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The Ambulance on the Roof
Citation:   Junglist. "The Ambulance on the Roof: An Experience with AMT (exp12139)". Feb 25, 2002.

90 mg oral AMT (capsule)
[Erowid Note: Certain details of this report bear a strong resemblance to a report submitted six months earlier, Psychosis by Anonymous. They describe the same incident, yet they differ in important ways.]

My friend M and I were sitting around talking about DMT one day, and he was telling me about other chemical compounds, including amt. I was stoked and really wanted to try it, so about a week later he somehow became in possession of a gram.

We decided to eat it. Him and I each ingested between 80-100mg in capsules. I felt nothing for about 2 hours, and then, for about an hour, felt floaty. Just like I wasn't really walking. Wasn't really talking. Just sorta... Not there? Anyways, about an hour after that (4 hours after ingestion,) things got really strange. I felt incredible; my entire body was just buzzing with energy and euphoria. I kept rolling around with M's mom's fur coat and babbling about love and what not. I remember just being in heaven.

Then, m turned on some Phish. We smoked a couple bowls of midgrade and it tasted incredible. Now, about 4.5 Hours after ingestion, the colors started. First, it was subtle, just sort of like everything was slightly glowing. But within another 30 minutes it was a full blowout, everything was colors. I remember looking at my hand with the ceiling being the background. My hand was orange and my fingernails were black. They grew out of my hand slowly and it was fucking incredible. The background (the ceiling,) was a total shifting-rainbow. It kept changing but was a constant flow of certain colors. It was just totally incredible.

Now at this point (5.0 - 5.5 Hours later,) I was still feeling very euphoric and lovey. M is sort of homophobic and strange, and I was lying on his leg. He kept calling me 'gay' and whatnot, and it started to sort of irk me. After repeated abuse, I finally flipped the fuck out. I sort of remember the next 2 hours, but it began like this

1:00 (6.0 Hrs after ingestion)] I became convinced that I was gay. I sat in the middle of m's bed trying to figure out my sexuality. I kept saying 'I got it!', 'I lost it!' Over & over. Basically, Id figure everything out. But then, Id forget everything Id just figured out, probably because it never made sense in the first place.

2:00 (6.5 Hrs)] I call my girlfriend [I barely remember this, but was told many a time about it,] I ask her if she thinks Im pretty and if she thinks I should be gay. She gets freaked out and I don't remember anything she said. I don't even remember calling her.

3:00 (6.7 Hrs)] I absolutely hate cats. Especially when Im tripping. I tried to murder M's cat, I chased it around the house yelling and throwing garbage at it for probably 5 minutes. M's freaking out at this point and trying to tackle me. I ran downstairs and ended up breaking all of my cd's (godamnit.) I also broke M's computer speakers. Apparently music really tripped me out.

4:00 (7.0 Hrs)] M is scared, he calls my mom. My mom tells him to call an ambulance, and he does so.

5:00 (7.2-3 Hrs)] Ambulance arrives. For some strange reason, I get in willingly. They take me outside and I remember thinking the ambulance was parked on the roof of the house. They put me on the stretcher and I asked them how they planned to get me on the roof. Those asshole bastards, they just treated me like I was crazy. Which isn't good when you're feeling like you're going crazy.

6:00 (7.5 Hrs)] Hell begins. Imagine lying in the back of a screaming ambulance with two guys who won't answer any of your questions or look at you. They continually stick strange instruments into your body and inject you with god knows what. They won't talk to me. Why? It drove me absolutely crazy. I start to think, 'maybe I am crazy?'

7:00 (8.0 Hrs)] Get to the hospital. I'm lying in the bed, strapped down. I think the doctor is Ronald McDonald, and I call him Dr. Ronald McDonald. Mr. McDonald asks what hurts. I tell him my genitals. I kick and scream and tear off the sheets. I think at this point I also urinated on myself. I can't remember anything except having to pee really badly for almost an hour. I remember seeing my mother there and thinking how out of my head I must've looked. I felt absolutely psychotic and I thought I was stuck tripping like this, locked inside of my brain for the rest of my life. Pretty frightening.

8:00 (8.2 Hrs)] Doctors inject me with a central nervous system depressant. Not quite sure what the dosage, all I remember is one minute everything being colors and chaos, and the next being rolled down a hallway and not being able to move. Not really wanting to move either. I stayed in that coma-like state for about 18 hours. I was awake, but not quite conscious. I could mumble to people and I drooled a whole lot. I woke up, basically, feeling a lot better.

After this whole experience, I was subjected to a ton of different medical 'professionals' who thought that I was in a terrible depression and I had tried to commit suicide. I kindly tried to inform them that I was just experimenting with something new, but apparently none of them thought that I was old enough to comprehend 'experimenting'. I had to speak to a psychologist before they'd let me leave the hospital, and they made me undergo a bunch of tests to make sure the AMT hadn't fucked my brain up totally.

In conclusion, AMT was incredible. I think it could be an amazing, incredible thing to do and share with someone. Unfortunately, I can never do it again. I'm too scared of it. And LSD. People say it's mind-over-matter, but I think Ive spoiled my ability to grasp control of myself, and Im not about to test it anymore :)

Oct 2009 Addendum by Junglist:

I'd written that first article ('Psychosis') immediately after getting home from the hospital, my mother had driven 2 hours from where she lived to come get me and take me back to her house. The psychologists/psychiatrists I had to speak to after my whole
ordeal may've implanted some ideas into my head.

I'm happy to say my hearing has fully returned, and my index finger still feels things. I much prefer the second article, after I'd had some time to clear my head. But they are indeed both by me.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 12139
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 25, 2002Views: 20,282
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AMT (7) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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