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Aural Effects Began to Take Precedence
Citation:   Mydriasis Aletheia. "Aural Effects Began to Take Precedence: An Experience with DiPT (exp116792)". Nov 22, 2022.

3 mg insufflated DiPT
  27 mg oral DiPT
Audio Engineers Should Consider Taking DiPT

After many years I managed to acquire this curious substance and finally tried it on a pleasant summer evening.

21:42: Insufflated a tester bump, quite unpleasant.
Dispersed the remain 27mg in water and took it orally.

Went for a walk to wait out the onset, as is customary.

Effects became prominent over the next hour starting with slight enhancements of the aural and visual field. Increases in color perception and visual acuity were mirrored by increases in timbral perception and aural acuity. I could hear marching drums coming from the city center, across the inlet, and could pick out their faint rhythms.

As the trip set in the aural effects began to take precedence. At times things sound as if they've been shifted a 5th downward, or have slight reverberant/echoic tails on them.

10:27: I return home.
My housemate found it hard to understand me, I realized I had not been pronouncing my consonants as I was not paying attention to the higher frequencies. Despite this the cognitive effects are gentle and unobtrusive, which I am glad for as I find tryptamines sometimes produce confusion in me (usually in tandem with enhancement and suppression cycles).

11:00 I ate a bit and retired to my room. Music is listenable at this dose. Sense of rhythm remains intact, would this be the case at higher doses?

During the offset my ears occasionally felt very warm, like waves of energy had washed over them.

This sensation reoccurred the next day, albeit faintly.

Excellent experience, worthy of further inquiry.

Recommended reading:
Alexander T. Shulgin's article, "DiPT: The Distortion of Music".

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 116792
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Nov 22, 2022Views: 298
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