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Pharmacological Release
Mescaline Sulfate
Citation:   Illitero. "Pharmacological Release: An Experience with Mescaline Sulfate (exp117379)". Oct 18, 2023.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral Mescaline (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 200 mg rectal Mescaline (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 1 ml rectal Alcohol - Hard  
  T+ 1:30   oral Ginger (tea)
  T+ 5:50     Cannabis  
T00:00 It is 10:35am, and I'm feeling alright but not great. My diet has been somewhat unhealthy lately and I feel under-rested, but I have the weekend free and the house to myself and I've wanted to try this one for a long time. No real intentions except to experience a new compound in a safe environment. The weather is very nice, about 70F for the day and clear blue skies. I dissolve 20mg mescaline sulfate (synthetic) in tap water and consume orally as allergy test while preparing rectal solution. I notice that the shards are quite slow to dissolve and add 1ml vodka to see if the alcohol speeds things up. I eat a small breakfast of 2 eggs and some frozen veggies so I don't have a totally empty stomach, as I'm not sure how easy it will be to eat later on this substance.

T+01:00 After about 1hr I feel baseline, perhaps a mild stimulation if anything, so I assume the allergy test is fine. I haven't otherwise tested this material. Time to administer solution of 200mg dissolved in 11ml water, a bit of salt, and 1ml vodka before jumping into shower. I immediately taste a familiar sweetness in my mouth, similar to boofing 2c-b solution, and it persists slightly during the shower, about 10 minutes.

T+01:30 Now cleaned up, dressed, and ready to go work in the garden while things get going. Will likely make ginger tea to help with possible nausea. I can already feel a bit of physical tension and some weirdness in my stomach.

T+02:30 Minor visual disturbances (warping, light color shifting), stimulation, mild nausea. Sippin' on ginger tea, which seems to help a little. I've been working in the garden to keep myself distracted from the physical discomfort but I'm going to try to defecate in a minute to see if that clears up some of the nausea, since I find that the two ends are often related to each other when I'm feeling bad. That said, not actually bad, just a little uncomfortable. I have slightly elevated mucus production in my chest and some other body load which I suspect will give way to physical euphoria the way it tends to with 2c-b. Obviously a considerably longer come-up with this one than with 2c-b but it doesn't feel dissimilar in nature, just gotta ride out this initial bit to get to the goodies.

T+02:45 During defecation I noticed that there is a kind of pharmacological release that accompanies the physical release, like the chemical is kept locked up in the gut and then freed, and as I poop the effects intensify.
During defecation I noticed that there is a kind of pharmacological release that accompanies the physical release, like the chemical is kept locked up in the gut and then freed, and as I poop the effects intensify.
I notice this effect with 2c-b as well, in that the trip usually doesn't get fully started until I've dropped a deuce. While looking at the ground between my feet I see an ant crawling, and while focusing on it fractals appear around it in the pattern of the linoleum and are overlaid on the periphery too. This seems to be the strongest the visuals will get during the experience. They are noticeable but not overwhelming, and if I stopped entertaining them I'm sure they would not impede normal optic function. When I am done in the bathroom I lay in bed for a bit, partially to warm up, it is a little warm outside and a little cool inside, and partially to try and relax a bit of the body load out of me.

T+03:20: A solid ++ on the Shulgin scale, with waves of light visuals and enhanced sensation, slight jaw tension. Erotic thoughts lead to easy arousal, introspection to insight, but I would probably feel comfortable dropping into a grocery store quickly to buy some snacks. Definitely not overwhelming and unlikely to progress much further than this given the perceived timeline of effects. That said, music at this level has a deep emotional depth and beauty, and the visuals and stimulation are nice. I should get off the computer and sit in the sun with headphones to get the most out of this compound. Nausea seems to have mostly but not completely subsided, and I just ate a kiwi. Even under the influence I can tell that it's not a very good kiwi, but it has sugars and nutrients so I feel a little better for having eaten it.

T+5:50: A light ++ at this point, a continuation of the stimulation, mild visuals, and heightened sensations of before. I spent the last chunk of time out gardening, planting seeds in a raised bed and transplanting the few peppers and tomatoes and kale left. I will probably poop once more and then maybe put some weed on top of the mescaline to see if that wakes it up a little.

It did not strongly potentiate the mescaline, which is interesting since it usually does with 2c-b. It's definitely a pleasant drug but I'm getting a slight headache. At this level it is a nice functional psychedelic, but certainly more on the functional end than the psychedelic.

T+9:40: Entering + territory. as the effects have been wearing down I've been doing normal around-the-house stuff, and feeling pretty regular. Definitely still some stimulation and I bet sleep will be hard-won.

Now morning: I watched a couple movies before bed and found myself a bit less distracted than usual, and with a fairly clear-headed analysis and appreciation for them in spite of each being a bad movie by a good director. I went to bed around 1:30am, still stimulated but simultaneously sleepy. I think I slept fairly quickly, but not too deeply, and my alertness this morning is due to residual stimulation rather than good rest. I had a lot of dreams that I don't remember particularly well.

Exp Year: 2023ExpID: 117379
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 36
Published: Oct 18, 2023Views: 15
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