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A Grinding Experience
by Petey
Citation:   Petey. "A Grinding Experience: An Experience with AMT (exp12494)". Feb 12, 2002.


One of my good friends told me about a drug that makes you trip yet is legal and available to those with certain career connections in the chemical industry. He spoke of AMT and we aquired some.

The first time we took it we mixed the pure powder with orange juice while eating subway for lunch. The plan was to go to Busch Gardens theme park. About a half hour later the first effects could be felt. Not knowing what to expect seemed to fuel the growing anxiousness and nausia. There was four of us and by the first hour three of us had puked in various landscapingand bathrooms around Busch Gardens. This was probably the most pleasant puking expereince I had ever had. Much more pleasant than food, alcohol or other related sickening instances. The fourth person never puked and looking back now I probabaly could have held it in untill the nausia disapeared about an hour later. When you do puke, the tripping effects were felt almost instantly.

Going back out amongst crowds, heat, and the smell of animal dung was not pleasant. It was sensory overload. After about another half hour we left and found a motel room down the road. By now we were no longer feeling nausious or anxious. Upon entering the room we all were all feeling very happy and excited and noticed the most trails any of us had ever seen before. Colors, objects breathing, and the feeling of tripping and rolling at the same time were all present. Our heads were still on our shoulders which was unusual for the amount of tripping we were doing. My girlfriend almost melted everytime I massaged her but couldn't handle any sex. My other guy friend and our other girl friend ended up having sex even though they had never shared feelings for each other before this. We were all feeling very open and glad to be with each other. We spent the next 9 or so hours tripping balls. There was a little jaw grinding going on and I kept feeling the need to pee, but nothing would ever come out.

When we started coming down I could not fall asleep. My mind was awake while my body was shuting down. The others seemed to get a couple of hours of sleep. The next day it took a while to get some food down, even though we were very hungry(We hadn't eaten in over 12 hours!). I almost felt a little down and depressed the next couple of days. My girlfriend said she felt the same way. The other two seemed to be ok.

About three to four weeks later three of us tripped again this time putting 35 mg of the powder into capsules. We each took one capsule and about an hour later another one. Only one out of three of us got sick this time. Not eating or drinking with the capsules seemed to help. This trip was different in that I was tripping very visually, but didn't feel as happy and high this time. Carrying on a conversation was hard for me, but not the others. I just wanted to sit back and watch and listen.

I was grinding A LOT and destroyed many plastic things. My two friends were grinding a little. As we came down again I felt very tired from not eating and sleeping. My one friend slept a little but the other two of us could not fall asleep no matter how hard we tried. This feeling alone was enough to make me think twice about taking AMT agian. I also suffered from ginding my teeth over the next couple of days. I went to the dentist a couple of days later for what I thought was a toothache due to a cavity, but the dentist looked at me and asked if I had a problem with grinding my teeth. He could tell by my jaw muscles being so worked out! He filed my teeth a little so my teeth wouldn't catch when I did grind.

Over the next couple of days I woke myself up while grinding in my sleep! I now knew I would never take a research drug again. I wondered if my grinding would ever go away which it thankfully did while I slept. I still grind a little when I'm awake though. This problem first showed up after the 3 or 4 ectasy pills I've taken in my life time. It was even worse after the AMT.

Overall, the AMT trips were for the most part good. Great visuals and a wonderful body high while still felling in control with hardly any paranioa. I think AMT effects everyone differently, mostly for the good, but I'm not risking any long trem effects again. I'll stick to shrooms for now!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 12494
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 12, 2002Views: 4,426
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AMT (7) : Various (28), First Times (2)

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