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Seeing my Buddha-Nature
DMT & Cannabis
by GRinpoche
Citation:   GRinpoche. "Seeing my Buddha-Nature: An Experience with DMT & Cannabis (exp116975)". Jan 28, 2023.

  repeated smoked DMT
    repeated smoked Cannabis


Seeing my Buddha-Nature on DMT

I am a 22 year old male around 102kg. What I am about to tell you is my experience of using DMT for the first time. I took around 100-150mg of DMT about a month ago. I have no clue as to what the exact dosage is
I have no clue as to what the exact dosage is
, because I eventually started eyeballing it trying to take bigger dosages in my attempt to “break through”, which I believe was unsuccessful. My only other psychedelic experience is LSD which I tripped heavily on around a year ago, but I stopped completely a couple months before this experience. I am writing this from memory so all of the details may not be 100 percent accurate.

This trip happened about a month ago. I decided to try DMT for the first time because the guy I usually see had it and it tested clean. I also live in student accommodation and everyone had left for christmas and I was the only one still there, so I had no one to bother me when I was tripping and to smell the DMT if I smoked it in my room, which I did. It was the perfect opportunity.

After I had got the DMT I went to my room, loaded up my bong with one layer of weed, one layer of DMT and another layer of weed again. I was a bit nervous because it was my first time doing DMT and most people say it is very intense. My mistake was loading up the cone piece with too much weed, which meant I couldn’t hold in the hits for very long, so I ended up wasting most of the DMT. The first couple hits were nothing amazing, I got very slight open eye visuals, almost like taking LSD but lasting for a fraction of a second. After a while I closed my eyes and that was where the real experience began.

I believe what I saw was influenced by my religious/spiritual beliefs, research and historical knowledge. I am interested in many different types of philosophy, mainly Buddhist philosophy and spirituality as of late, and also western practices and ideas to do with the esoteric/spiritual. As for my religion, I am a Buddhist. I also like to study history, mainly ancient/medieval europe/near east in particular. Many things I will describe relate to specific spiritual doctrines so I will provide links to those for you to research instead of me trying to explain them.

Closing my eyes I was transported to a buddhist temple on the coast. Either side of the temple I could see massive white cliffs stretching out to the horizon with ocean waves crashing against them. I was standing in the main courtyard of the temple. The closest looking thing to the courtyard I can describe was the ancient Greek theaters, with stairs going upwards surrounding a flat “stage”. On the stage were many avatars of Hindu gods dancing, as well as Bodhisattvas, as well as different incarnations of the Buddha. Many monks dressed in orange robes were watching from the stairs.

I then flew up into the sky and over the ocean. Hovering over the water was a massive wrathful deity. I can’t describe how it looked but if you search google images it will give you a rough approximation. Out of this deity came a being of pure light in the shape of a man, which I knew was the spirit of the Buddha, which I will just call “the spirit” from now on. Most of the information wasn’t communicated to me, I just “knew”. The spirit and I also communicated telepathically and could change our forms at will, although we mostly kept our original forms. The spirit took me higher into the air and I could see the island which the temple was on from a birds-eye view, as well as other islands around it. The spirit told me I was going to see my past lives and flew me to a cold, forested island north of the “temple island”.

I saw a clearing next to a stream in a pine forest, with a large cave a few meters away. Out of that cave came a pale, hunched over creature that walked on all fours, resembling a man. The closest thing that looked like the man was Gollum from LOTR. I saw it hobbling out of the cave, through the trees and towards the steam. I knew this creature was me from one of my previous lives. The spirit then flew me upwards and towards the next life.

We soon entered a medieval style city. All of the buildings were multi-story, Tudor style buildings. We stood in the large town square and walked around for a while. I then saw a beautiful woman brushing her hair in the sun and I briefly stopped to look at her. I wanted to stay longer in this city. After a while the spirit wanted me to leave to see the rest of my lives, but I refused to go. The spirit then cast dark clouds over the city, turning it from charming to almost sinister. The entire vibe shifted and I left quickly with the spirit into the air.

I was then transported into a large room of a french medieval castle. I knew that I was back during the medieval era but I’m not sure on the exact date. At the head of the table sat the king and surrounding the table were his closest nobles. When I saw one of the nobles I knew that he was one of my distant ancestors as well as one of my previous lives. I then left.

I then arrived at an English forest during the Anglo-Saxon period. I saw two Anglo-Saxon warriors walking through the forest, wearing full chain mail, swords strapped to their sides and shields on their backs. I knew that one of them was my ancestor as well as one of my previous lives, much like the last place I had been to. I flew with the spirit into the sky again.

This time we flew higher into the sky, out of the atmosphere and into earth's orbit. Me and the spirit hovered looking down at the earth. The spirit then told me it wasn’t a separate entity from myself and was my “Buddha nature”. It was the part of myself that contained the potential for my enlightenment but hadn’t been “activated” yet. After I was told this the spirit disappeared. The trip ended suddenly as though I clicked my fingers and I was back to being completely sober.

I don’t know what to make of this experience but overall I learned at least a bit more about myself and hopefully the nature of reality/consciousness.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116975
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Jan 28, 2023Views: 207
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DMT (18), Cannabis (1) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Entities / Beings (37), Alone (16)

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