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A Guide to Drug Combinations
LSD, Ketamine, Cocaine, Mushrooms, Alcohol, & Ecstasy
by Deviate
Citation:   Deviate. "A Guide to Drug Combinations: An Experience with LSD, Ketamine, Cocaine, Mushrooms, Alcohol, & Ecstasy (exp11935)". Jan 19, 2002.


I have listed on this page my personal experiences with different drug combinations. If your curious about a certain combo but arent sure if it's dangerous or not, then it might help to see that i didn't die from it and what someone else thought of it.

please be advised - i am an undergrad psychobiology student, not a doctor. all of the information on this page is for informational purposes only. remember that even though i survived all of these interactions with only temporary after-effects, not everyone will react the same. (i have had an exceptionally good track record of health my entire life) recreational drug use is still very dangerous and is not for everybody!!!!

the purpose of this page is to share some of the knowledge that i have gained in the last five years of drug experimentation. there seems to be very few web pages offering information on radical drug combinations and if i can save someone out there grief and/or money by sharing my experiences and mistakes, then i'd rather do so.

LSD and Ketamine
k while tripping is an excelent way to boost your trip and take it to another level. bumps are good, but be careful to not overdo it. id say two lines maximum. you do not want to go into a hole! a k hole tripping is not the same as one normally. a normal k hole can be an enjoyable, profound expirience when done in a safe setting. you are much more concious and have a hieghtened sensory awareness while in a hole on lsd. on new years 2001 i was on two geltabs (equal to about 2 1/2-3 paper hits of lsd) and did four lines of k during my peak. it felt like a half hour long whip it that i just wanted to end. it felt really cool at first but after it didn't stop i began to really dislike it and went on a bad one. after the k wore off i was so sick of tripping i took a couple of xantax's to pass out. i didnt trip for about a month afterward.

LSD and Mushrooms
works great for me, you get the best of both worlds in your trip. but this has the tendency to make people (with weak stomachs) sick. drop the acid first then eat the shrooms slowly over a period of a half hour or vomitaing may follow.

LSD and Cocaine
not really an enjoyable combination. the coke pull you out of the trip but at the same time doesnt really feel like coke. you get the downside of coke but not the good. in my opinion, its a waste of coke. however, smoking a coke laced bowl of weed while tripping isnt bad. then again, when isnt it fun to smoke a laced bowl?

LSD and Ecstasy
a fun combo. you can alter the times you take each drug in order to have different expiriences. taking the roll/s at the same time as the acid will ease you into the trip and can keep you from coming down hard on the roll. taking the roll in the middle of your trip is good to. id recommend you dont take acid in the middle of your roll because if youre tripping on acid when your coming down from the roll, the comedown will be worse. my worst trip ever was in oct of 2000. i had dropped 5 rolls and was ready to drop a couple hits. i was so fucked up i didnt notcie that i had eaten an entire five strip. when i came down i felt the worst ever. yuck :( i havent rolled since then.

LSD and Alcohol
not really fun to do at the same time. drinking while tripping can make you sick. drinking before trpping is okay, but i wouldnt have more than two drinks after dropping the acid.

Cocaine and Ketamine
yuck! you're disgusting for even mentioning it!

Cocaine and Ecstasy
good if your rolls are dirty. if your rolls are pure than the coke can make you come down from the roll and not offer anything in return. see above on lacing bowls ;)

Cocaine and Alcohol
in my opinion, the perfect club combo. just do them in equal amounts. one line = 1 1/2 to 2 drinks.

Cocaine and Mushrooms
see coke and lsd

Ecstasy and Ketamine
really fun, especially on clean rolls. dont overdo the k unless your in a safe environment.

Ecstasy and Alcohol
if you want to havbe the best roll of your life get pissdrunk before you roll. but be careful cause you will be a mess. dont drink after dropping the roll cause you will most likely feel sick/ vomit.

Alcohol and Ketamine
its oay, but nothing special. i have better uses for k.

GHB and Cannabis
just like drinking and smoking.

GHB and Alcohol
DON'T ASK!!!!!!

paxil,prozac, and serzone are not like any of the illegal drugs posted here. you cannot take one and expect to feel anything. these drugs take a week and sometimes more to affect the body. the information below is only for those who have been prescribed these medications by a docotor and are curious about what might happen if they try other drugs while on the medication.

Paxil/Prozac/Serzone and Ecstasy
dont do it unless you enjoy wasting your money on rolls. you will feel it for about a half hour then come down and get really tired and sleepy. taking rolls is not what you really should be doing anyway if your on these medications. if your on them its cause your trying to get better, depleting your serotonin reserves when trying to get better is the opposite of what you're trying to do.

Paxil/Prozac/Serzone and Cocaine
okay, but do the coke in small amounts, these medications dont just work on serotonin they effect dopamine as well

Paxil/Prozac/Serzone and LSD
you wont trip as hard and it just plain feels wierd. i wouldnt reccomend it. serzone is okay with acid, though

Paxil/Prozac/Serzone and Alcohol
you get fucked up faster and are more of an ass when your drunk

Paxil/Prozac/Serzone and Cannabis
excellent combo. makes your highs very euphoric. doesnt work the same way with serzone

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