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Prolonged Sexual Activity
by clandestine pimp
Citation:   clandestine pimp. "Prolonged Sexual Activity: An Experience with Yohimbe (exp11770)". Dec 22, 2020.

1500 mg oral Yohimbe (pill / tablet)


Yohimbe definitely produces notable results. I first heard of yohimbe as a stimulant-hallucinogen, so I traveled to the local health food store and bought a bottle of the 1500mg yohimbe tablets high in alkaloids (according to the label). Expecting some sort of trip, I proceeded with caution. I was with one other friend, and we both ingested one of the tablets. Nothing noticeable happened, other than a slight stimulation of my spinal cord and cerebellum. I also felt wired. It was similar to ephedrine, except that it had less of an edge, and it didn't upset my stomach. However, it definitely did not produce any worthy hallucinations, especially off one tablet.

My friend decided maybe a larger dose would do better to produce hallucinations. I agreed, we both continued to take about 8-10 (15,000mg!!!) of the pills over the course of about two hours. No hallucinations, only being spooked and wired out out of our minds, not fun. Even after smoking large amounts of high quality sinsemilla (it's legal where I live), no hallucinations! Both of us stayed up all night extremely discomforted.

I still had about 20 of the Yohimbe tablets. I forgot about them until I ran into the name 'Yohimbe' again while on the Internet. I discovered their reputation as being a sexual stimulant in males. My friend and I failed to notice this because we were too interested in hallucinating. Also, we are both heterosexual males, and there definitely was no sex on the brain during our experience.

When I discovered their sexual use, I decided to give them a try again. During sex, I sometimes have an orgasm sooner than I like. This leaves my girlfriend disappointed, because it usually takes her a while to achieve orgasm. One night I took her out to dinner. After dinner, I took just one of the 1500mg tablets. We got home about an hour later. I lit some candles and turned on some music. What happened? The absolute best, most prolonged sexual experience either of us had ever had!!!

My erection was full and hard, and extremely sensitive. I had no problems thrusting away to our hearts content. Where I once was the 'minute man', I was now the '60 minute man'
Where I once was the 'minute man', I was now the '60 minute man'
. I decided when to have my orgasm, after she was fully satisfied. I really had to concentrate, but it made it better that way because my orgasm lasted a lot longer, and it was much more pleasurable.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11770
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 22, 2020Views: 750
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