Overall Very Pleasant
Fluorophenibut & Various
Citation:   Experimentor. "Overall Very Pleasant: An Experience with Fluorophenibut & Various (exp116837)". Erowid.org. Dec 20, 2022. erowid.org/exp/116837

T+ 0:00
250 mg oral Fluorophenibut
  T+ 0:00   oral Coffee
  T+ 1:00   oral Coffee
  T+ 1:30 125 mg oral Pharms - Sertraline
  T+ 1:30 1000 mg oral Naproxen
  T+ 1:30 200 mg oral Theanine
  T+ 1:30 1000 mg oral Tyrosine
  T+ 1:30 800 mg oral Kava
  T+ 4:45 250 mg oral Fluorophenibut
  T+ 7:30 150 mg oral alpha-GPC
  T+ 9:45 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  T+ 10:45   vaporized Cannabis
  T+ 12:50 500 mg oral Acetaminophen
  T+ 12:50 25 mg oral Diphenhydramine
F-Phenibut: A First-Time Experiment

Dose: 250mg powder, mixed with water, taken orally
General health: 95kg, healthy, positive outlook on life

About me: First time taking F-Phenibut; I have no previous experience with Phenibut or (knowingly) any other GABA analogue.

Many past experiences with MDMA, LSD, Cocaine, Amphetamine, etc. Now mostly take various nootropics (Modafinil, Armodafinil, Racetams, etc.), drink alcohol daily in the evening, and smoke cannabis in moderation.

Take daily at 10am the following for work-induced panic disorder / GAD: 125mg Sertraline, 1000mg Naproxen SR, 200mg L theanine, 1000mg L-Tyrosine, 800mg Kava Kava, two caps of an anti-anx herbal formula containing hops, passion flow, rosemary and valerian

T 00:00 / 08:45: With my morning espresso, I weighed out 250mg of F-Phenibut, dissolved it in a small amount of filtered water, and drank the liquid on an empty stomach.
I weighed out 250mg of F-Phenibut, dissolved it in a small amount of filtered water, and drank the liquid on an empty stomach.
Bitter taste to the water, not horrible, just relatively strong tasting, but much milder than, for example, the taste of MDMA.

T 00:20 / 09:10: Definitely feeling something, but that could be the coffee I had earlier

T 00:35 / 09:20: Feeling quite lightheaded, in a good way, with a strange dryness in my throat, feeling quite focused and motivated to begin my day of work (home-based computer stuff).

T 01:00 / 09:45: Sipping on a second espresso, feeling alert, a sort of fuzziness in my head that makes me feel a bit floaty; my mood is upbeat. The colours of the flowers in the garden seem more pronounced. It feels a bit like the early onset of Modafinil or weak MDMA.

T 01:30 / 10:15: Took my daily GAD stack following a shower. The shower felt great and made me tingle, especially my head. I have lots of productive thoughts in my mind but feel a little chaotic and do not focus on an individual task. So I will focus on one work activity and see how that goes.

T 02:45 / 11:30: Concentration is enhanced and feeling very productive, to such an extent, I need to remind myself to drink water. Communication is easy, and work is going well.

T 04:00 / 12:45: Feeling great; the focus was great, no wandering thoughts, and I feel very alert. The thoughts flowed onto the page very easily. I feel floaty in my brain but have a sense of well-being, contentedness, and calmness. I'm also feeling quite wide-eyed/starry but have no pupil dilation.

T 04:30 / 13:15: Having had a break from work and a walk around the garden, I feel very calm yet decisive. It has definitely peaked, but when I change what I'm doing, it seems like it's still there – I guess that's the residual effects that are plateauing.

T 04:45 / 13:30: Decided to do a second round. Another 250mg dissolved in water – same taste, very bitter, and on an empty stomach. I'll give it 15mins, then have some soup for a late lunch.

T 05:30 / 14:15: A boring can of tomato and basil soup with some added chili flakes and parmesan cheese tasted amazing! My taste buds clearly had a euphoric experience… lol! The second dose is certainly creeping back in, and I have a very mild headache which according to this feels like it is in the parietal lobe's sensory areas. But for now, back to work.

T 06:00 / 14:45: It is certainly very effective, stronger, and far more noticeable than the first dose at this stage. I feel high, my headache has passed, and the floating feeling is also felt in my arms and lower legs (odd!). Work hasn't yet restarted as I got sidetracked on some non-essential research. The colours are vivid, and my far-peripheral vision is blurred, but my central vision seems more detailed. I decided to turn off MSNBC that's playing on screen in the background and instead put on some progressive psytrance, which sounds like an auditory masterpiece. Standing up and stretching feels great; I'm clearly lightheaded, feel very relaxed, have very clear thoughts, and feel a bit fuzzy around the edges, similar to my vision (if that makes sense).

T 07:15 / 16:00: Must say that work has been difficult to focus on, but with a bit of push, I can get it done, albeit a little slower than normal. The music still sounds good, and I reckon if I'd taken 500mg at once or the second dose a bit earlier, I'd be good to go out for the evening. However, I'm working so will dance in my mind. The 'high' has plateaued but is very noticeable; not sure if it's fully peaked yet. I feel very floaty and in a state of complete calm and serenity.

T 07:30 / 16:15: Decided to take 150mg cap of Alpha GPC / choline. This is always a nice addition to Modafinil, doesn't last long but does enhance the state of mind Modafinil provides. Will see if it helps with the focus.

T 08:00 / 16:45: The Alpha GPC has a different effect than when taken with Modafinil. Work focus is non-existent, so I have decided to give up for the day. I feel pretty mashed, and when closing my eyes, a dream-like state starts up within seconds, although not like LSD, as there are no visuals just black in the centre and a very warm colour (but more a feeling) in the peripheral. Time has slowed down, and I'm having waves emanating through my chest. All very pleasant.

T 09:45 / 18:30: Large glass of red wine over 1.5 hours, an unplanned social event, with someone popping over to the house I'd not met before. The conversation was easy and free-flowing, and I felt engaged/engaging. The mashed feeling has passed, and now at a very floaty, comfortable place watching TV. No negative physical effects.

T 10:45 / 19:30: Vaped a very small amount of weed and sipped barely a quarter glass of red wine. That mashed feeling returned but not like being stoned, and yes the weed has contributed to a feeling body-stone but with an active coherent mind. Off to cook dinner, so we will see how that goes.

T 12:30 / 21:15: Dinner was great, full of flavour. I wasn't when I started eating, but I very quickly got my appetite and had some chocolate to round it off. I have had no other wine or weed. Dinner felt like a tiresome process, but my awareness of time (or lack thereof) was driving this.

I had a few moments when doing veg prep where I had an odd feeling like I was jolting down, a bit like that jolt you get when an elevator stops suddenly, but the jolt force was from my head going downwards. I currently have dull pulsing in my head, in the same area as the earlier headache and the strange jolt feeling; I guess that's the sensory and motor areas of the brain being a little hyped up through the day! It's not unpleasant, but I think the solution is to drink a large glass of water and go to bed.

The only negative physical effect I've experienced today is that I currently feel very hot with no temperature, no perspiring or looking flushed. Hard to describe, perhaps like a hot flush on the inside. This could be my body appreciating the food, as I hadn't eaten anything today other than the tomato soup, plus my water intake was also down.

T 12:45 / 21:30: Brain is slowing down; time for bed. I must note that keeping this journal has required much focus. I would never usually write one and have never kept a personal diary/journal. It has taken quite a bit of self-analysis and complete awareness of the interaction and effects of F-Phenibut. However, good to record it, it was interesting to do, and it will encourage my partner to try it!

T 12:50 / 21:35: Bed. I noticed my pupils were somewhat dilated, not like saucers you get from amphetamine or MDMA but still noticeable. I took my usual sleep aid, a generic Tylenol PM containing 500mg of Acetaminophen and 25mg of Diphenhydramine HCI, plus a cap of combination "Adrenal Support" that purports to nourish, tone, and supports sleep and the nervous system. I had no trouble going to sleep. I think I was asleep by 22:15.

T 22:15 07:00: Slept very well; although my dreams were quite nuts and vivid, it was still a deep sleep. My partner said I sleep-talked/shouted a few times, and I remember parts of the dreams where that was likely to have happened. I also had some night sweats, and I woke up feeling damp.

I have warm calmness enveloping me, although I've got a bit of a come-down feeling; I feel "sparkly" and bright rather than, for example, an MDMA come-down which at times can be sparkly and more withdrawn / inward looking. Feeling very floaty in my brain, and at the same time, my thoughts are focused and direct. Definitely a two or three-espresso type of morning!

T 22:30 / 07:15: Espresso number one drunk, also took 150mg of Armodafinil, as have a hectic day, driving, getting a flight, then driving, then social event. I think Armodafinil will suit the brain today better than Modafinil, whilst slightly more potent Armodafinil doesn't give me the enforced focus and alertness that Modafinil does. More of general alertness.

T 23:15 / 08:00: Armodafinil kicking in, second espresso drunk. Feeling lively but still very "sparkly".

Round 1 Summary: Overall very pleasant experience, with no adverse physical effects other than forgetting to drink water and no nausea that some others have suggested they experienced. The cognitive effects were very pleasant, but I had to work on my focus
The cognitive effects were very pleasant, but I had to work on my focus
as I could have easily let the thoughts wander in the early chaos I experienced. But that said, it wasn't difficult to get that sorted. I took a phone call from someone I didn't know and felt very engaged with them. I think there would be a benefit in trying this in a social situation, but as yet unclear how it would interact with a glass or two of wine. From an anxiety perspective, this was and still is completely gone, so maybe using it for presentations or those dull/boring workshops would be good.

Round 2 Summary: Again, as with round 1, a very nice experience, although the effects were quite different. Everything was much more pronounced, feelings of well-being and calm, vivid colours and auditory bliss, supported by an overall glow. I think the alcohol impacted the effects, and whilst the first glass of wine was nice, the second wasn't necessary and did change the way my brain was reacting. Weed helped taper that and added to the calm feeling, but it was more of a body stone than how it usually affects me.

I intended to try F-Phenibut as a nootropic for cognitive work enhancement. The second dose was counter to that and might have been more helpful if I had internet research to do rather than writing topic-specific documents. The second dose was markedly more potent, onset was fast but peaked earlier, and there was a long plateau with only marginal degradation of the peak effects, more of a long taper that developed. None of which was conducive to an enhanced work focus. It would have been ideal for a social event; without the alcohol, I would have been okay to drive. I think I would have sparkled at a work event, but they would not have noticed if others were drinking alcohol.

Overall summary: Would I do F-Phenibut again? Absolutely! It was fun, a little mind-bending at the peak of round 2, and I felt very upbeat, positive, calm, and had no signs of any anxiety or stress throughout.

Would I take F-Phenibut as a nootropic for cognition enhancement again? Maybe. Certainly not for sitting writing at a computer, but I think it would enhance engagement in workshops as listening, empathy, and interaction are enhanced, i.e., heightened soft skills / EQ. Also, maybe taking it a couple of hours before presenting would remove any nervousness/jitters and help adlib and read the audience, but you would have to know your topic well. I might try this in the future.

Would I take it in two doses again? Yes, however, I would take a second dose at around hour 2 or 2.5 as I assume the peak of dose one would continue straight into dose 2, and the mashed feeling would likely be more of a high with maybe some euphoric elements. Time will tell. I think the next time I try F-Phenibut, I will take 400mg in a single dose late afternoon, as I would likely get 5-6 hours of good effects before tapering and still get to bed at a reasonable time for a good night's sleep.

I'm intrigued about trying it with Modafinil or Armodafinil. I think the latter would be more suitable, especially if I could get a day's work done and then take 250mg around 4 pm for a fun night out (without alcohol). Not sure of the benefits of doing Armodafinil and F-Phenibut at the same time. I guess that's an experiment for another time.

Would I take a larger dose? Yes, but I need to do the other experiments first to gauge whether a larger single dose or a large dose spread over two would work and the effects. I'm sure 700-800mg would be a considerable step up.

Other thoughts, alcohol had a negative impact, so I would likely avoid that next time or stick to one glass of wine over a more extended period. On the other hand, weed was good, and I would vape it again, mainly as a wind-down at the end of the day/night.

The only residual physical effect was that I felt hotter than usual for a couple of days. I was pretty sensitive to the mild but humid weather, with increased perspiration, and my clothes felt clingy. It could have been the weather, but the residual effects were gone three days after.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116837
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 42
Published: Dec 20, 2022Views: 992
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