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The Pizzas of Perception
Cacti - T. pachanoi
Citation:   Talon. "The Pizzas of Perception: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp117096)". Mar 28, 2023.

3/4 cups oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (tea)
The tea itself was a dark brown liquid. It remains silent for the time that I looked at it on the table in a ringed clear cup. I take a mouthful of water then a gulp of tea, after I swallow, I chase the rest with orange juice. This becomes less and less palatable with each mouthful because of the bitter taste and syrup like texture. My friend that was drinking with me vomited almost immediately after consuming the same amount. The nausea took effect maybe 20 minutes after I finished my 6th large gulp. About 25 minutes after first contact.

The next hour my body flipped between euphoric waves mostly centered in my limbs, chills, and nausea with vomiting every 3 to 5 minutes. This was not a consistent schedule as there were a few 10 minute intervals between vomiting. I consumed extra water every time I puked because I was scared about how quickly the effects set on. I believe that this induced more purging than I would have otherwise. The reports I read indicated that mescaline takes an hour or more to come on.

Hour 2: Over the next hour my hands and feet became very sweaty. The nausea slow disappears but the chills and euphoric body high grew in intensity. I laid down in a cosy bed of blankets and sheets that I had prepared that morning underneath my desk in anticipation for my experience and kept reminding myself to give into this. My internal dialogue was me reminding myself to simply have the experience. Iím going to die or Iím not going to die. It doesnít matter, all that matters is that I experienced this moment as the drug doses me. I put on head phones and was swept away by a tribal type of trace music. I started to look at the wooden patterns above me that began taking on layers and faces, the faces were so happy and the patterns intricate and beautiful. They started shimmering to a similar pattern of the music that I was listening to and I fully let go.

Hour 3: I began rubbing my blankets and my cloths humming to the music as I drifted between scenes of galactic fly byís. Lived the lifetimes of my ancestors as I fully visualized my family tree. The cycles of death and rebirth became overwhelming and I was hit with another wave of nausea.
The cycles of death and rebirth became overwhelming and I was hit with another wave of nausea.
I came back into my body for a few moments of lucidity so I went to the bathroom, drank some water and talked with my companion to see how he was doing. All the while my body high was raging. The open eye visuals were mostly of distance distortion and pattern layering.

One minute it would feel good to walk around and then I would feel heavy and need to sit. After sitting for a moment I would want to get up and move to shake off the chills. Eventually I settled down and went back to my nest of blankets. I put my headphones back on and was riddled with anxiety because my wife wasnít back home yet. I told myself that there is nothing I can do and everything is fine.

Thinking of my wife and feeling my wedding ring and meditated on the incredible amount of love that she has for me. I thought about all the times I was upset about problems that were ephemeral. I had to deal with the part of myself that stresses over minuscule details and how those effects the ones I love the most. I had a multitude of personal baggage that I didnít realize was weighing me down.

At some point I had to take off my headphones because I could no longer listen but I had to hug the music in shear appreciation for the joy of what it was and what it gave. My wife returned and so I climbed out of my nest to greet her. She bought me a Kumbucha. It had a cactus on it. Which was extra bizarre considering the circumstances. I quickly recovered and returned to my nest. My wife joined me, I was hugging her and the head phones. The birds were singing to me and I could feel all the love she had for me radiating off of her. Our bodies were merging together. Eventually she informed me that she had to deal with some human matters and got up.

Hour 4: I began to see frightening visions of possible AI like demons. Everything that I thought, they would mix up and change before sending the concept back upon me in its darkest form. They were morphing in and out of each other with eyes for lips that were making screaming faces. I began to fear that this was a thing that I could manifest as I am studying AI. That these were beings that were ripe for exploiting our techno-centric culture and that I and people like myself were their portal makers to earth. I tried to talk to my self and let this just happen but every dialog I had would be distorted by these beings. I could only handle so much of this. There was a general feeling that I could prevent this but that I needed to take more responsibility for the things that I can manifest. A gentle guiding voice mentored me on how I should use my skills for good and that transposing death into money was not the best path for my current incarnation. It felt very grandfather like.

I decided to hang out with my companions which showed me something about this head space that was different than tryptamine hallucinogens, getting deep into my thoughts is a vary take it or leave it enterprise. As soon as I wanted to enjoy some open eye visuals and watch moving art, I was able to walk away from the dark visions that I was having. My trip turned into cascading iridescent colors radiating from every landscape on the television. Everything was very shifty and wiggly like on mushrooms but the color vision was extra incredible. Oscillating between a vibrant spectrum of rainbows and the ultra violet magnificence like nothing I had never seen before. All the while, the body high was reminiscent of MDMA in its euphoria and intensity. With these factors in full effect I was still able to set up a game console and play the legend of Zelda and talk with my wife and trip companion.

Hour 5 - 8: I felt very child like and gitty, the high remains consistent over the duration with no waves of intensity in the way that one might experience with LSD. Visuals were still fun and intense as described above. Moving around and talking became easier. I would dance in between cups of water. My wife was an excellent trip sitter and ran to the grocery store to get fruits and to get a pizza. I was alone in the house and an air fryer was cooking potatoes, the heater kicked on, an air purifier is also running. The overtones of these three sounds overloaded my brain to throw me into an alien contact scenario. I felt like these tones were a message I was supposed to decode and my illusions of lucidity and coming down were shattered.
The overtones of these three sounds overloaded my brain to throw me into an alien contact scenario. I felt like these tones were a message I was supposed to decode and my illusions of lucidity and coming down were shattered.
I was suspended between ecstasy and fear for this contact. I may have had to find my way out of this myself if it werenít for the return of my wife and fellow tripper walking through the door.

The appreciation for food I had during this time was exquisite. I ate one blueberry at a time basking in the sight of each one before I consumed it. The pizza was delicious and I wrote about this culinary delight. I donít normally write 5 star reviews or reviews in general but this time, I feel compelled. This was by far the most profound pizza eating experience of my life.

Many of the events that transpired during the chewing of this pizza are ineffable. Grand synesthesia from the combination of taste bud orgasms and the sweet sound of crust crunching under my molars caused the most intricate kaleidoscopic mandalas I may ever have the privilege of merging with. After I was finished I felt whole for the first time in a long time.

Hour 9-12: It was night by this time and so turning on a starry night projector, pulling out glow in the dark silly putty, and turning up some tripped out edm made the jokes and euphoria kick into high gear. At the beginning of the trip I was worried about how long this would last but by this time, I didnít want it to end. I made shadow puppets on my ceiling and thought about different ways to modify the projections. My wife thinned out the silly putty and covered the lens to the projector. This made the stars look like a school of bio luminescent deep sea fish swimming across the ceiling. We all shared a lot of talks and laughs during this time and the head space was almost gone but the body high lingers.

Hour 12 -14: The high was winding down but still present, low on energy I lay on my couch, put on dark side of the moon and enjoyed the rest of these feelings until I noticed that I was dozing off. I thought I couldnít fall asleep until the effects wore off and was planning on 18 hours of total experience. Eventually I crawled into bed and fell asleep happy to have had such a wonderful psychedelic experience.

No sort of hangover the next day, I felt perfectly normal afterwards. As far as dosage, this is dependent on the thickness of the tea. A dark brown syrupy, but less so than actual maple syrup in texture at about 3/4 cup is where the tea was. This was from a cutting of about 600 grams, around the size of an adult male forearm aged for 9 months to increase potency. Pulverized in a blender after spikes were removed. Boiled in water for roughly 4 hours and decanted 3 times. Solids completely separated from the liquid.

Exp Year: 2023ExpID: 117096
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Mar 28, 2023Views: 1,170
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