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At The Dead End
Police & Cannabis
by Ctq
Citation:   Ctq. "At The Dead End: An Experience with Police & Cannabis (exp12526)". Mar 14, 2007.

1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)

After getting supremely messed on new years eve of this year, my best friend and I were feeling kinda mellow for new years night (hungover, whatever you want to call it). We had been driving around for a little while, and had smoked a bowl or two, when we decided we wanted to see a movie. We went to the end of a dead end road to smoke a bowl before we went to the theater.

Since his mother doesnt like us smoking in the car, I packed my pipe in the car, and we got out to spark it. As soon as I held up the lighter to the bowl, all of the sudden there are headlights and a spotlight right on us. I half-panicked, and threw the still packed bowl into the weeds. Also, I had a pill bottle with about 10 bucks worth, which I decided to eat quickly (dropping the bottle) before approaching the cop, who was yelling at us to keep our hands visible.

He frisked us up against the car, and asked what we were doing. We were pretty cooperative (=still kinda stoned), so when he asked what I had thrown into the weeds, I first said 'umm, nothing' to which he replied 'dont bullshit me, I'm just going to find it anyways'. So I told him it was a pipe, and when he asked me what was in it, I said 'pot, sir'. He told us that if it was just pot then it wasnt a big deal.

We got put in the back of separate cop cars (they guy had called 3 other backup cars) and the cop asked me about priors. I told him I had been arrested for felony criminal mischief a year earlier and that the case was closed. The other officers went looking for my pipe. A few minutes later, one dick cop came back to the car and told me to go 'retrieve my pipe'. I went halfway into the weeds, and realizing I had no clue where it was, I said 'Sir, I really dont have any idea where it landed.' he said, well you had better find the damn thing, or we are going to be out here all night finding it.'

Then he just 'happened' to shine his flashlight on it, and my pipe was laying in the snow, face up, still packed, perfectly placed. I picked it up and handed it to him, and he asked what was in it. Thinking it was pretty obvious and that this must have been a trick question, I wanted to say 'you stupid shit, its pot'. Instead, I was polite and said what it was.

They took me back to the police car. They had searched my friends car in the meantime, with his permission, because we had nothing else on us. Finally the first cop at the scene came back (he was extremely cool and fair to us throughout the entire thing), and said 'I can either arrest you and your friend for trespassing and possession, or you can destroy your pipe'. I knew he was full of shit and that I could only get a ticket (it was only a packed bowl), but he was being very nice to us, so I agreed to destroy it. It turns out he was even cooler than I thought, because when it came time to do the deed, he only made me throw it back into the weeds, and not actually break it. He then let us go on our way, without a word to my friend about his ability to drive (we were undoubtably stoned, we realized later, and our confused responses to questions must have been a dead giveaway, not to mention our glassy as hell eyes).

We went back to my house to get a little bit more pot and roll a joint, but I was very upset about the loss of my pipe, which I hope to find someday.

All in all, the cop was very cool to us, and although I am a hard core believer in my rights, if you have only a little bit of pot on you and the cop seems nice enough, you might just be better off being cooperative. I think they are really looking for real drugs and arent going to bother two kids smoking a bowl on a boring night.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 12526
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 14, 2007Views: 6,732
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Police / Customs (60) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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