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The Roller Coaster Was Going Quite Slow
Citation:   TheManWithTheHand. "The Roller Coaster Was Going Quite Slow: An Experience with Ketamine (exp12302)". Jan 25, 2018.

  repeated   Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  2 lines insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
My most recent K-hole experience

Let me first tell you the circumstances of this experience. I was addicted to K for about 8 months doing approximately an ounce/month. After 5 months of not using it I found a 2 gram vial in my room. I used about half of it throughout the day saving the other half for that night. I cut the remaining gram into 2 lines, and blew in each nostril. I was chatting on the computer while the effect were building up. Once I felt they were intense enough I turn off the lights and muted my stereo and lay on my bed.

I had a lot of thoughts flowing through my head, my breathing was particularly distracting. I decided to let go completely and see what happened. An all encompassing black wave that seemed to occupy entire existence picked my up and carried me away soon after to drop in a roller coaster. I was in a completely 3D black and white world. The roller coaster was going quite slow, going around a very curvy and hilly course. I had no perception of time however this felt like it lasted a while.

Then the black wave picked me back up, carried me around for a while and crammed me into several (maybe 12?) 4 inch diameter tubes that were about 16 inches long. An invisible space ship formed around me. I was then blasted through space at an amazing speed, I could see starts flying by me incredibly fast. I slowed down to a stop, the cylinders (me) slowly floated away from each other, out of their uniform layout within the space ship. They flew back to the planet I was launched from, spinning randomly. When I made it to the planet all I found was darkness. I was in a cognitive state for a while. It felt as if I could think extremely clearly and work out any problem which I may have had. I couldn't remember much about what I was thinking, as I came down it became increasingly difficult to recall my thoughts.

I wasn't at any point scared by this trip. During it all I felt extremely good. I am definitely going back to that place soon.

Just a note for those getting involved with ketamine. I found it EXTREMELY addictive. I went through a week of withdrawals when I ran out before my 5 month break. There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think about k. I will be continuing my addiction when I can afford to do so.

Have fun :)

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 12302
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 25, 2018Views: 1,401
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