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Realizing That I Took Beauty for Granted
Salvia divinorum (quid)
Citation:   Rigel. "Realizing That I Took Beauty for Granted: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (quid) (exp116803)". Dec 7, 2022.

T+ 0:00
1 tsp oral Kratom  
  T+ 0:00 50 mg oral Hydroxyzine  
  T+ 0:30 11 g buccal Salvia divinorum (leaves)
This is my report of a mystical experience on chewed salvia divinorum, AKA ska pastora, diviner's sage, etc. About 30 minutes prior to chewing the leaves, I took 1 tsp of kratom and 50mg hydroxyzine to calm my mind and prepare myself for the experience. I intended on using spiritual stimulation from meditation and Christian music for my experience. I had previous hallucinogen experience with DPH, DXM, cannabis, various alternate cannabinoids, memantine, mirtazapine, nitrous oxide, and smoked 20x salvia extract.


I started off by soaking 11g of dry salvia leaves in a bowl of water for 10 minutes, as recommended by people on the internet.


2 minutes prior to dosing, I washed out my mouth with mouthwash, as recommended (salvinorin A, the active compound in salvia divinorum, is soluble in alcohol, and this increases the absorption).


I removed the salvia leaves from the water, and compacted the now hydrated leaves into a compact ball, making sure to squeeze out all of the water that I could.


I put the salvia quid in my mouth, chewing very slowly, while being sure to suck out the juices from the salvia quid. I continued chewing and sucking on the wad of salvia in my mouth, and it soon became very challenging (I think next time, I am going to start by chewing a smaller amount, and then add more as needed). The juice from the salvia was incredibly bitter, and the large wad of salvia made me gag. I did accidentally swallow some of the juices (you're supposed to hold all the juices in your mouth for as long as possible) and I was drooling all over my shirt (gross, I know). However, I still did hold in enough of the juices to get an effect. About 15 minutes into chewing, I started to notice slight effects, mainly a feeling of warmth all over my body and a sense of positive energy enveloping me.
About 15 minutes into chewing, I started to notice slight effects, mainly a feeling of warmth all over my body and a sense of positive energy enveloping me.


The effects were slowly starting to become stronger and stronger from this point on. Chewing the quid was still incredibly difficult, and at one point, I gagged and coughed, causing some of the juices to come out of my mouth. The very topped of my shirt was now soaked in the juices. I had to hold my hand over my mouth to prevent myself from coughing out the quid. At about 20 minutes in, it really started to hit me. My vision appeared as though it became two dimensional, a classic effect of salvia. I closed my eyes and saw the same old blobs of color that randomly appear and randomly move in all directions when you are sober. However, soon these blobs of light started arranging themselves into complex 3 dimensional structures. The structures I saw were very trippy, such as seeing a rainbow colored tunnel that appeared as though I was moving through it. The effects grew stronger and stronger. At about 28 minutes in, I decided to spit out the salvia leaves into the trash. At this point, I developed strange patterns of thought, as though voices were speaking in my head (although I couldn't literally hear them). I remember thinking in the second person point of view. My thoughts went along the lines of "humans like you are conscious, and consciousness flows throughout the human race". I then went to the sink to spit out the remaining leaves and juices, and had to pick the salvia leaves and stems off of my gums and pick them out of my teeth. I remember thinking in the second person point of view again. This time, the thoughts were telling me that I was truly a good person at heart, and while I have made mistakes, the solution was not to commit suicide, but to put in immense work on myself.

0:30-0:50 (?)

(I am a Christian and used this wonderful plant as a spiritual tool for spiritual healing and connectedness with God. I do not intend to preach to you here, I am just telling you my experience.) Immediately after removing the last leaves and stems from my mouth, I intended on meditating to Christian music. However, at this point in time, I couldn't really get comfortable to meditate, due to the light in the room and the discomfort of sitting on my couch in the lotus position. At this point in time, I went to look for a blindfold. I went to my mom's room and asked her where a blindfold was. I decided to lay down on the couch and get comfortable, and meditated to traditional Christian music. While meditating, I saw a white, circular patch of white light in the center of my vision, and when I breathed in, the circle appeared as though it was being squished down, and when I breathed out, it would transform into its circular state. I also experienced an indescribable and intense physical sensation of a warm, tingly feeling that started at the top of my head and radiated downwards, and this sensation kept up for the majority of the trip.


As I was meditating to the music, I was thinking about the beauty of God's creation. I was thinking about the interconnectedness of all things, and the sheer complexity and diversity of the Universe. I realized I was incredibly lucky to have a chance to experience the creation of God, and I also thought of all the people around me who genuinely loved and cared for me. All of this beauty and love was right in front of me this whole time, and I just took it for granted. Also, as I was meditating, my kitten was playing on me, and I was thinking about the suffering we put all these animals through for no reason other than selfish indulgence. I saw the kitten as my equal, even though it is a cat and I am a human being. This revelation was incredibly humbling to me. I also thought of my anger issues and how they cause so much damage to my relationships, and that I needed to work on myself, but that I was still a good person at heart that was just negatively affected by all the trauma I went through. This experience was very beautiful for me, and I was crying for most of it. I decided to make the best out of every day, even the absolute worst ones. I now never, EVER want to commit suicide, because now I know how to appreciate the beauty of all things and experiences, even the worst ones. I also decided that I would stop eating all meat except for fish, as I do not morally agree with eating meat anymore. This experience absolutely changed my life for the better.


At this point, the effects of the trip had largely subsided. The visual effects were gone, and the mental effects were mostly gone. I decided to go outside to take a walk and appreciate the beauty of God's creation in nature. I got home about 30 minutes later, and then tried to recollect my thoughts into a report.

So, to summarize it all, salvia divinorum is a very wise plant. This experience was genuinely life changing for me. I decided to take spirituality seriously and meditate and read the Bible every day, and also decided to keep working on improving myself as a person as well as improving my mental and physical health. Salvia gets a lot of bad rep from the terrifying experiences it can cause for uninformed and unprepared users, and is generally regarded as serving no insight. However, I now know that this is not true. Salvia has been used for hundreds of years for spiritual healing, and this experience has healed me spiritually as well.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116803
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Dec 7, 2022Views: 1,101
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