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by MrT
Citation:   MrT. "Surge: An Experience with 1cp-AL-LAD (exp118029)". May 21, 2024.

T+ 0:00
150 ug oral 1cP-AL-LAD  
  T+ 0:00   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 9:53 20 mg oral Pharms - Zaleplon (pill / tablet)
T= 5:40 PM 04/06/2024

Testing the psychoactive effects of 1cp-AL-LAD.
I am in my home, first 10 minutes since dosing, no effects yet, sample was flavorless.

Sipped water, slight visual change like seeing in HD.

Experiencing some mental change. Felt an anxiolytic effect like a benzodiazepine, this may be my own anticipation rather than the drug taken. Reflecting on religions, social expectations, staying objective, trying to keep a positive outlook, ego loosened, acceptance, contemplating a buddhist perspective.

Had a quick series of encounters with spiritual archetypes, the themes of immortality, transcending suffering, and not falling into delusion or negative thoughts.

Positive affect, some feeling of organic pulsing, no intense visuals but a change in quality to the perception of seeing.
Positive affect, some feeling of organic pulsing, no intense visuals but a change in quality to the perception of seeing.
Viewing all phenomenon, even human imperfections as positive, getting rid of supernatural fears like karma and judgement by some moral deity. I am idealizing a world of benevolence where humans (and animals) are all safe from harms way.

Felt as though music warmed the air, had self-deification moments. Listening to "The Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd. Thinking about changing clothes for comfort or aesthetic.

Contemplating and personifying a sage who rules all under heaven, played with some martial arts and swords and an axe. Had urges to overthrow a fascist dictator. Night time came and I got what I wanted. Feel like I'm my more true self now. This would probably be the peak of effects.

Decided to cook dinner. It was a little hard to focus on the task, but manageable. Feeling grateful and abundant right now. Considered mixing with DXM, wanted to get more tobacco. Mostly back to an ordinary human existence in good conditions as opposed to the mystical self indentification earlier. Music is particularly captivating, no intense CEVs as I recalled from a previous AL-LAD experience, more simillar to LSD overall. Don't know if its the drug or my own governing of the trip that brought me to that spiritual place before. Having waves of seeming sobriety and then more tripping occurs, perhaps its the metabolising of the prodrug into AL-LAD. Effects appear to have plateaud for the dose. I remember my intent to give a fitting slang name for this compound, and I come up with "Surge". Fitting the electro-chemical implications of the name "Acid" and its resemblance to that drug.

I spent a long time here listening to music and eating the dinner. Food was extra enjoyable, perhaps just savoring it more at this time. Appetite was pretty normal. Especially satisfied by eating Lamb Chops and their fatty, hearty, texture. Also found the Artichoke I made to be quite remarkable, the weird flower like vegetable often looked like other anatomical parts, datura flowers, and the many bristles around the heart looked a little like a lamprey mouth. Looking at the food I could see the morphological boundaries, the various membranes between the different types of tissue, both plant and animal, and realization of how they're basically the same organic compounds and genetically related despite being such different organisms.

After eating, still altered. Not much closed eye visual without effortly imagining it, like I've had on some strains of Marijuana in the past. They seem to resonate with the music, synesthetic, taking a form or function in the shape of the sound that is usually unimaginable. It's more in the minds eye or imagination than appearing on the back of the eyelids in a really bright way as one might have on an LSD peak, Shrooms, or DMT.

Took a walk to get cigarettes. Noticed some enhancement of hearing, could hear a tent zipper through the headphones playing music. Felt an ability to resist the cold for a while, circulating energy from the food. Still having the trip flowing. Didn't quite feel normal out and about, slight paranoia in response to the dark about encountering police or someone dangerous. Although I felt a bit like a nocturnal animal, in that I was also wearing black and had some advantage from it being night. Like I could be intimidating if necessary. Somewhat defensive and protective, or vigilant to danger.

Still finding music enhanced as I got the cigarettes. Had some delusions about thought broadcasting. Got the store and cigarettes and continued walking, saw a person on the bridge but they also seemed to camouflage and disappear until we got close. I stared a bit passing them, to be fully aware if they tried to do something aggressive. I walked down a trail back towards my home with the music. As I passed through spaces of light and shadows cast by house lights on the path, I thought they looked like ribs, scales, or like being in a snake's alimentary canal, like the Egyptian myth of Ra who is swallowed by the serpent at night on his boat with the deities until the next morning. I got home, and was wondering when I would feel back down. Smoked on my back porch again, before a shower.

Things seem to be slowing down now. Overall impressed with this novel compound and grateful to be among those who have experienced "Surge". I see it as having therapeutic potential, giving me a changed perspective to view my own mental health through. Will have to keep this outlook and see if mental health is better following this trip. Took two 10 mg Zaleplon, and tried to sleep after a final smoke. Listened some closing songs, feeling some melancholy as the beautiful trip must come to an end, but the future is looking brighter. Had a bit of my normal insomnia after this.

Next Day
Did not sleep the best and was a little burnt out the next day, like my energy had been a bit spent. A faint visual change remains like when the trip started. Some anxiety still about being seen and going out, but this may have been caused by the small amount of sleep deprivation. Caffeine seems to have a milder effect. I took a 2 hr nap in the afternoon which I don't normally do.

Basically just took it easy the day after. Some precaution should be taken to ensure one has ample preparation and recovery time before tripping Surge, as it does last about as long as LSD, and is almost the same potency but a bit less crazy and visual. It has some adrenergic component to it and could be perceived as threatening or disruptive. Would share this drug with others, it does not seem physically unsafe or toxic. Could be healing with the good intentions at heart. I am glad to have taken it and think it has benefitted me as an individual.

Exp Year: 2024ExpID: 118029
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: May 21, 2024Views: 15
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1cP-AL-LAD (952) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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