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Enjoyable Alone, Horrific Together
Allylescaline & S-Ketamine
Citation:   G. Bucky. "Enjoyable Alone, Horrific Together: An Experience with Allylescaline & S-Ketamine (exp117662)". Erowid.org. Jan 22, 2024. erowid.org/exp/117662

40 mg oral Allylescaline (capsule)
After lots of research into psychedelics over the course of my life, but no dabbling in anything outside of cannabis, I decided in recent times to jump straight in. Beginning with Ketamine, trying all three versions (R, Racemic, and S isomers) I became quite affiliated with altered mindsets. Next, I jumped into psilocybin containing mushrooms, and LSD, with comfortable experiences. Through none of these trips have I been alone, and who I was with had partaken in identical activities, including with this drug combination.

(T+0:00) Around 4pm, my partner and I measured out ~40mg of Allylescaline and put the off-white crystalline powder into empty gel capsules. We had mostly empty stomachs at the time, but ingested with a meal.

(T+0:45) Our stomachs start churning, and there's a mild nauseous undertone, but nothing unbearable. No notable effects.

(T+1:15) I start getting a similar stomach and throat feel to LSD, and my mood is uplifted. No other effects.

(T+2:00) At this point, I'm teeming with energy but not overly stimulated. Everything feels comfortable, besides stark and random temperature fluctuations though my skin temperature remained unchained. My heart rate did not increase, nor did my blood pressure, and my pupils were remarkably normal with only minor dilation. I felt an intense desire to move around, but could comfortably sit still. Sociability was undeniably increased, but there presentation of sobriety was still there.

(T+3:30) My vision became filled with an interesting sort of fuzziness, or blur. I could still focus on stuff, which as of now had a slight wave-like breathing movement to it (mostly the walls and floor), but text seemed fuzzy and doubled. My phone screen was notably distorted, and it seemed all projections of Red, Green, and Blue were separated. It was a little unsettling to use my phone at this point, so I opted not to. My partner at this point has felt nothing besides nausea and stomach and throat discomfort. We did not take into account the difference of effects between someone without ADHD, myself, and someone treated for ADHD, her. She just wanted the night to come to a head as she didn't feel well so we tossed around doing Ketamine later. We'd combined magic mushrooms and Ketamine prior with great success and extremely pleasant visuals, and thought nothing of the mix.

(T+4:30) My energy level has not changed, and she feels worse by now so we just consider calling it a night, doing a line, and going to bed. This ended up being disastrous.

(T+4:45) We chop up two lines of S-Ketamine, and snort them accordingly. Normally we do a small line then add a bump or two before settling down to relax with some EDM on a portable speaker. However this time we opted for smaller lines, and did not re-dose.

(T+5:00) Effects already fully kicked in, and the closed eye visual are extremely vivid. It's like a light show going off in my eyelids, and I'm comfortably sunken, but there is a looming feeling of dread. I feel my partner embrace me, and we both buckled up for an uncomfortably intense ride.

(T+5:30) The Ketamine high comes to an immediate and abrupt stop, with very little motor impairment, and we both nearly instantly sit upright, turn the light on, and start breathing heavy. We obviously had different experiences, but I wore a frown on my face where my partner wore tears. A very bad trip, and now we feel incredibly overly stimulated. Total body feel is awful, nausea, stomach churning, frog in throat, headache, the only thoughts racing through are deeply introspective into past traumas, and we engage into a lengthy and deep conversation about mental and physical trauma, which was clearly re-lived during the trip. The only way I could describe the experience was as a spiritual, intense, internal hallucination with which my inner demons were pulled to the surface straight from my core. Any possible tiredness we had is gone entirely, and now our pupils are extremely dilated. The only comfortable thing is our embrace. Food is wholly unappetizing, and water is difficult to drink. No difficulty urinating, but lots of uncomfortable gas from both of us.

(T+6:00) The only thing keeping us from feeling perpetually upset in thought loops is the embrace we share. Not long after we calm down, touch is extremely sensitive and we have very intense sex, and come out of the experience feeling notably better, though still extremely uncomfortable and over stimulated. We try to sleep, but it's entirely out of reach. We don't feel physically exhausted, only mentally exhausted, and are entirely wide awake, almost like an amphetamine and not at all like caffeine.

(T+6:45) As of this point we have been laying in bed just trying to feel better, and attempted to eat a banana each. Not long after, we took turns projectile vomiting, which didn't last long.

(T+7:00 and onward until T+20:00) What was supposed to be a relatively quick and comfortable experience took as negative of a turn as possible. We formed some unknown substance inside of ourselves and regretted it for time to come, with no intent on ever doing it again. I have since found no mention on either the clear Internet or darknet of combining Ketamine with Mescaline or similar chemicals. For nearly an entire 24 hour period we were totally inhibited from sleeping, exhausted, overly stimulated, and uncomfortable, and it is no singular drug's fault, but our own for not thinking before combining.
For nearly an entire 24 hour period we were totally inhibited from sleeping, exhausted, overly stimulated, and uncomfortable, and it is no singular drug's fault, but our own for not thinking before combining.
However, looking back, we had no information to go off of, and having combined Ketamine with Psilocybin prior to excellent results, thought nothing of it. Now we know, with ability to share, that whatever experience is to be had, in our experience, takes a steep downwards turn, with an uncomfortably long amount of time allotted to thinking introspectively, not being able to rest, and not being able to eat. During this interval, I experienced additional discomforts in the form of quick and often tremors, stemming from the bottom of my cranium and top of spine, down the entire stretch of my body. I believe we learned a lot, positively, from this experience, but never intend on doing it again. The nap that took place at around 1pm the following day felt extremely rewarding, even if only a few hours. Upon waking, we felt essentially back to normal, if not slightly scarred.

Alone, these substances are wonderful, and we will definitely do them more for time to come. However, substance are to be respected, and we disrespected their sanctity through combination, and are going to abstain from use for a little while to recoup. Allylescaline was a comfortable experience on its own, and has definite potential as a party or dance or hiking and enjoying nature drug, but is a temperamental beast to be tamed, with necessity for proper dosage.

Exp Year: 2023ExpID: 117662
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 22, 2024Views: 14
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Allylescaline (573), S-Ketamine (797) : Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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