A Productive Tunnel-Vision Compound
Citation:   LysergicNexus. "A Productive Tunnel-Vision Compound: An Experience with 4F-MPH (exp116893)". Erowid.org. Dec 28, 2022. erowid.org/exp/116893

15 mg oral 4-Fluoromethylphenidate (pill / tablet)
Dosage and ROA: 15mg, oral 20 Minutes after a small lunch. First time using this compound, but previous experience with a few stimulants like for example regular Amphetamine, 2-FA/FMA, Coke, NEP

T (00.00): Woke up in a good mood at 10:30am. Consumed one tablet with 15mg of 4F-MPH at 3:20pm, now excited waiting for effects to kick in, planning to have a productive free-day writing a few internship-applications which I wouldn’t find a fun task sober

T (00.40): No real prominent effects yet, maybe slightly higher wakefulness and willingness to tackle tasks but not in that „in your face“ manner like with higher doses of speed or 2-FA were your heart starts pounding very obvious on the come-up und your body starts telling you: „move your ass and do something“

T (00.50): Slow come-up: the observed effects at 00.40 are getting stronger (but still are more subtle then prominent), suggesting that they weren’t placebo. Motivation to write this report gets higher and it feels like my fingers/hands are flowing much easier over my keyboard

T (01.10): Feels like I'm peaking now. Starting to search google for places to ask for an internship: it was much easier to get my ass up and do this then it would be on a normal day. A friend of mine is calling me on my mobile which lays in front of me but instead of getting motivated to meet up with him I decisively mute my mobile to go on working on my applications: its feels like the 4F-MPH is forcing me to stay working on my tasks instead of going out and do something fun, its more like the productive tasks are my „new fun“, this goes hand in hand with a feeling of tunnel vision looking at my laptop display

T (02.20): I finished my applications and was very content with my work, but now having done the things I had to do I start craving to find more tasks to tackle: I start to clean up my room. Also for a short moment relatively strong nausea came up, but it faded very fast and it did not force me to puke or lay down

T (02.40): I cleaned up my room which wasn’t much different than doing it sober (probably because of the missing bodily stimulation) and as I finished, where on speed I would crave to go out, talk to friends or do something like cycling or walking, the craving to find a task to focus my attention on comes up again, so I decide playing some console games

T (03.20): Playing games like FIFA where concentration is needed over a longer span of time feels much easier than normal but in games that require a good amount of precision and steadiness of the hands I think I was not as good as sober because of a sense of shakiness in my hands

T (04.00): The effects, as they came up, are slowly fading away, starting to write this report with the notes I made during the experience

T (04.30): There is definitely a noticeable come-down but its not really harsh like its with regular Amphetamine, I feel a sense of thought deceleration and a relatively strong dip in wakefulness and motivation, but no dysphoria or depressive feelings, like I get on the come down of most other stimulants (but this may be because of my own brain/body chemistry)

T (05.30): Mostly at my baseline now, feels like I wont have problems finding sleep later (I fell asleep at my normal time later)

Conclusion: 4F-MPH to me, was what I expected it to be: a stimulant which boosts my cognitive abilities without pushing my body in a way that I have to move and do something normally exhausting. I think that this compound for me will be a productivity aid I will use sparingly to tackle tasks I wouldn’t find fun doing sober. I think also that this compound has not much of an recreational value like speed or 2-FA can have, but maybe this would be different with a higher dose or in another set/setting. I hope the report was interesting to read and that I made not to many spelling mistakes since I'm not a native english speaker.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116893
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Dec 28, 2022Views: 1,666
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