Blissful Synergy
Deschloroketamine, Mianserin, Phenibut & 1,4-Butanediol
Citation:   DrStawBrain. "Blissful Synergy: An Experience with Deschloroketamine, Mianserin, Phenibut & 1,4-Butanediol (exp116987)". Feb 2, 2023.

T+ 0:00
180 mg oral Pharms - Mianserin
  T+ 0:00 2.5 g oral Smarts - Phenibut
  T+ 0:00     Vitamins / Supplements
  T+ 0:00 90 mg insufflated Deschloroketamine
  T+ 2:00 100 mg insufflated Deschloroketamine
  T+ 3:00 60 mg oral Pharms - Mianserin
  T+ 3:00 100 mg   Deschloroketamine
  T+ 0:00 1.5 ml oral 1,4-Butanediol
  T+ 4:00 120 mg oral Pharms - Mianserin
  T+ 0:00   smoked Unknown
High Doses DCK & Mianserin : Blissful Synergy

Iím writing this mainly because I havenít found any report anywhere of dissos and TeCAs combined, which is a favorite combo of mine and definitely deserve some attention.

The recreative value of TeCAs is somewhat obscure, so Iíll start by filling you up on this. Though itís definitely a niche one, youíll still find plenty of trip reports online evidencing mirtazapine is a powerful Ė and pretty unique - hallucinogenic drug at high doses. Iím not aware of any single report about its less common cousin mianserin though. Even at therapeutic doses, those two can induce hypnagogic hallucinations, even though they are much less common, detailed and impressive and more subtile with mianserin. From my own self-experimentations, mianserin doesnít seem to be hallucinogenic in overdose when taken alone. I never tried mirtazapine overdoses myself (but Iím eager to try).

A word on the safety of all this : I donít know if thereís any suspected toxicity for high doses of TeCAs, but at least as far as serotonin toxicity or hypertensive crisis are concerned it seems entirely safe. People have taken huge amounts in suicide attempts without any issue. From my experience, mianserin overdoses donít have any hangover either, at worst some slight residual sedation or oversleeping, but nothing too bad.

The thing I find extremely interesting about this class is their synergy with dissociatives, or at least ket an its analogs. Iíve tried low doses of mirt with ket (+ nitrous), as well as both low and high doses of mian with DCK (+ nitrous, 2F-DCK, pregabalin, phenibut, 1cP-LSD, HBW, shrooms, weed, GBL/1,4-BDO and various others that do not seem to have any significant synergy). Every time it made the experience way more trippy and visual, with high doses being totally insane and simply made for some of the best trips in my entire life. That mianserin lacks any potential alone but becomes very powerful combined with DCK is something I find incredibly interesting.

The hallucinations that high doses of DCK and mian combined can produce are simply stunning. Rooms can morph entirely, you can be transported in other places, merge with you surroundings, characters can appear and can even interact with you, there can be impressive auditory hallucinations, the visuals can fill your entire field of viewÖ You know youíre tripping, and for the most part you know whatís real or not, itís not a delirium. And itís all very relaxing, no anxiety at all. No body load or nausea or anything either. The trip can be much more introspective or reflective too. In terms of intensity, salvia is the only thing I tried that beats this.

Another class with a good synergy (though Iíve stumbles upon other users that reported the same thing for this one) are VDCC antagonists, and pregabalin in particular. They make the trip more smooth and relaxing, a bit more trippy and more visual too, though those visuals are usually very abstract and messy. The headspace is a bit messier too, if that makes sens. Itís an interesting combo too, but nothing remotely comparable either. The three together is the absolute best, if that wasnít obvious.

On with the report now:

Male, ~95 kg, moderate disso tolerance, experienced with these drugs

Medications : 60 mg tranylcypromine in the morning, 60 mg mianserin and 400 mg ashwagandha at night, as well as a few others supps and meds that arenít relevant here

Earlier that day, I had 10 mg of diazepam and 7 ml total of 1,4-BDO (moderate GABA tolerance)

The last days have been pretty harsh. A friend of mine took here own life last week, and I had a complete breakdown a few days before. Iíve been using low doses of DCK to help me through this several times these last days, and had two strong trips a few days apart before that, so my tolerance was higher than usual, though nothing like a regular abuser either. I intended the trip to be purely recreative, to think about something else and hoped it could cheer me up a bit.

I was at my folkís that night. Theyíve seen my tripping on dissos before and it didnít went too well, so I hoped this would go unnoticed.

Total doses :

- DCK HCl ~300 mg, mostly nasal, some oral

- Mianserin 360 mg oral

- Phenibut HCl 2.5 g oral

- Oleamide 200 mg oral

- 1,4-BDO 1.5 ml oral

- Mg L-threonate 1 g oral

I first dropped the mianserin (180 mg), phenibut and supps at 21:00, smoked, took a shower, then prepared for the take-off with ~90 mg DCK (snorted). I hoped that phenibutís weak coupling to the VDCC could mimic a bit the effect of pregabalin, though I anticipated that GABA_B would dominate and risk weakening the experience.

I went to my room, with my computer, some serum, some dagga (didn't take any) and pretty much everything I thought I could need or want. I started by doing a few things on the laptop. A bit of administration and that kind of stuff, nothing too exciting. I find that dissos create some kind of weird connexion with computers, diluting real and virtual, and always thought of them as the most cyberpunk class of drugs so to say. I took two other doses of DCK, about 100 mg each, at 23:00 and 0:00, mostly snorted, but swallow the last bits because my nostrils couldnít take the whole thing, despite the serum. I went out for a last smoke, took a last leak and intended to stay inside the room for the rest of the night.

I dropped 60 mg then 120 mg more mianserin at 0:00 and 1:00. I also took 1.5 ml of BDO, both to spice things up a bit, and hoping that the stimulating rebound would counteract some of the sedation later, allowing me to enjoy the experience a bit longer.

The usual DCK + TeCAs + VDCC antogonists visuals started to manifest more and more intensely. I played some video game for while while listening to some music, then closed the laptop to be in complete darkness once the visuals started to get really interesting.

Around 2:00, I went out for another last smoke, even though I was already completely rolling balls. I thought Iíd be alone at this hour, but I was surprised to see my father was still watching TV. I hoped we didnít meet, which thankfully didnít happen.

I sat back in my dark room with the headphones on. I donít know how I found the playlist I was listening to, but it was just perfect for this. I went deep. Like, real deep.

Very intense and detailed visuals, covering my whole field of vision. Objects and characters would appear in the room. At some point, itís not the stuff that appeared in the room anymore, but the room itself that would completely transform, or I who would be transported in whole other places or spaces. A large variety of different aesthetics. The hallucinations would synchronize with the music in a very impressive manner, both in rhythm and movements than in ambiance, color sets and themes. Auditory hallucinations too. I was hearing a radio with some talk show on that seem to be talking about me, but couldnít get what they were saying exactly. Every time I tried to focus on it, it would stop. I heard my parents voices too. The visuals evolved gradually, becoming more and more abstract as it went. Each one was sort of focused on one particular aspect, like form, texture, movement, rhythmÖ This was kind of sequenced, like a show with different acts.

I removed the headset at some point to let the hallucinations evolve more freely and be less grounded in reality.

I was aware of where I was and that I was tripping at the beginning of the night, but by the end the limit between hallucination, delirium and dream became much more tenuous
by the end the limit between hallucination, delirium and dream became much more tenuous
. I could forget I had a physical body somewhere for a time, and found way to be anchored to it when I remembered, sort of like an Ariadneís thread. They were those I usually use during mindfulness actually : breath and body scans. We can definitely talk about out of body experiences. I would venture far away, with only a tenuous link to the physical realm that would allow me to go back, but even though I was traveling completely alien spaces, still no anxiety whatsoever. The whole experience was euphoric, blissful even.

Every so often, I would take a step back from the trip, with a very good idea of the time and at what stage of the voyage I was in. The transition from trip to sleep full of psychedelic dreams came naturally and smoothly as the sun was rising. No rebound insomnia, which is not unexpected considering how much mian and phenibut I took. We can say that the trip was over when the sun was up, even though I still had some residual wonkiness and very intense and weird dreams.

As with the last times I combined DCK and mian in high doses, I feel like I donít remember the entirety of the trip. If this combo could be perfected, something that could counteract that would be a nice addition. The hallucinations I do remember include colorful and moving textures and geometric shapes, rocks and caves in twilight, high speed travels through colorful spaces, 2001 style, dancing spirals with detailed and varied patterns, often fractal in shape, fantasy characters like sprites or goblins, usually in pretty naive aesthetics, pixel art, cardboard-like and so on, beautiful frescos depicting all sort of sceneries, usually inspired by ancient civilizations, Celtic or Nordic runes and symbols that would morph into druids or mage-like figures, a lot of things bearing a striking resemblance to generative art and Vjing, and by the end openings to completely alien spaces with physics and geometries that didnít make any sens at all, like they could lack any notion of up and down or that kind of stuff.

No introspection or reflexion. It was just an awesome show, which is precisely what I was looking for. It was purely contemplative, and I was just a spectator, even though I did have some limited influence on the visuals and could orient them a bit toward the kind of stuff I wanted to see. I feel like I took as much awe and beauty in the face as dozens of art expositions, live show, festivals, visits, music clips and movies all at once in a few hours time.

Also some feeling of pride regarding my mastery of these drugs. Some sort of satisfaction that reminisce of the one can feel with creative activities. I was proud and satisfied of the trip I ďcraftedĒ like I would be of an art piece, so to say. The effects, their intensity and dynamics corresponded to my expectations.

I wanted a last finale before a tolerance break. It did deliver. DCK can now retire for a time with the honors. Last episode of this season was truly epic.

Exp Year: 2023ExpID: 116987
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34
Published: Feb 2, 2023Views: 935
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