Bioassay: Eight Human Trials With Eticyclidine
Citation:   Psychestim. "Bioassay: Eight Human Trials With Eticyclidine: An Experience with PCE (exp116855)". Dec 19, 2022.

2.7 - 18.0 mg oral PCE
**Background information**

- gender: male
- age: 24
- weight: 80 kg
- setting: at home
- set: feeling great today
- tolerance: none, I use dissociatives approx. once or twice a month (I made an exception for this titration and used a little more frequently than usual).
- previous dissociative experience: Memantine, N2O, DXM, FXE, MXE, MXPr, MXiPr, DMXE, O-PCE, 3-MeO-PCE, 3-MeO-PCP, 3-HO-PCP, 3-Cl-PCP, DCK, 2-F-DCK, Ketamine, 3-Me-PCPy, and a small test dose of some alleged "PCE freebase" a few weeks prior, which turned out not to be PCE (I鼠l go into detail in the next paragraph).

I received a small bottle of PCE freebase solution a couple of weeks ago and handed some of it in for lab-analysis before I began my planned trials. The PCE freebase/EtOH solution reeked very badly and had a dirty yellow color, which is why I refrained from using more than a small test dose (4mg) until I got my results. Even four milligrams were clearly psychoactive which makes sense since it痴 apparently even more potent by weight than PCP but I still wanted to stay on the safe side to not ingest possibly harmful chemicals. My first thought was that the freebase had to contain an impurity that caused the discoloration and repugnant smell, so I proceeded to do some research. In the paper "From PCP to MXE: a comprehensive review of the non-medical use of dissociative drugs, Jason Wallach cited two different sources who claimed that PCE freebase was extraordinarily malodorous compared to other ACH壮, which usually have little to no smell. However, like in my case it was unclear whether the PCE itself or an impurity was responsible for this.

A few months ago, the lab-result came back and revealed that my sample didn奏 actually contain PCE but an unidentifiable substance. They could not determine what I actually consumed but according to them, the unknown substance shared structural similarities with PCE. Perhaps the synthesis was botched, or the freebase reacted with the air, I honestly don奏 know. What I know is that the solution was definitely active when I tried it so maybe there was still some PCE in the sample at the time of ingestion which oxidized over the following weeks. Whatever the case may be, I discarded the remaining solution.

After telling the chemist about my result, he offered to make me another gram as the fumarate salt (the HCl couldn奏 be formed as he couldn奏 get all of the water out). Upon receiving the beige powder I submitted another sample for lab-testing and this time it came back as PCE. They also detected an unknown impurity in my sample which couldn奏 be determined with absolute certainty but the chemistry department of the testing-facility speculates that it might be N-cyclohexylideneethylaine [N-cyclohexylideneethylamine ?]. This substance metabolizes into cyclohexanone and ethylamine in the body but as you only take such miniscule amounts the risk of taking it should be rather low.

PCE freebase has a molar mass of 203.33 g/mol and fumaric acid has a molar mass of 116.07 g/mol, which means PCE fumarate should have a molar mass of 319.4 g/mol, but as fumaric acid is a dicarboxylic acid there will be a 2:1 ratio of PCE molecules to fumaric acid molecules. This means the molar mass of PCE fumarate should be around 261.37 g/mol (203.33 + (116.07 / 2)), which makes it ~22% less potent than the freebase (in theory).

**PCE fumarate (2.7mg, oral) // 1st trial (24/07/22):**

After a 1mg sensitivity test in the morning, I weigh out 2.7mg PCE fumarate (= ~2.1mg PCE fb) on my analytical balance and put the powder on my tongue. One of the more caustic substances I宋e put in my mouth. Its taste is rather strong and unpleasant. Very unusual, not all that similar to other ACH壮 I宋e tasted.

Have been doing a lot of stuff in and out of the house, so I wasn奏 paying close attention to any effects but I don奏 think that I feel anything. I doubt that I have hit the threshold yet, it might take a few more mg壮 until I can clearly differentiate it from placebo.

**Background information:**

- -//- (see above)
- setting: at home
- set: same as yesterday
- tolerance: I took an inactive dose of 2.7mg PCE yesterday which shouldn奏 interfere with today壮 experiment.

Apart from a cup of coffee in the morning and my green-tea extract, no other substances were consumed this day.

**PCE fumarate (5.1mg, oral) // 2nd trial (25/07/22):**

Weigh out 5.1mg PCE fumarate (= ~4mg PCE fb), dump the powder in my mouth and wash it down with some water.

I notice a faint lightheadedness developing in my head. The come-up is much faster than with 3-methoxy-PCE for instance, where I usually have to wait 45 min. to feel anything.

So far, things have basically stayed the same, I feel the PCE very lightly. It seems that this is a threshold dose but nothing more.

There is some euphoria reminiscent of low doses of 3-MeO-PCE, but no real dissociation or stimulation is noted. I feel a little bit dull and unbothered by everything, which is nice.

I just took a swim and can feel some light mental dissociation and heaviness in my head. I will stop taking notes now as I have reached a plateau and there壮 not much to report on.

I知 pretty much sober at this point. There痴 a faint headache approaching, maybe the PCE contributed to it but who knows, it痴 extremely hot today.

**Background information:**
- -//- (see above)
- tolerance: I took 5mg PCE fumarate yesterday but dissociative tolerance doesn奏 build up that quickly so I don奏 think it will alter today壮 experience.

No substances were consumed prior to this experiment apart from one cup of coffee in the morning and my green-tea extract.

**PCE fumarate (7.5mg, oral) + alcohol // 3rd trial (26/07/22):**

Take 7.5mg (= ~5.85mg PCE fb) by mouth on an empty stomach.

It壮 been 10 minutes and I can already feel some light dissociation. I僧 preparing some flashcards for my biology exam but my thinking slows down by the minute.

It壮 getting euphoric, I have a lot of fun doing mundane tasks and surprisingly my focus isn奏 all too bad. I tried doing some uni stuff on a moderate dose of 3-Me-PCPy a few months ago but constantly lost track of everything and got bored pretty quickly, which isn奏 the case here. The warmth is reminiscent of other dissociatives like 3-MeO-PCE or DMXE but I like this better than either, so far.

I would say this is the lower end of a common dose for the batch that I have. I am tempted to take a bit more because the effects are quite nice and not as strong as I would like them to be. I will refrain from using more though, because there壮 plenty of other opportunities for me to go higher, I still have a bunch of work to do and I僧 meeting up with my parents in two hours. The PCE has been nothing but gentle so far, there壮 much less stimulation than with 3-MeO-PCP, 3-MeO-PCE, O-PCE or 3-Me-PCPy. It somehow reminds me of the euphoria and motivation that I get from oral methcathinone or methamphetamine but the NMDA antagonism smooths everything out.

The euphoria has definitely diminished over the last half hour, but I僧 still far from sober. My thoughts are not a 100% coherent as I僧 struggling to find words and forming sentences is a little more difficult than usual.

There壮 a definite tactile suppression because I went to the toilet just now and couldn奏 feel my penis. My motor control seems to be intact, I have no balance or coordination issues.

To my surprise, spaghetti bolognese goes down easily and tastes delicious. I知 having a chat with my parents while drinking a glass of red wine. My speech is normal at this dose and I seem unimpaired to them.

The alcohol briefly enhanced the high but it壮 coming to an end. There are a few residual effects like an overall tiredness and slowed-down thinking but I僧 in a very good mood.

**The day(s) after:**

I only woke up ten minutes ago but I can see that there are some serious anti-depressant qualities to this drug. Makes sense, the few times I did 3-MeO-PCE I had the strongest, hypomanic after-glow I宋e ever experienced. I was in a heightened mood for days on end and this seems like it could do the same thing. I feel like putting on some music and just start dancing around my room. This is rather unusual for me but I do enjoy it greatly.

No signs of mood improvement or hypomania left, I feel absolutely normal.

**Background information:**

- -//- (see above)
- setting: at home with my girlfriend and my parents
- set: a bit hungover but feeling okay. Maybe a tad bit emotionless and tired.
- tolerance: my last dissociative experience was the 7.5mg PCE trial, 12 days ago.

I consumed an espresso in the morning but apart from that no psychotropic substances were taken that day. I also ate a capsule of green-tea extract an hour before dosing as I usually do to (possibly) help mitigate the urotoxic effects of arylcyclohexylamines.

**PCE fumarate (9.9mg, oral) // 4th trial (07/08/22):**

I swallow a pre-weighed capsule containing 9.9mg PCE fumarate (= ~7.7mg PCE freebase) on a half-full stomach.

First effects are unfolding now. Mild euphoria is making itself present. I am pretty tired from yesterday壮 drinking, everything feels like a burden. EtOH is such a shit drug and yet I drink it quite frequently. I really need to limit my alcohol intake to once a month or something

Not much is happening atm, I played with our dog a little bit and did a few things around the house but so far the effects are very subtle. Don奏 know why, maybe it takes a while longer to unfold today or my hangover influences the high, I can奏 really say. I僧 kinda bored.

I can feel some dissociation and euphoria shine through my tiredness and emotionlessness but somehow my hangover is still overpowering the PCE. I feel a little bit better than an hour ago but it壮 nothing to write home about. The euphoria is definitely there but I just can奏 appreciate it as much as I usually would. There壮 no stimulation either, I still feel sluggish and jaded. I bet I could fall asleep right now, if I tried. My headspace seems to be unaltered, I still feel quite uninterested in everything and overall pretty tired and exhausted. Definitely not as much fun as my last trial so far but we鼠l see what happens. Feed me more dopamine!

Somehow my call was answered, I feel much better now. The dissociation is very apparent and I feel it quite strong. I僧 listening to $uicideBoy$ new album and it痴 great. The song '1000 Blunts is dope and the lyrics hit home. Everything I look at seems to have that classic "underwater" filter laid over it. Sentences are getting harder to form, my brain is mush. My lips are numb and I pinch myself in the arm, pain reception is diminished significantly. Walking is still easy but I wander through the house like a ghost, weightless, effortless and disconnected from my mind.PCE is definitely one of the more addictive dissociatives I宋e tried. Physically, it reminds me of a more transparent MXE or a less stimulating 3-MeO-PCE. Mentally, it feels like a more recreational and more hedonistic version of 3-MeO-PCE. I僧 interested to know how 3-Me-PCE would compare to it.

Talking to my parents worked out without a problem, my (sober) girlfriend confirms that.I am sedated, although not nearly as sedated as with ketamine or deschloroketamine. My last experiences weren奏 overly stimulating either but surely more than this. I don奏 know why people have reported more side-effects with PCE, so far I haven奏 noticed anything out of the ordinary.

I am scrolling through a bunch of old Bluelight threads and notice that reading is difficult. The letters and lines are blurry and it takes a lot of effort to stay on track. The euphoria has decreased and I feel dumb. The PCE feels more dissociating than it did in my previous trials.

My girlfriend asks me to help her make some pizza. This is gonna get weird. After a bunch of babbling and stumbling nonsensical words, I ask her what to do. I tell her that I feel useless and have no idea what I知 doing. She throws a bunch of flour and water in a bucket and tells me to knead. Dough feels nice. My hands are sticky, I need more flour. This is fun. I suddenly don稚 feel useless anymore because my girlfriend gave me a purpose. That壮 unironically deep. I put the dough aside to rest and wash my hands. Girlfriend made the tomato sauce and now it痴 time for toppings.

Eating was fine but my appetite was suppressed and my taste buds seemed to be only half working. The effects of the PCE are diminishing now and that痴 fine by me. My cat just entered the room and she is so scrawny! She weighs about two kilograms even though she eats a lot. What a tiny fucking cat. Somehow she looks neglected, normally I find her really cute but now I知 somewhat concerned and disgusted. Her eye is teary and sticky, I can see and feel her vertebras, her fur is disheveled and she intrusively begs for food. I proceed to cuddle her and give her something to eat.

Going to bed now. Residual effects (e.g. blurry vision, light dissociation) are still quite present but not bothersome.

Fall asleep.

**The day after:**

There壮 no after-glow this time as far as I can tell. I woke up at 06:00 AM this morning and somehow decided that it was a good time to get out of bed. Now, at 10:45 AM, I regret that decision. I drank a cup of coffee but still feel groggy and tired, I also feel slightly nauseous. Some people report feeling shitty the next day after doing dissociatives if they go to bed when the effects haven稚 completely worn off but I致e never experienced that until now. The PCE is clearly still in my system which seems plausible because it痴 a lipophilic drug with a long half-life.

I僧 so tired, the espresso didn奏 help at all. I can稚 study right now, will try again tomorrow.

**Background information:**

- -//- (see above)
- setting: in my new apartment, alone
- set: feeling pretty good, did some studying for my biology exam earlier.
- tolerance: I had 6mg 3-HO-PCP on 10/08/22 which I had left in my solution and decided to drink because I moved apartment the next day and wanted to get rid of it. Three days before that was my last trial with PCE.

I consumed a double shot of espresso in the morning and had three slices of toast bread with olive paste and tomatoes. A couple of hours later I had some leftover Ratatouille which was followed by a capsule containing my usual dose of green-tea extract. My PCE dose was taken an hour after I had lunch.

**PCE fumarate (12.4mg, oral) + cannabis // 5th trial (22/08/22):**

Eat a gel cap containing 12.4mg PCE fumarate (= ~9.7mg PCE freebase) on this gloomy Monday. I moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend two weeks ago and this is the first dissociative experience in my new home. My girlfriend is at work atm so I thought I壇 take the chance to sample a higher dose of this.

My thinking starts to slow down. I知 in the midst of solving a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle of the periodic table but concentrating becomes increasingly more difficult. I知 ignoring my previous puzzle progress, because finding the fitting pieces feels like a hopeless endeavor right now. I知 listening to some upbeat techno music to keep me going but I think I already lost the battle.

I feel strongly dissociated, my limbs don稚 belong to me anymore. Nociceptive processing is interrupted, I pinch myself but don稚 feel any pain. Collecting, arranging and sticking all those puzzle pieces together is kinda funny because currently it feels like I知 dissecting my brain into little puzzle pieces. +1 - 1 = 0. So, is solving this puzzle useless? Does this dichotomy even make sense? Whatever.

I知 enjoying myself, but I can稚 function properly anymore. A maintenance guy fixed our door bell right after I dropped the PCE and I知 glad that I hadn稚 fully come up at that point because acting sober is a lot more challenging now. Music sounds fantastic, my mind is descending while my body is on autopilot. The vigorous techno beat thumps down on my chest and I close my eyes to fully give in to the pressure. My closed eye vision is completely white and with my eyes open there are some slight hallucinatory effects like scenery slicing.

The higher the dose, the less euphoric it gets. It seems that the cold dissociation is overpowering the euphoria and motivation that I experienced on 7.5mg.
The higher the dose, the less euphoric it gets. It seems that the cold dissociation is overpowering the euphoria and motivation that I experienced on 7.5mg.
There is an uneasy feeling in my gut, bordering on nausea, so I will lie down for a second. I知 listening to the 禅rampoline remix by JAUZ and it feels like I知 dissolving on the couch. Vibrations buzzing through my whole body and the vocals are attaching to my soul. I am experiencing unity and interconnectedness with humanity. I have to think about the human species and our existence in time, but can稚 even begin to articulate the complexity of my current imagination. A truly remarkable feeling.

The focus of this experience is on the music and the concomitant thoughts. I知 staring at the blank walls of my room and fall into the gaping abyss of eticyclidine. My body feels like a cold, boneless housing of organs going through its normal cycle but my mind is illuminated in a special way. There is some mania present which is typical for PCE type ACH痴 but it痴 less obvious than with the respective methoxy-analog, maybe because of the missing stimulation.

The effects are not getting any stronger and to my disappointment the peak is fairly short-lived, especially compared to the overall duration. I am working on my PCE post and do some random stuff on my laptop. I scroll through Reddit and some other pages but I知 kinda bored. I think I知 going to smoke some weed later when my girlfriend comes home.

My girlfriend comes home, we bake some bread, make ourselves a salad, smoke some cannabis, watch some TV and go to bed. There really isn稚 much to talk about in this stage of the trip, everything was kind of uneventful. The effects of the PCE dissipated very slowly and I still felt residual effects when I went to bed at T:11:00. As expected, food didn稚 taste as good and mundane tasks (e.g. watching TV) were a bit more immersive, just like it usually is on dissociatives. The PCE/cannabis combination was generally enjoyable but there were some short bouts of paranoia and anxiety. Granted, they dissipated pretty quickly when I shifted my focus on to something else and they were triggered by some recent unfortunate, personal events that I had to think about. The combination didn稚 offer anything special but the cannabis was much stronger than usual. I generally dislike mixing stuff with cannabis though and I have a relatively low tolerance so perhaps others might get more out of it.

**The day after:**

I slept fine but woke up with slightly swollen lymph nodes, a sore throat and a headache. My bedroom was pretty cold throughout the night because I slept with the windows open but after some tea it all went back to normal. Covid-19 rapid test came out negative. I can still discern dissociative effects. My coordination is a bit off and I still have mild under-water vision typical for dissociatives.

Over 24 hours have passed since taking the PCE and I still don稚 feel normal. My headache is still there and I feel like a depersonalized ghost walking around the streets. Food went down easily but it didn稚 make me feel any better. I will go to the gym in an hour in the hopes of speeding up the elimination process. Maybe the post-workout endorphins will clear up my head. Really looking forward to trying the PCE via a different ROA, the after-effects are just too long-lasting.

I ran on the treadmill for an hour, did an ab-workout and ate gnocchi with vegetables in vodka-tomato sauce for lunch. I finally feel like myself again but there痴 still a light headache present. I won稚 take an NSAID because it痴 not too bothersome.

**Background information:**

- -//- (see above)
- age: 25
- setting: in my apartment, with my girlfriend
- set: feeling well, maybe a bit stressed due to upcoming exams and other personal events but overall I知 good.
- tolerance: none, my last dissociative experience was 19 days ago with 12.4mg PCE.

I consumed a double espresso shot in the morning and had two eggs with bread and a banana. An hour before drinking the PCE I took my usual dose of green tea extract.

**PCE fumarate (14.9mg, oral) + alcohol + cannabis // 6th trial (10/09/22):**

It痴 a few minutes past 2 PM, I dissolve 14.9mg of PCE fumarate (= ~11.6mg PCE freebase) in 5cl warm tap water and down it in one go. The taste isn奏 too bad, I diluted it sufficiently.

My stomach is growling, but there are no psychoactive effects yet.

Light mental dissociation sets in, I feel a bit dull. An erotic spirit captivates my mind out of nowhere. I知 horny, I am trying to masturbate but there痴 strong tactile suppression already. The disconnection between my penis and my mind is getting stronger by the minute. Kind of amusing, feels like I知 rubbing an inanimate object. I abort my mission to reach an orgasm due to the lack of perceived pleasure. Anyway, doesn稚 matter, the sun is shining through my windows and I僧 feeling exuberantly happy! Very content. I知 listening to some melancholic hip hop music while my girlfriend is taking a shower. I am overcome by gratefulness.

My mind and body are stimulated, I feel like doing something productive but the dissociation inhibits my abilities to do so. I僧 doing some logD and pKa predictions on novel psychedelics and compare them to each other. Seems like I can actually get things done on PCE. That壮 very unusual. It takes longer than normal but I have a thirst for science stuff. I confidently scribble down notes and draw molecular structures like I have a plan or a goal but I don稚 have any of that. My girlfriend is leaving to visit a friend of hers.

Somehow the effects aren奏 particularly strong, but this might be a classic case of 'delusions of sobriety. The 12.4mg I used last time definitely inebriated me more, but maybe that壮 where the danger lies with high doses of these PCE and PCP type drugs? I feel overly confident and extroverted right now and want to socialize. It壮 probably good that I僧 alone because I might say things that I wouldn奏 want to say when I僧 sober.

I僧 dancing around my room, shirtless and rap along to German rap music. This is great, I知 feeling confident and euphoric. A very recreational drug experience and very similar to a typical 15mg dose of 3-MeO-PCE HCl. A classic feel-good drug experience but I租 love to take more. The effects are not as strong as I would like them to be. Should I snort a tiny bump to turn it up a notch? No, I will resist.

I feel very clearheaded, stimulated and in the moment, last time I was locked to the couch and rather in my head. This drug has been quite different every time I致e taken it and needs some getting used to.

I知 listening to 'Methylone' by Bas and hear the birds chirping outside while white clouds are suffusing the sky. It壮 starting to rain! What a beautiful moment, I知 feeling damn great! I壇 love to strip naked and do a cultured PCP run through the family-friendly neighborhood, but I will behave. The physical stimulation feels very natural, not forced. No restless legs, no frantically pacing around the room, just a desire to dance and express myself.

Decrease in activity.
Like last time, PCE壮 peak is relatively short-lived compared to its long plateau phase. Somewhat disappointing because the plateau and offset are emotionally neutral and not particularly exciting. Maybe a racetam or some N-acetylcysteine would get rid of the long after-effects.

My girlfriend just came home with her friend and we talked for a little while. I didn稚 seem impaired to them, but I usually don稚, most of the times I seem pretty unaltered to others when I僧 on drugs. I was reminded that we had bought tickets for a concert two years ago which was postponed multiple times due to the coronavirus and that it was scheduled for today We quickly cook a meal, eat and get ourselves ready. I open myself a can of beer to get myself in the mood. I知 still nowhere near baseline but the effects are manageable enough for me to go. I知 not too thrilled about it though, I壇 rather stay at home.

Concert is over, we actually had more fun than we thought we would have. I sweated and shouted a lot and I also drank two more beers during the show. The PCE synergized very well with the alcohol. I feel quite tired now, my girlfriend and I smoke a joint and take a night stroll through the inner districts of the city. The PCE is barely noticeable on its own anymore but the weed brings it back a little and the cannabis headspace feels spacier than usual.

Go to bed. I僧 stoned and tired, no idea if I still feel the eticyclidine.

**The day after:**

I feel fine, a bit worn out maybe but what can you expect from six hours of REM-suppressed sleep. Make myself an espresso and read the news. Just looked at my notes and calculations from yesterday A bunch of useless numbers and structural formulas and I really thought I was doing something productive yesterday smh. I guess that壮 what they call mania.

I僧 in a seriously good mood. Making breakfast with my girlfriend is great fun, we池e singing and dancing around the apartment. Life is good and I need to remember that more often!

**Background information:**

- -//- (see above)
- setting: my apartment, alone
- set: feeling pretty well, it痴 been a productive day so far and I知 excited for my highest oral dose of eticyclidine.
- tolerance: last dissociative experience took place two weeks ago where I had three separate IM injections of R/S-ketamine, totaling up to 175mg.

I had my usual two espressos in the morning, but other than that my system is free of any psychoactive substances.
I had a large meal consisting of rice, broccoli, turkey strips and cream sauce about 2.5 hours before indulging in the PCE.

**PCE fumarate (18.0mg, oral) + lorazepam (1mg, sublingual) + HHC hashish (0.1g (20%), smoked) // 7th trial (21/10/22):**

Take a capsule of green-tea extract.
*Heart rate measured - 74 bpm* (for reference, my normal resting HR is usually around 65-70 bpm)

It痴 04:30 PM, I dump exactly 18mg of PCE fumarate (= ~14mg PCE freebase) in 25ml H2O, swish it around and drink the solution. This is presumably the highest dose I知 going to try before switching to a different ROA.

I知 feeling a bit burpy, my extremities are cold and there壮 a shift in my perception already.

Feeling the effects quite strongly, I am washed over by a sense of well-being. I知 reading a book about neuroscience and it痴 so captivating. I知 a bit distracted though and alternate between reading and surfing on my computer. There壮 no physical stimulation whatsoever but my mind is rattling. I am full of energy and motivation to do something, which is a great feeling, but not really of any use like we saw in my last 15mg trial. Perhaps I can take something away from the experience though and be more productive when I僧 not on PCE. Procrastination and attention problems are definitely a big hindrance in my major.

I hope this develops into something more, I think I could handle a few more milligrams. The warmth and openness of PCE are diminishing ever so slightly and the clinical, anesthetic character is percolating. I僧 not sure if I want the euphoria to leave, the last couple of times were a little bland and monotonous when that happened.

I僧 very cold, I wrap myself in a blanket, close my eyes and sink into the PCE space. I僧 fairly lucid for such a dose, but perhaps my judgement is not the most reliable. Delusions of sobriety are definitely a thing with this substance and it壮 good that I僧 in a safe and familiar setting.

Unsurprisingly, this is the strongest experience I致e had with PCE. I知 wobbling around my apartment, my movement is uncoordinated and precarious. I僧 floppy and wonky, yet I僧 still quite mobile compared to strong doses of other dissociatives. Dangerous!

My mind is at ease even though my thoughts are disorganized. The euphoria from before is completely suppressed by the cold dissociation. I知 disconnected from the world and myself. This reminds me of the 2nd half of an MXPr experience when the euphoria dies down and only the dissociation stays. 5mg more of this stuff and I壇 be knocked out cold, or psychotic, or both. Could be worth exploring but I鼠l leave that up to someone else. Visually I haven奏 noticed much with this compound but I rarely get visuals from any dissociative, the only exception being ketamine at hole doses and the plain under-water vision typical for dissociatives but I don奏 count that.
*Heart rate measured - 72 bpm*

*Heart rate measured - 65 bpm*
PCE does not increase my heartrate like other dissociatives do. It feels physically benign and I haven奏 really experienced any side-effects so far, but to be fair, I almost never have bothersome side-effects from dissociatives, apart from the rarely-occurring nausea and the typical elevated HR/BP and brain fog.

Pain relief is not as pronounced as with the 3-methoxylated PCx I宋e tried. I don奏 really know what else to report on, I feel like I僧 repeating myself. My girlfriend comes home.

Coming down.

The remaining effects are roaming in the background while I知 watching TV. I place a 1mg lorazepam tablet under my tongue and it immediately dissolves. My girlfriend decides to take a shower and rectally administer 40mg MXPr. Shortly after, she returns and lies down next to me, she looks very confused. She notes that she feels a little uncomfortable and needs to acclimatize herself to the surprisingly strong and rapid effects. Some time passes but she doesn奏 seem to enjoy herself even though she壮 had positive past experiences with MXPr. I try to calm her down and talk to her but she still seems to be a bit anxious and emotional. It壮 been a rough week for her and there壮 been a lot on her mind lately. She bursts out in tears and holds a monologue about some personal issues and insecurities she壮 held in for a while. The experience is remarkably cathartic for her, something I have predominantly seen with entactogens and psychedelics. I feel very empathetic and emotional too, communication and articulation are not as fluid as they usually are but our conversations still feel extremely valuable. A liberating and bonding situation for both of us and a great ending to an otherwise okay dissociative experience.

We decide to take a stroll through our neighborhood and buy some HHC-infused hash from a nearby vending machine. Walking is still odd and my legs feel a little wobbly, but I僧 energetic. My mind is relatively clear by now and I僧 in a good mood. Breathing in fresh air is reinvigorating! I僧 feeling like a wilted flower suddenly blossoming again.

We return home and I immediately roll a spliff with tobacco and 0.15g of this hexahydrocannabinol hash. The consistency is soft and it has a light flowery smell. I take a few hits and feel it coming on slowly. It reminds me of regular delta 9 THC but it壮 subtler in every way and less cloudy. My mouth is not dry, my mind is relatively lucid, but I僧 limp. Just lying there on autopilot, catatonic, gazing at the TV. It壮 not really making me euphoric, maybe because of the benzo and the PCE. I can奏 really say since it壮 my first time with HHC. My girlfriend seems to be in a vigilant coma as well.
*Current resting HR - 92 bpm

I don奏 really know what to think of this combination, at least it痴 not making me paranoid. Anyway, we finish the spliff, brush our teeth and go to bed. Fall asleep within a blink of an eye.

**The day after:**

Wake up with a slight headache (something I have later observed a few more times with HHC alone) and I僧 tired. I僧 more moody than usual and things annoy me rather quickly. A large breakfast took care of things though and I僧 much more balanced now.

Headache is still persisting.

**Background information:**

- -//- (see above)
- setting: at a friends apartment with three other friends, my girlfriend and two other people.
- set: wasn稚 in a social mood at all before going there but now I知 glad I知 here.
- tolerance: I took 18mg PCE 16 days ago.

What is a good bioassay without a bit of novel polypharmacy. After having mixed PCE with low-moderate doses of HHC, cannabis, alcohol and benzodiazepines I wanted to see how it combines with another dissociative.
After having mixed PCE with low-moderate doses of HHC, cannabis, alcohol and benzodiazepines I wanted to see how it combines with another dissociative.
I picked fluorexetamine as my poison, because it currently is one my favorite dissociatives and I feel like they租 complement each other very well. FXE feels like the perfect hybrid between MXE and ketamine to me, so I think a combination with a more upbeat and manic ACH (like PCE) could be a decent MXE imitation. We鼠l see if that turns out to be true.

As a side-note, the FXE has been tested by a lab and was confirmed to be the expected substance. They did not detect anything else.

My stomach was empty and I took my usual supplement before ingesting the dissociative.

**PCE fumarate (7.0mg, oral) + FXE HCl (40mg+40mg, oral) + // 8th trial (06/11/22):**

Eat 7mg of PCE fumarate (= ~5.46mg PCE fb).
I知 at a friend痴 house with a couple of other people and we池e about to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick.

I can already discern slight effects. My head is getting warm, a euphoric buzz is coming on. I have to yawn a bunch of times.

My friends weigh out 70-80mg doses of MXPr and take them by mouth (only one of them has an empty stomach). I want to be rather conservative with my first dose so I take 40mg of FXE HCl to see if there are any unwanted interactions between the two.

The effects are pretty mild at this point, I decide to swallow another 40mg of FXE. My hands are clammy and I feel a bit hot, but to be fair their apartment is pretty heated up. The one friend with an empty stomach feels the MXPr strongly and seems to like it very much. The others are having a delayed onset. I知 feeling the numbness of the FXE overtake and the PCE starts fading into the background.

This movie is absolute nuts, or I am, I can稚 really tell. I usually get a sense of "this movie is made for dissociatives while I知 high on dissociatives and it痴 no different this time. My friends are seemingly more incapacitated than I am, but I do have a hard time following what痴 going on, even though the movie is so slow paced. The FXE is clearly overpowering the 7mg of PCE in terms of physical effects but there痴 some added confusion I haven稚 noticed in my last FXE trials. I知 having double vision and my mind is drifting off to strange places. It痴 a somewhat novel intertwining of two different dissociative headspaces but I don稚 know if I壇 recommend this combination. There痴 just no real point to it. This mix doesn稚 remind me of MXE at all btw, and I think I壇 rather take them individually. Friends snort a 35mg booster of MXPr.

My friends all take a second 35mg bump, but I refrain from redosing since I have to leave their place in an hour or two because I want to wake up early tomorrow. The psychoactive effects are still kicking and there痴 an obvious impact on my bladder since I had to take a pee three times in the last two hours. There was a short bout of paranoia right after I returned from the toilet because I pictured my poor epithelial cells withering away in my bladder lining. I quickly sunk back into the movie and forgot about it though. This movie is weird but I like it, I need to rewatch it some time when I知 sober. I have some funky closed-eye-visuals that I can稚 describe, they池e quite simplistic and undefined.

Effects have diminished quite significantly, I take 0.5mg Temesta. My memory and speech center are still greatly impaired. The (sober) girlfriend of my friend asks me for an explanation of glutamate excitotoxicity but I can稚 make sense of my thoughts nor express myself properly. One of the two friends with a full stomach remarks that he fell into an unexpected and very bizarre hole because his first oral dose hit 1.5 hours later than expected.

The walk home is still a bit wobbly, but luckily I only live about 1 km away. I am a bit nauseous and have to burp a lot. I rarely get motion sickness when walking around on dissociatives but now I definitely do.

At home, go to sleep.

**The day after:**

Wake up at 08:30 AM, I slept deeply but longer than I wanted. This is a reoccurring phenomenon I have noticed every single time after taking FXE. It makes me very tired when it wears off so falling asleep afterwards is easy. The lorazepam could致e also played a role in this but half a milligram is barely noticeable for me.I do feel a little dizzy today and I have some stomach irritation. I eat some cereal with milk which gets rid of the tummy ache but makes me a bit queasy.

Spent the whole day in the public library studying for an exam and it went surprisingly well. I had some concentration problems in the beginning but those faded once I acclimatized.


PCE, the molecular building block of a plethora of commonly available arylcyclohexylamines. Its scarcity and illegality have made it a unicorn among the dissonauts around the world, but is it as great as people think it is? Well, to cut it short I think it痴 worthwhile and enjoyable but not extraordinarily special. It壮 very similar to 3-MeO-PCE in that it is friendly and euphoric (especially low-common doses), mentally stimulating, hedonistic, hypomanic, long-lasting and potent. There are subtle differences in headspace (PCE is a bit less introspective, shallower and more confusing) and I find it less physically stimulating and anesthesizing than 3-MeO-PCE/-PCP. It can be a good recreational drug for careful users and is certainly not a waste of time but that having said, there are a number of dissociatives I would choose over this one (e.g. MXE, MXPr, FXE, 3-Cl-PCP, ketamine). Earlier experiments at low-common doses yielded better results and highlighted the unique qualities of PCE compared to the more monotonous and apathetic high doses. The majority of my 18mg trial didn奏 feel all too dissimilar from a dose of MXPr when the warm peak has dissipated, which was rather unexciting mentally. My favorite trials were the ones at 7.5mg and 12.4mg. I think my batch was fairly pure but I would still recommend taking slightly lower doses than what I used to account for the unknown impurity in my sample.

One thing I missed out on was smoking this stuff. I actually prepared myself a home-made PCE dipper when I received the first batch of PCE freebase, but discarded it once I had gotten my disappointing lab-result. My friend who made the PCE didn奏 really enjoy smoking the PCE though and vastly preferred taking it orally. I have also tried PCE via sublingual and intrarectal administration recently but didn奏 find the experiences noteworthy. The only thing worth mentioning is that you need much less of your product when it痴 taken parenterally and the comeup/duration are cut short.

I hope this bioassay was somewhat interesting to read and serves as a decent reference point for future researchers of PCE.

Stay safe,

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Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Dec 19, 2022Views: 960
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