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Near Fatal Ttrip
GBH & Alcohol
by Cat
Citation:   Cat. "Near Fatal Ttrip: An Experience with GBH & Alcohol (exp11759)". Dec 29, 2003.

  repeated oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  30 ml oral GHB (liquid)
This is my experience on GBH that I would like to share to warn others to be extremely careful when using this drug. I have tried GBH before on several occasions and have found it to be OK but it does tend to make me nauseous. We had some sitting in the fridge that had been there for ages and I grabbed it at the last minute on the way out the door for a night out with my best friend. I think there was enough there for 2 hits (30mls) but am not entirely sure, so mixed it with some soda and took it with me.

We went to several clubs around town and had a couple of glasses of vodka and orange as well as some shots of mixed top shelf stuff. As it had been awhile since I had taken GBH I had completely forgotten the rule about not drinking alcohol with it. I returned to my car several times during the night and had mouthfuls of my Cola/GBH mixture until it was all gone by.
By this stage, I was starting to feel very dizzy in my head and things were starting to spin. I could not hold my focus on anything as everything was spinning quite badly. My girlfriend did not know that I had taken the GBH as she is anti drugs and I thought that I would be able to remain lucid on the stuff without her knowing how smashed I actually was. By now, she had started to notice that something was wrong with me and kept asking me if I was OK to which I replied that I was fine.

I was still standing at this stage but when she again asked me if I was OK all I remember is saying that I was and then watching as my glass slowly fell to the ground followed closely by me! What happened next was related to me by my girlfriend because I completely blacked out and have no memory of the next 11 hours until I woke up chained to a hospital bed!

Apparently,I fell to the floor then started vomitting blood. My girlfriend screamed for help and the bouncer came and carried me outside. He kept asking her what I had taken and she repeatedly told him only alcohol because of course I had not told her I was on GBH. The bouncer was convinced that I had taken GBH as he had seen it many times before and told my girlfriend to just let me sleep it off. My girlfriend sensing that something was very wrong me, insisted that the bouncer call an ambulance but he said there was no need as I would be fine if I slept it off. My girlfriend was near hysterical by now and managed to get him to call an ambulance. I was still vomiting and unconscious and my girlfriend was doing everything to keep me sitting in an upright position and was trying to hold my tongue because I kept throwing my head back and gagging. Occasionally, I would appear to regain consciousness but would thrash around wildly banging my head on the ground until passing out again. I have no memory of this but had a very sore head and lots of bruises the next day.

Finally, the ambulance came and they took one look at me and rushed me straight to the hospital on life-support. During the trip in, I stopped breathing several times and had to be resuscitated. When I got to the hospital I was hooked up to all sorts of machines, had a tube down my throat, in my nose and a drip in each arm. The doctors told me later that everytime they tried to bring me round, I had a 'seizure' and would thrash around so uncontrollably that I eventually had to be restrained to my bed. I was admitted to hospital at approx 1.30am and did not regain consciousness until 11.00am the next day.

The doctors also told me that had it not been for the actions of my girlfriend, I would more than likely had died before the ambulance arrived! My girlfriend's mum is a doctor so she knew all about putting people in the recovery position etc. but on this occasion she knew that if she put me in the recovery position and let me sleep it off as the bouncer had advised that I would have choked on my vomit. She listened to her instinct rather than the advice given.

I have fully recovered from that night and have vowed never to take GBH again because of its unpredictability with getting the dose right. I still use recreational drugs, just not that one. My final comment is, to anyone out there who takes GBH or knows people who do, PLEASE do not let them sleep off an overdose, get medical help quickly and keep them sitting up so as to not choke if they vomit! Do not listen to the advice out there about sleeping it off - it could mean the difference between life and death!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11759
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 29, 2003Views: 1,564
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GHB (25), Alcohol (61) : Club / Bar (25), Second Hand Report (42), Health Problems (27), Combinations (3)

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