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Emotionally Intense
Citation:   TrippingArthur. "Emotionally Intense: An Experience with 25E-NBOMe (exp116748)". Oct 20, 2022.

1.2 mg buccal 25E-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
This is my account of 25E-NBOMe. I have tried 25E-NBOH (a structurally similar substance) before at dosages ranging from 1.8mg to 3.6mg (I prefer 1.8mg overall) and I generally like that one a lot. I read from other accounts that NBOMe components are in general slightly more potent than NBOH ones, slightly longer lasting and have a worse safety profile. Therefore I settle on taking just one blotter containing 1.2mg of 25E-NBOMe and don稚 plan on redosing if I find it too weak due to safety concerns.

My mood is good, but my upper back hurts a bit where a barbell rested during the squats I did today in the gym. This annoys me throughout the whole experience as senses are quite heightened. I have this experience at home on a Sundays eve. I知 doing this alone, which is how I usually try new substances.

T+0:17.: I知 already at +1 (Shulgin scale). I知 undeniably aware of the effects of the drug. I知 lightheaded. I dosed buccally and my upper lip is numb.

T+0:45: The come-up is rather strong. The muscles in only the left side of my face feel tense.
T+0:45: The come-up is rather strong. The muscles in only the left side of my face feel tense.

T+1:15: Colors are more bright. I知 quite excited now!

T+1:49: I知 watching an episode of 践ouse of the Dragon, which is quite a visual series. Remaining seated and sitting still is hard. I feel like moving a lot. The visuals resemble the ones on 25E-NBOH, with a lot of tones of pink and green.

T+2:18: The experience is quite intense. Certainly as intense as 1.8mg 25E-NBOH. I have a hard time understanding the plot of the movie I知 watching. Lacking subtitles does contribute to that though.

T+3:34: I went on a walk for 1h in my neighborhood. The night was setting in and the gradient of color tones in the sky during sunset was amazing to look at! It had a lot of fractal shapes. This walk was very pleasant and not at all anxiety provoking, which 25E-NBOH at higher doses tends to induce for me.

T+3:56: The cat at my parents' place is very ill and old. My brothers insisted today that it was time to euthanize it. I now realize that they are probably right. This is quite emotional and amplified a lot by the drug. It is better that way so that the strain on my parents' household gets lifted (he was peeing and shitting randomly in the house). Going to the vet is also better than getting a phone call on a random day that he passed (just my opinion in this regard).

T+4:00: Just like 25E-NBOH, 25E-NBOMe can make me quite emotional. I decide to include this in the report even though it痴 not very 僧anly to behave like that. Being more sensitive is not a bad thing if properly managed, even for a man.

T+4:15: My mood completely shifts when I see a colleague posting a meme in our company chat. It痴 about a poor electronic design where a device needs 2 usb ports plugged in: one for power and one for data. I laugh a lot!

T+5:15: I read something about aspen tree biology, which I came across. It痴 really fascinating! I have the idea it might be worth looking more into plant biology and more specifically all their strange ways of (sexual) reproduction. It would be a cool scifi idea to apply all those different reproductive pathways with human/humanoid biology/psychology.

T+7:20: Falling asleep is hard. I still feel quite a lot of residual stimulation.

T+10:00: I finally fell asleep at 4a.m.

Conclusion: The drug feels quite similar to 25E-NBOH, both in visuals but also in intensifying emotions, stimulation. It seems roughly 50% more potent: 1.2mg 25-NBOMe feels like 1.8mg 25E-NBOH. It is a very worthwhile chemical and 1.2mg seems to be a perfect dose for me. I壇 like to repeat this drug experience in the future at the same dose.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116748
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Oct 20, 2022Views: 796
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25E-NBOMe (878) : Alone (16), First Times (2), General (1)

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