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Wrong Bag
Citation:   khmerrouge. "Wrong Bag: An Experience with Fluorophenibut (exp117481)". Erowid.org. Oct 25, 2023. erowid.org/exp/117481

1 g oral Fluorophenibut (capsule)
This is an experience report concerning 4F-Phenibut (Fluorobut).

I have experimented with 4F-Phenibut and Phenibut occasionally (without ever creating tolerance) over the past several years. I have used dosages of up to 1,7 grams of Phenibut (which I deemed to be already too intense for my needs) and up to around 200 mg of 4F-Phenibut. Using these dosages consistently led to more or less the same degree of intoxication, which I like.

Since I recently hit a critical weight on my body-scale, I decided to re-start intermittent fasting, which I had already done once in the past for a duration of about 7 or 8 months and which led to a slow and steady decline in weight until I hit what would be deemed as normal weight judging by the Body Mass Index. When I stopped intermittent fasting, all the weight returned within a couple of months unfortunately, but I couldn’t be bothered to re-start intermittent fasting until now. Right now, I follow a standard 16:8 schedule, meaning that I eat during 8 hours of the day, and fast during the remaining 16 hours (only water, no snacks or anything; the idea is to let your insulin-levels drop to zero and then remain for several hours in a state of “early starvation”). I do this 6 days a week and skip Sundays. This method has worked for me in the past and I re-started intermittent fasting almost exactly 2 weeks ago.

So, 2 weeks in to this intermittent fast (I had almost lost 2 kg so far already) I felt like doing some Phenibut on the weekend and dosed in the usual way, 1 gram on Saturday after breakfast. It started out as always, slightly euphoric and with increased focus. On the “downside” I was easily distracted by anything that could catch the focus of my attention. This was a first sign of something being a little different than usual. During the course of the next few hours I became increasingly inebriated, somewhat ataxic and had intense difficulty focusing my vision, as well as urinating.
I became increasingly inebriated, somewhat ataxic and had intense difficulty focusing my vision, as well as urinating.
It had some similarities to using a dissociative. Some diarrhea occurred and I felt paradoxically exhausted, yet very alert. I stayed up late and waited for my girlfriend to come home after a night out. I felt like sleeping, but I still was highly alert whenever I was able to focus my attention to something that needed concentration, like playing the piano or playing a game on the smartphone. When she arrived I was already in bed and I was unusually high and sedated, but happy and sentimental to see her again and felt like sinking in to her when excessive cuddling and kissing occurred. I was quite talkative and had some interesting ideas/insights and memories that I felt like sharing. Finally, we turned off the light and went to sleep.

It was a somewhat rough night for my girlfriend, because already during our extended cuddle and talk I apparently kept falling asleep between sentences and she had to shake me awake so I would continue talking. I have no memory of this whatsoever. As we turned off the light she became worried, because I often had breathing pauses. She estimates these pauses of being up to 20 seconds long, which sounds indeed scary. She repeatedly shook me awake to tell me to continue breathing, but I hardly remember this. During the night I “hogged” her and she had almost no space to lie left in the bed. I was constantly in touch with her, hugging or even lying almost on top of her, which further impeded her ability to get a night’s restful sleep. Moreover, I was apparently sweating profusely and moistening her body with my exudations.

Sometime during the night I woke up and had to pee, so I got up and groped my way to the bathroom in complete darkness. I have been living in the same apartment for 10 years, so I have done this dozens of times. At some point, I thought I ran into the closed door of my bedroom and started to grope my way around the closed door to find the handle. This lasted for an unusually long time and suddenly, there was a smartphone torch-light and the sleepy voice of my girlfriend from a completely unexpected direction asking what I was doing? I was flabbergasted and could not believe that I was standing next to the main door to my apartment, trying to open it to get to the bathroom when in reality, opening it would have meant exiting my flat and stepping out into the more or less public stairways. It was actually quite a comedic situation! The ensuing dialogue with my sleepy girlfriend turned out to be very weird (I didn’t think so at the time, to me it seemed quite normal). I was apparently in a very confused state, with severe short term memory loss and what I was replying to my girlfriend’s questions and remarks apparently made no sense at all.

Sunday morning I felt slightly better, but still on it. I was unable to go out and do anything and we slept for another 2 hours or so in the afternoon. My appetite was close to zero but my girlfriend kindly went out to go shopping anyway to get some food to make me a dinner. The symptoms started to further alleviate a bit after her warm dinner. I still felt more empathetic than usual, could concentrate at playing the piano and often had the feeling of perceiving colors and atmospheres of the surroundings more intensely. It reminded me of the afterglow of being on psychedelics.

The next night was (consciously) a little bumpier also for me. I woke up several times and felt like it was difficult to go back to sleep. However, just as in the night before, I had many vivid and bizarre dreams. I sweated a lot again and this time I also salivated quite profusely.

It is now almost 48 hours since I dosed the usual gram and I still feel on it. I had trouble finding the correct words when interacting with colleagues at work and I have used completely unfitting, out of context surrogates for otherwise readily remembered expressions, a sort of confabulation, which was occasionally rather embarrassing today. So, the memory issues seem to be still going on. I also seem to be unnaturally relaxed (I don’t mind that) and I feel dehydrated.

It is now 2 weeks after this incident and I realized only now that I made a potentially very grave mistake. Instead of the bag of Phenibut I mistakenly used the one labelled 4F-Phenibut
Instead of the bag of Phenibut I mistakenly used the one labelled 4F-Phenibut
and filled two 500 mg gel caps with a gram of it! No wonder this hit me like a freight train. According to online information, 400 – 600 mg of 4F is already strong and anything above 600 mg is “heavy”…

I paid a price for my mistake and will be extra careful in the future not to get the two substances confused. It was a powerful and rather long trip, but luckily with no need for acute medical attention or lasting damage. Take care in every step of your preparations, people! Double check the labels on your baggies, too.

Exp Year: 2023ExpID: 117481
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 48
Published: Oct 25, 2023Views: 15
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