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Tripping into Love
by Mary
Citation:   Mary. "Tripping into Love: An Experience with Fluorexetamine (exp117106)". Jan 13, 2024.

1 hit   LSD (blotter / tab)
  2 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
    repeated insufflated Fluorexetamine (powder / crystals)
Initially, we were just friends and had no plans for the trip that changed everything. Two years ago, I met a boy who was avoidant while I had a boyfriend. We formed a friendship that evolved into a larger group of like-minded people who bonded over their shared love for Research Chemicals and Techno.

The night that changed everything started off as a relaxed evening at Max's house. Despite his reluctance to go out, Mary and another friend persuaded Max to join them for a night out. As often happens, a "chilled" night turned into something completely unexpected. After a few drinks and a tab of LSD, we returned to Max's for the group's favorite tradition: Afters. On the menu for the evening was the new research chemical Fluorexetamine, or Foxy, as we nicknamed it. At this point, the group had grown, and the five of us were excited to give the new research chemical a try. It's worth noting that Mary's boyfriend was not present at this Afters, and everything up until this point had been pretty standard for the group.

At T-0:00h, we each consumed a small bump to test for allergies and ease into the trip. We quickly felt the dissociation and relaxation, similar to Ketamine. We each found our comfortable spots.

By T-0:30h, Max had divided up two more bumps and curled up under a desk with two pillows. The rest of the group members found their spots to trip, and Mary joined Max under the desk. Cuddling during Afters was pretty common.

As the evening progressed, bumps turned into lines (10-15mg), and we all experienced strong CEV's. Despite feeling dissociated, the trip was more mental than physical. Our cognitive function was distorted, but we were still able to speak and move around relatively easily.
Our cognitive function was distorted, but we were still able to speak and move around relatively easily.
The Foxy was easy to rail, and despite a dosage of approximately 50-75mg each, we were still fairly coherent.

At T-3:00h, Max and Mary took two more lines in quick succession, which brought them back into a strong, pleasant visual trip. By T-4:00h, as the others were preparing to leave, Max and Mary remained under the desk, cuddled up, finishing up their trip. The group of five had become a group of three, and they all made their way to bed. Max lay in the middle, with Mary on his right and another friend on his left.

As the trip was slowly ending at T-5:00h, Max and Mary felt far from normal. The lingering effects of Foxy made it easy for their minds to wander into uncharted territory. They became increasingly aware of their hands touching, and as their minds wandered, they began to question their feelings for each other.

By T-6:00h, in the sobering hours of that Sunday morning, Max and Mary knew without admitting it that, while they started their trip as just friends, they ended up with one big question: Was it the Foxy or was it something more?

Two weeks later, Mary ended her multi-year relationship, and Max, who was initially avoidant, began an exclusive relationship with her.

While a trip on Foxy and LSD can bring wild visuals and strong feelings of dissociation, combined with light euphoria and comfort, be careful who you lie next to. The question remains: Is Foxy a dissociative or a love potion?

[Erowid Caution: Foxy has been a slang name for 5-MeO-DiPT since the late 90s.]

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 117106
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Jan 13, 2024Views: 18
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Fluorexetamine (967) : Relationships (44), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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