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A Short Summary of Four Oral MPT Trips
MPT & Cannabis
Citation:   Kaleida. "A Short Summary of Four Oral MPT Trips: An Experience with MPT & Cannabis (exp116827)". Dec 17, 2022.

50 - 100 mg oral MPT
    repeated smoked Cannabis
This is an old forum post I made around three and a half years ago about multiple oral MPT experiences I had that I never wrote any other reports about. I thought I would submit it here now since MPT still doesn't have that many reports written for it.


I have now taken MPT orally four times. Bear in mind that while it seems like I may have somewhat below average sensitivity to 4-substituted tryptamines, it also seems like I may actually have above average sensitivity to base tryptamines.

The first time was at 50 mg. This proved to be a dosage that was low but pleasurable, and alike DMT and most of its direct analogues, despite the fact that it was a low dosage, certain aspects of still felt kind of more like higher dosages of other psychedelics. Overall, it reminded me a lot of a modest dosage of 2C-C, not quite as visual, euphoric, or stoning as you would want that to be for a complete experience but thematically similar in most ways, but also threatening to push deeper than that does. The most memorable thing about the experience was a few hours in after smoking some strong cannabis, closing my eyes and seeing an assortment of transparent, glowing corridors inhabited by a large number of shadow people moving around them from a somewhat bird's eye perspective, but I was in a social setting by that time and chose not to allow the effect to develop further. I recall that the experience lasted at least four or five hours in total and perhaps faded a little bit beyond that but it's been a little too long to remember exactly now.
I recall that the experience lasted at least four or five hours in total and perhaps faded a little bit beyond that but it's been a little too long to remember exactly now.

The second time was at 75 mg. This dose was significantly stronger than the 50 mg one, but still not at the level of what one might go into something so similar to DMT expecting, but that being said, it had significant similarities to my 50 mg oral experience on MiPT. It was not as euphoric or stimulating as that, or as brightly colored and opaque in its visuals, but its geometric visuals were significantly more complex and its visionary effects were significantly more three-dimensional, but still largely feeling constrained to the mind's eye, and it had a deeper feeling to it overall than the MiPT did. Some feelings of relation to 2C-C also continued, but the increased intensity overall was pushing it beyond that. I enjoyed the experience but still felt it needed to be pushed further, but could very well be rewarding when it was. I don't believe this experience lasted all that much longer than the first one, but at least a little bit so probably.

The third time was at 100 mg. At almost exactly thirty minutes after dosing, I suddenly experienced a very strong mind's eye geometric visual of a complex spiraling tunnel of transforming shapes, and immediately the shapes became covered with an assortment of realistically detailed imagery such as somewhat mysteriously shiny silver bird feathers or twisting vines with leaves growing off of them, an effect similar to the initial visuals I experienced with my one smoked experience with 40 mg, so I knew I was finally getting somewhere. Around forty-five minutes to an hour in, sitting down to meditate and closing my eyes immediately revealed an internal forest I now sat at the base of watching birds fly around in beautiful geometric arrangements in the sky. A shift in perspective found me floating above the forest, watching dragons dive through the canopy and around mysterious temples littering the surrounding environment as I rose up through the sky, beyond the clouds, and into the sun. Opening my eyes reveals the universe rendered in the room around me, stars like gnats and planets the size of globes surrounded by all sorts of complex organic geometries. I find myself staring down upon an island covered by lush jungles on an alien world, alien plants surrounded by alien creatures of totally unfamiliar yet natural beauty, unfolding naturally as it does. Then I find myself watching psychedelic cobblestone covered in these alien plants spontaneously form in front of me and form their own spirals beckoning me into a void at the end of my perception. I find myself floating in this void, a baby, with loving protectors staring down at me from an unseen space, safe, simply being and not being. I am back at the apartment, filled with lust, and head to the bedroom and quickly drift off again. There is an orgy going in my head that produces tessellated geometric explosions with every orgasm. Every last ounce of sexual energy is drained until suddenly it flips and we have all become dolls in a child's dollhouse, and realize that we never have actually been anything different. Finally comforted, the child puts us back into her mind. I get up to take a shower and as I am in there, I feel her excitement explode out of me to the point that it rivals the earlier orgasms in intensity. After this the trip begins to subside, but slowly. It remains powerful but only in post-peak ways and takes around seven or eight hours to start really vanishing and was still at least lingering by nine or ten. I felt nearly manic for at least a week afterwards, similarly to my first experience with oral MiPT.

The fourth time was also at 100 mg. Unlike the first three experiences, this time I purged around forty-five minutes, and I am suspicious that this may have lost me at least a tiny bit of the dosage. The effects were more muted compared to the previous trip than I would expect even from the loss of some novelty compared to the first time at this dosage, but they were ultimately powerful and satisfying nonetheless. Open eye visuals were weak most of the experience or at least I never payed attention enough to give them the time to develop, but some beautiful closed eye visuals and visions occurred that were less complex than the previous trip but similar to higher dosages of mushrooms I've taken before, but larger, more realistic, and more hedonistic. I decided to take a hot bath and meditate on these closed eye visuals while smoking cannabis and repeating a mantra of letting go of being myself, and suddenly experienced the hallucinations intensifying to a crushingly intense point and then popped out into complete ego death, simply becoming the hallucination I was experiencing, and that hallucination was of myself staring in the mirror and feeling complete and utter contentedness with who I am, and "I" in that moment became that feeling, which was (in retrospect) absolute bliss, and then I returned to reality in my bath in a fit of hysterical laughter. The experience trailed intensely for many more hours but never again became as significant as that, or if it could have, I didn't care because I was too distracted by what had already happened. I believe it lasted at least nearly as long as the previous 100 mg experience though again at lower intensity.

That is all.


I have not taken MPT orally again since these trips but I have smoked it at least a couple more times. It is a psychedelic I very much like although I still feel like I'm in the process of learning to use it in the best way or ways. I'm very glad to a have gotten a hold of it and look forward to seeing what more it has to offer.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 116827
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Dec 17, 2022Views: 636
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MPT (804) : Combinations (3), Retrospective / Summary (11), Alone (16)

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