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Can Caffeine Really Do This?
Citation:   Ghost. "Can Caffeine Really Do This?: An Experience with Caffeine (exp1196)". Nov 1, 2000.

1400 mg oral Caffeine (pill / tablet)
I have taken many psychoactives in my time, but never had I dreamed that one of my most intense experiences would come from caffeine.

A friend and I had just started to come down off of smoking a huge blunt, and we'd heard that taking a whole bunch of Nodoz directly after starting to come down off of weed would produce an 'interesting' effect.

We acquired a bottle of Nodoz and I took seven, while my friend had five. After about an hour my friend and I had an extreme urge to run around and basically goof off, and the experience at first was very similar to speed. I felt great; very strong and energetic. After running around (and I mean really running) for half an hour or so, I felt a bit dizzy and had to sit down.

A ten minute rest seemed to make me feel good again, so we piled into a car and I experienced a strange sensation of doom, as if the car was going 700 miles an hour and was going to crash. That effect quickly wore off and life took on a very humorous quality and I couldn't seem to stop laughing.

About 20 minutes later my friend and I sat down outside of a McDonald's, and suddenly my hands locked up into fists. I couldn't move my arms or legs, and I became somewhat frightened as my body seemed to go through periods of extreme pressure. My vision became a blinding yellow, and after everything but the intense color had disappeared, I passed out.

I awoke lying on the sidewalk, and found that the only sound I could hear was my heartbeat, which seemed about a hundred times faster than normal. I couldn't move any part of my body except for my eyes, and I spotted my friend sitting nearby, looking worried. She appeared to be talking to me, but I couldn't hear anything that she was saying, only my heartbeat.

I became even more frightened as the blinding light returned, and all I could hear was my pounding heart.

I was convinced that I was dying, and I didn't realize that I was crying until my senses somewhat returned and I found that I was wailing rather loudly and my friend was shaking me.

I collapsed once more, and awoke to see my friend standing over me, looking hysterical. She was very frightened and wanted to go to back to my house to calm down.

I stood up very slowly and found that I couldn't talk at all. All I could seem to concentrate on was slowing my breathing because my heart rate was faster than I'd ever heard it, and I still thought that I might be dying.

My friend helped me walk (in very slow motion it seemed) to my apartment complex, where I had an extreme urge to sit on a bench in a small park nearby.

I tried to talk, and my words came out in a whisper and seemed very slurred. My breathing and heartbeat were so rapid that I was shaking harder than I ever had before. I had no sense of time, and kept repeating that if I were allowed to live, I'd be nicer to everyone and never take drugs again.

I soon found myself lying on the ground in front of the bench, speaking gibberish. My friend appeared to be totally normal while I went on and on, talking about alien planets and things like that in a very serious manner.

I began to see trails on random objects like the moon, my shoelaces, and strands of my friend's hair. My friend offered me a drink that she had gotten from McDonald's, but I wouldn't have anything to do with caffeine, which I had by this time become convinced was made by Satan himself.

After what seemed like hours we got up and went to my apartment, where I sat down in front of the TV and told my friend in a loud, commanding voice to 'make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.'

I became lost in watching a home shopping channel, and when my friend returned with the PB&J, I made her put it on the carpet next to me so I could watch the jewelery show uninterrupted.

I started to come down from the strange trip I had been on (which lasted in all about four hours) and when I finally got my breathing back to normal I found that my stomach felt as if it was filled with cement. I ran to my bathroom and proceeded to vomit mucous and then dry heave from about 3am until 2:30 in the afternoon, when I passed out.

I awoke in my closet completely nude and surrounded by vomit, so I started to look for a change of clothing and as if by magic (I guess I'd passed out again) I found myself lying in my shower, dripping wet and cold as hell.

My stomach hurt so much for the rest of that day that my friend had almost called 911 due to my incoherent wailing, excessive vomiting, and random acts of showering (the final count was somewhere around 12 showers altogether).

I couldn't eat or drink anything until about 7:00 that night, and I was still very shaky and a little delirious.

It was curious that my friend had seemed mostly normal while I had such an intense trip. She only took about two less NoDoz than I, while it is true that I rarely drink coffee or carbonated drinks. I have an almost nonexistent caffeine intake, and maybe this is why it affected me the way that it did.

Even with that in mind, it still seems to me highly strange that caffeine could produce such an effect. The trip was vaguely similar to a very bad trip on LSD, though the feelings of my body shutting down and the illness I experienced afterward have never happened to me before on any drug, LSD or otherwise.

I wouldn't recommend that anyone do that much caffeine, as I genuinely felt like I could have died. It might have just been something to do with me never having any caffeine on a normal basis, but I still wouldn't advise it. Maybe a bit less than the 1400 miligrams I took would produce a more agreeable experience.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1196
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 1, 2000Views: 61,887
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