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Learning to Walk
Salvia divinorum (5x extract)
by the goat
Citation:   the goat. "Learning to Walk: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (5x extract) (exp12177)". Jan 25, 2021.

2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)


I was extremely nervous about smoking the salvia 5x extract I had gotten. I had never tried it before and after reading a lot of trip reports decided I would just try a little since I've never even tried a psycedelic before. So I went into the bathroom and loaded my home made bong (a piece of crap) and just loaded a few pinches of the extract. I was extremely nervous. My heart rate was probably equal to that of someone who just got done jogging. I tried to calm myself down but at no success so I just said fuck it and lit up.

The stuff vaporized instantly and my bong filled with smoke. I inhaled as much as I could and then held it for 20 seconds then inhaled most of the rest and held it again for 20 seconds. As I held in my second toke I could feel it starting to take hold. I wasn't quite aware how big of a grip it had on me until I put the bong down and opened the bathroom door to walk to my bed to lay down.

I cannot even begin to describe the journey from the bathroom to my bed (about a distance of 15-20 feet) but here goes. After I left the bathroom I felt like 'I' was walking to the bed but after about taking 4 steps I felt like someone else was walking for me. Everything was in slow-motion especially my movement, and my movement seemed to be in perfect sink with my heart rate, which was fast. It was exactly like how one sees oneself moving in complete darkness with a strobe light. That is how I felt except the room was well lit.

Eventually I (or who ever was controlling my legs) got me to the bed and I laid down to try to sober up a bit. At this point I felt I had no control over my body. I tried to sit up, I was fighting this force and was trying to regain control of my body. Finally I said aloud 'No! I have control!' At which point I regained control and simultaneously realized that I had just said this aloud and how stupid it would look if someone were watching. Then it was like I had mastered this new dimension, like a new body sort of like I just learned how to walk, how to control my new body. So I had mastered this new body and was petting my cat.

At this point I had some sort of weird revelation. I thought that every action my body had 'thoughts, movements, heart beating' was simple. The entire body worked only because blood was pumping and worked in sync with this pump. When their was a pause in the (thump thump...thump thump) everything stopped and that would be equivalent to the point while under a strobe light where one doesn't see anything.

At the time of this thought I also felt the presence of someone watching me from above. I cannot describe how I felt then it sort of hit me like a bullet an entire complete revelation just smacked me upside the head and words can't really describe it. I had sort of discovered something, it felt like I discovered an underlying simplicity about everything hard to explain. I regained control and felt sort of like how I feel after I learned to ride a bike on two wheels. Sort of shaky but I got the hang of it. Now that I had control I got up to walk to my computer to play a game and see what shit was like on salvia. On the way there I started laughing hysterically due to the ecstatic happiness of mastering my new body. I started playing an online game and was doing abnormally well and felt sort of super human like in that I was so well cordinated.

This in no way accurately describes my trip but its about the best words can do not to mention how erratic everything was. I was pretty scared at least I think it was fear through the first portion until I left my bed. I consider this to be a minor trip although I'm not sure. I didn't see any visuals or anything but I got very intense feelings and was definitely brought out of this reality; although, I'm not sure how far. I didn't feel the presence of any beings and didn't get the message of I wasn't supposed to be there (often mention in trips I've read online).

I think I wasn't really prepared. The only time I felt a presence is when I felt I was being watched from above by god or someone and that was when I had the revelation. I will definitely deal with my next attempt differently and treat it less like a drug and more like the key to a locked door that leads to another dimension. I feel like I took a step through the door but didn't get a real chance to go very far and see anything. Just a glimpse of a taste.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 12177
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 25, 2021Views: 336
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