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More Than Sufficiently Potent
Citation:   Snail. "More Than Sufficiently Potent: An Experience with DPT (exp11857)". Jan 11, 2007.

25 mg IM DPT (liquid)
  100 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
Well friends, here is the story of my brief dances with the Dipropyl. One finy day in sunny West Coast USA, I received 250mg of DPT. Having anticipated the arrival for several weeks due to slow postal efforts, I had ample time to research dosage and had determined that intramuscular injection was not only the most economical method, but also the easiest to measure with any degree of accuracy. So I dissolved the powder, which was absolutely pure and without adulterants, in 10 milliliters of injection grade saline. I did it in a clean shot glass, and a small amount of heat from a butane cigarette lighter was necessary to get it to dissolve. After stirring it with a sterile sewing needle and maintaining warmth for a couple of minutes, I transferred one mL into a sterile syringe. The injection was performed in my leg immediately:

At one minute I was getting the signature buzzing in my ears and mild visuals were beginning.

At two or three minutes I began to experience bodily shaking, although it was not unpleasant. Also +2 visuals were occuring and I had some small difficulty speaking.

After several more minutes had passed (I was getting too high to keep track of time) I was at +3 visuals and could not even stand or move for a brief period, the twitching and shaking endured still. At this time I had several insights into my relationship with a friend of mine, and I was experiencincing extreme euphoria.

Perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes after dosage I began a somewhat rapid descent into normal conciousness and muscle control.

Unfortunately, during all this time my sitter, K, had unknowingly placed the solution in another container and spilt a very small amount of solution. But since it had been cooling while I tripped, I had no way of knowing how much was lost and dosage by liquid volume would no longer be accurate. (The DPT also started to precipitate out of the solution in the new container) K and I agreed that in three days we would snort half of the remainder apeice.

The day came an we went to K's cabin and ate dinner. I was in a moderately more confused state of mind than I was on the first trial, but I also was happy to have good weed and eagerly awaiting the trip. We divided on a mirror and snorted it all. I threw up after a couple of minutes, the taste was awful and I had snorted the light powder too far into my sinus. What followed the rather intense vomiting was truly spectacular. +3 visuals with extreme stupifcation. I was quite heavily stoned, and could only sit and stare at the coffee table. K was doing the same thing. Neither of us experienced tremors at that point. K's Saint Bernard approached us and I petted it for a moment but was unable to continue after a while. My pot was lying in a bag on the table and while both still gaping derelictly at the whole scene, K and I watched his dog consume all of my weed! I witnessed it all, but it never really registered to me that the dog was eating my pot, and it was in truth some time before I was clear enough to understand. K must have benn coming closer to baseline as he said '([expletive]! Your pot just ate my [expletive] dog' I had at that point peaked, altough I'm not sure exactly how long we were high for. If I had to estimate I would guess that Thor (the dog)ate the pot about an hour and a half or so after dosage, and then we were high for at least an hour more.

Overall I would say that I liked DPT and would like to again repeat the experience. It wasn't powerfully intense like DMT or 5MeoDMT, but was still more than sufficiently potent. I would in retrospect say I would use nasal administration as opposed to IM in future, I feel that I got a much better scope of the drug's positive effects with less body load during and afterwards with insufflation.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11857
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 11, 2007Views: 9,476
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DPT (21) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Retrospective / Summary (11), First Times (2)

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