlfriend but the idea of inserting a penis into a vagina seems like a ridiculous idea. No way in hell I could pull this off, I cant even speak properly.

T:03:30: (+++)
It seems that the peak is settling down a bit but Im still really confused and the effects keep going strong. I am trying to eat a grilled cheese sandwich, but it doesnt agree with me at all. I am trying but the taste of cheese and the dry toast are a bit much. I give up and switch to fruit. Banana and oranges are way easier to swallow. The acidity of the latter is very enjoyable.

My girlfriend and I are trying to talk about deep, personal stuff, but its more difficult to bring a point across than it is on phenethylamine psychedelics like the DOx family or mescaline, a reason why I like them so much. Anyway, LSD still feels like the perfect drug for me. The duration, the visual effects, the bodily effects, the headspace. A perfect hybridization of everything I want from a psychedelic. I have thought about this so many times before but I still find it mindblowing that such a tiny amount of LSD perfectly fits into our serotonin receptors and induces these magical effects. Its almost like it was designed to be ingested by humans.

I am overwhelmed by gratitude and gratefulness. I am so happy with where Im currently at in life. My girlfriend, my family, my acedemical pathway and in general with who I am. Thats a huge revelation for me, because this is something I have been struggling with a lot in the past few years. However, I have been actively working on this issue with therapy and positive affirmations. I have to give credit to the one DOM experience I had last November that served as the catalyst for this change. During the peak of that trip I broke down crying for what felt like forever and it made clear that I had to take this problem seriously, which I did. This experience highlights the progress Ive made and Im so happy with it.

T:04:15: (++(+))
My girlfriend and I actually planned to candy flip today but as the experience was so intense up until now we are hesitant. Should we do it? Maybe its best not to think about what could happen. Whatever, I grab my pre-weighed MDMA capsule and dissolve it in water. My girlfriend does the same but with a bit less MDMA. The taste is actually bearable. I drink about 2/3 of the cup and let the rest sit for a while. Lets see what happens.

T:04:35: (+++)
Can already feel the MDMA coming up, Im starting to get hot. Bowel movement is real, I make my way to the bathroom. My hands are clammy, Im sitting on the toilet and my legs are shaking. Its been almost two years since I last had MDMA, I kind of forgot how these comeups felt like. Oddly enough, Ive always liked coming up on MDMA. The anticipation, the stimulation, the restlessness, the feeling of a rocket ship taking off.
Ive always liked coming up on MDMA. The anticipation, the stimulation, the restlessness, the feeling of a rocket ship taking off.
Its just exciting. My vision is blurry and my jaw is starting to clench up. Going back outside.

T:05:00: (+++)
Theres a sudden switch from being confused by the LSD headspace to a mental clarity induced by the MDMA. I can finally articulate myself precisely. Talking flows nicely, we are having very therapeutic conversations about our life goals, self worth, family and other things that are important to us. It is deeply emotional. Again, I am overcome by gratefulness and love for life. Its a great feeling to be deeply happy, I hope I can take away some of the stuff that I learned today.

T:05:30: (+++)
Down the rest of the MDMA water and drink two small beers on the side. I need some carbohydrates to restore my energy but I am not hungry. My appetite is heavily suppressed, I try to eat a cookie but need water to wash it down. My throat is dry, my jaw is locked, but Im feeling great.

T:06:50: (++)
The effects are starting to wear off, but thats fine by me. I do have a desire to keep going and Im pondering over ways to extend the high but conclude to let it go.

T:08:00: (+)
Girlfriend suggests to drink a glass of red wine and I approve. We talk for a while and watch the night unfold.

T:12:00: ()
Slight open eye visuals are remaining. My mind is still stimulated, even though my body is exhausted. I barely ate anything all day but tripped quite hard. My organs had to put in a lot of work today, I thank my body and my girlfriend for this day and try to go to sleep.

The day(s) after:

I constantly awaken from my lysergamide half-sleep. Im really not sure if I slept at all, but Im not tired either. My thoughts are still trippy and racing. Girlfriend is also awake, we joke about going for a night walk but decide not to.

Rise, eat breakfast, drink coffee and start to think about what happened. This was just amazing and I still feel great. What a trip, the afterglow is kicking in strong. Im feeling a bit manic and overly enthusiastic but this will pass when the sleeplessness overhauls me in the afternoon.

Like I called it, I am tired, drained and have no energy left. Im still not hungry but my stomach is growling. Reminds me of how I felt after my 15mg 2C-T-4 trip in January. That was exhausting too, but definitely worth the price. Perhaps a smoothie will help, I need some vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Eat a large meal and finally feel like myself again.

Wake up after ten hours of sleep and a set of bizarre dreams. My girlfriend dreamt a lot of weird stuff as well. Nonetheless, were feeling pretty well rested.


Where do I start, I think its pretty evident that this was one, if not the most profound psychedelic experience Ive had in my six years of tripping. Looking back it wasnt a full ++++ experience but I was toying with it during the peak. Ive had plenty of deep, emotional, healing, and overall amazing experiences with comparably stronger doses and a variety of psychedelic compounds but LSD triggers something in me that not a lot of substances do. But mostly, set and setting play an important rule and I think this trip just had to happen this way. What I found interesting was that there was no anxiety when my ego started to slip. It just felt right, like it was meant to be.

The MDMA was a very nice addition too and a great way to prolong this beautiful day, but it was definitely not a necessity and I will skip it next time. Im just not a huge fan of it anymore. Anyway, this day was a 10/10 and one I will remember for the rest of my life. I hope I can hold onto this gratefulness and happiness for a long time and dont let my neutrality and pessimism get in the way of things.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116699
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Oct 8, 2022Views: 1,288
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