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Softcore MDMA
Citation:   bolive. "Softcore MDMA: An Experience with Pregabalin (exp116731)". Oct 13, 2022.

1050 mg oral Pharms - Pregabalin
I'm not a native English speaker.

I would like to mention that I used pregabalin a few times prior to this experience. I seem to have a relatively high tolerance to it compared to my friends and other reports I read. I started out with 60mg went up to 600 which didn't have a sufficient effect so I ended up taking 800 and then 1000.

Reason and place I ingested pregabalin:
Whenever I attend social gatherings I usually drink alcohol as that makes it way more pleasurable for me but since I recently signed up in a gym and follow a strict nutritional profile I obviously want to avoid alcohol at all costs due to it being rather catabolic. I rather fuck around with prescription medicines as it's rather easy for me to get my hands on these due to relationships with people working in the pharma business, elderly doctors prescribing drugs as if they were candy and due to living in Berlin where there are numerous telegram channels that can be used to acquire pretty much any prescription medicine.

This time I didn't plan to attend any social gathering I rather wanted to have some fun with pregabalin after attending the gym as I haven't taken it in a while so my tolerance must be down to 0. So I worked out for roughly 3 hours and then when I was in the locker room of the gym downed six 150mg pregabalin pills in the bathroom, seeing that in the blister one pill was left I was like fuck it lets take that one as well which brings me to 1050. I dressed up and decided to slowly go home well aware of the fact that pregabalin takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours for me and my friends to kick in.

1 hour 30 min after ingestion:

On the way home I start to feel a slight rush as if I was driven by a motor, its what people usually imagine/claim amphetamines to work like but on me they actually have a rather synchronizing/calming effect maybe that's due to some ADHD shit going on. I also start to feel rather happy while in the bus this leads to me having a grin on my face and feeling like someone just told me a good joke but not that good that I break out in laughter. I know whats going to happen soon. I buy a drink (fuze tea or sth) and I am a few min from home at this point.

2h post ingestion:
As I am about to go to my flat (in the elevator) suddenly while I was looking in the mirror I realize how high I am. This is the thing about pregabalin me and all my friends that tried it share this experience: this motherfucker creeps up on me its not like I feel the effect fading it its more of a subtle thing until I'm balls high. Well as I was looking in the mirror in the elevator I suddenly felt really good happy and hyped up as if I was to go to some really cool event or something or as if I would have won money or sth. I also had this strong urge to move that lead me to pose and dance a little in front of the mirror a little beyond it actually reaching my floor tbh. Well I eventually leave the elevator and go into my flat. I get into my kitchen and start cutting vegetables, while doing that I notice a very strong urge to move and just this pleasurable, hyped, feelgood,... feeling within me. I get a very very strong urge to move. At this point I realize how cool it would be to have some music so I steal my flatmates music box to use in the kitchen. And damn I was right, shit fucking kicks ass (I was listening to trance,happy hardcore, and [cringe] nightcore [judge me whatever it my childhood]). And there I was dancing more than I was cooking almost, would have been kinda cool if someone would have observed me through my window I would have smiled if I saw someone having fun like I did during cooking. Well whatever I finished my dish sensing increasingly more pleasure and such a strong urge to hug someone and make friends and talk and whatever you can do while in best spirits.

3h after ingestion:
I ate my food and the good thing is unlike ketamine, pregabalin does not inhibit my taste though it also doesn't amplify it tbh. I sat in front of my computer and was listening to some pushy music like previously mentioned in the kitchen, same genres. I often felt the urge to stand up from my chair and dance a little while hugging myself somehow as I felt so fucking good. I would have loved to go to a club or sth would have danced in the center no fucks given that's how good I felt and absolutely fearless. Well I continue to do that shit for quite some time. I was considering going somewhere but it was too early for a club and the setting I was in was perfectly fine so why risk it. Plus the effect might wear off soon so spending a while finding some place is not really worth it. Also my friends didn't have time until later that day.

4h after ingestion:

Now I notice that while looking out of the window my vision seems to drag down in a continuous fashion. Like imagine single fraces [frames?] that in their angle go further down. I thought this is some sort of soft side effect hallucination so in order to confirm it I fixated my head so it couldn't move and the sensation stopped so it was actually my head moving down not a change in perception of vision. I still have fun but the effects are slowly growing weaker, still very worthwhile.

5 1/2 h after ingestion:
The effects seem to now be at around 1/3 of the initial intensity still very worthwhile. I continue to do the same stuff and tell some of my friends about the experience in IRC.

6 1/2 + hours after ingestion:
I'm returning to a somewhat sober state only a slight afterglow remains. The whole experience was so fucking great I can't wait to repeat it but now in retrospective I need to admit that I was never able to replicate that one trip even with weeks of abstinence. Maybe it takes months like for this trip.

8h after:
I feel mostly normal again I'm about to go to bed and I didn't have any issues falling asleep. Didn't have any sort of comedown or shit.

Next day:
No hangover no nothing except memories of a really really fun experience totally worth it would repeat it would even pay 50$ to do so again.

Really really fucking cool drug if it were that easy to replicate it would be my absolute favorite, but since tolerance increases insanely fast and if I use it more than once a week the trips aren't euphoric at all almost. I need to put it maybe on the same level as ketamine fun wise for me actually a little higher even though I really can't use it often as it will stop working for me in no time. If it were nearly as replicatable as ketamine it would be BY FAR my favorite drug. At the time of writing this I did not try MDMA but reading up on experiences and telling mine to friends they say it's rather similar. Friends that took prega and MDMA in their life confirm my thesis of it being softcore MDMA when taking in high doses.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116731
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Oct 13, 2022Views: 1,899
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Pharms - Pregabalin (418) : Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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