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Pipe Resin Tea
by Lunatic fringe
Citation:   Lunatic fringe. "Pipe Resin Tea: An Experience with Cannabis (exp11788)". Dec 29, 2020.

Unknown oral Cannabis - Hash (liquid)


I'm writing about an experience I've had with an unusual and easy to make recipe I thought up one morning and I'm posting it because it seemed to me that there were very few recipe reports that didn't involve eating some weird ass brownie or f*cking around with explosive chemicals.

Any ways, I had awoke one morning feeling really awake and not drowsy or even groggy. I had the feeling where I crave some fine herb, but when I looked for my stash I realised I had finished it up. I was really kind of frustrated but not mad. I decided to cool off about the whole thing by engaging in some yoga exercises. I turned on a cd-player with some light Indian sitar music and rolled out my oriental rug I got from an old friend of mine.

I was really getting into the whole yoga experience, which surprised me seeing how lately I was getting bored with it. Around this time I was really concentrating on my thoughts, always finding something mystical about ordinary shit that popped in my head. At that time I remembered the weed that I wanted and a huge idea just seemed to jump on me.

I usually clean the resin out of my pipes for smoking purposes; but, there are always little bits hiding in nooks and crannies of the pipe or clinging to the inside wall of the bowl and stem. I had an idea to collect all of my pipes and bowls from bongs and boil them down in some water. So I swept about the house collecting pipes bowls seeds and stems and boiled them in some water. I didn't use too much water, only enough to cover the pipes. I set the the stove dial to a high setting and waited until the water started to rage, and then I turned it down to a very low setting.

After I had been satisfied that every bit of THC was boiled out of the materials, I poured the water which looked a deep brown through a soup-strainer and waited for my new infusion to cool off a bit. Afraid a little of what this unknown potion tasted like I held my nose and took a small sip. It was amazingly not strong tasting at all. It tasted like a mouth full of smoke, only with a liquid texture which was really strange feeling inside my mouth. About 3-6 minutes after I had chugged the stuff down with ease I felt some extremely strong THC effects and some really unTHC-like visuals.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11788
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 29, 2020Views: 515
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Cannabis - Hash (93) : General (1), Personal Preparation (45), Alone (16)

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