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Collapsing Into the 6th Dimension
Salvia divinorum (10X Extract)
by Nieztsche
Citation:   Nieztsche. "Collapsing Into the 6th Dimension: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (10X Extract) (exp12283)". Oct 26, 2018.

.125 g smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)


Images of a 10x salvia trip

I thought I'd write a list of words and phrases about the very bizzare slavia trip. The trip itself is indescribable -it throws me into a dimension that is more based on deep-seeded feelings and an utter profoundness that words can not describe adequately. I've tripped on salvia about 6 times now and each time I'm more amazed (especially on 10x salvinorin enhanced leaf: WOW). Anyway, this is my 10x salvia trip in a nutshell:

Lungs full of smoke...countdown from 20. the rollercoster clinks up the last few feet to the summit, silent and terrifying anticipation, then woosh into the eye of the hurricane! Bewilderment and confusion. Rollercoaster...what rollercoaster? Wait...where am I? wait...who am I? wait... what have I done! Mommy!..Daddy!! I think I just may have made a big mistake! Twisting canyons and spiraling galaxies. Somebody is coming. Gaudy colors. Red, green and yellow zig-zag, spiral piano keys. Romper room Vegas casino gameshow. Oh my god...I just lost the game of life! I'm falling off the edge of the world! That's all life was? Life was plastic! life was a fairlytale. Life was all just a movie set daycare center! Life was a really silly, sick joke. Fear builds. The entities morph instantly out of the bio-plastic background. They've been right there the whole time! Is life over? Am I going back home? wait...I've been here before. wait..who are these entities running the show? I'm spinning and falling in a black and white collidascope. More 'real' than the real world. Collapsing into the 6th dimension, the 'real' dimension. The inner matrix of the universe and the keepers of all life are just a breath away. This is way too scary...wait! I'm not ready to go am I? wait..what the fuck am I? Hold onto me! I'm falling! Absolute terror but too petrified to react. Too scared for even my fight or flight instict, too scared to scream. And then... brief flashes of a room aproaching from the distant horizon. A room vaguely familiar. Deja Vu. A whole other dimension flickering into focus. A lower dimension fairy-tale reconstructing itself. I remember now....I'm a human living on Earth....I took some kind of drug. some kind of drug that took me to the 'true' reality. Wait I remember! I took salvia! I don't want to go back! That was the real place! How exhilarating fear is. How bizzare the mind can be...or is it just the mind? Are higher forces at work here? Why did they send me back? Was it not my time? Other dimensions await us in the afterlife. They are waiting for me to come back.

My Oh my, Salvia is some insanely profound, bizarre, mind-blowing, introspective and very fucking scary shit. Probably the most intense drug on the planet(hmmm..Iboga?)

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 12283
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 26, 2018Views: 819
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Salvia divinorum (44) : General (1), Mystical Experiences (9), Entities / Beings (37), Unknown Context (20)

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