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Mild, Long-Lasting Entheogenic Stimulant
by Samanthe
Citation:   Samanthe. "Mild, Long-Lasting Entheogenic Stimulant: An Experience with 4-Methylaminorex (exp12684)". Feb 17, 2002.

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10 mg oral 4-Methylaminorex (powder / crystals)


I ate about 10 mg of 4-Methylaminorex powder at around 10 AM on a weekday. Did not have a scale. The drug was introduced to me as a study aid, a material good for overcoming writer's block (or other creative blocks), something useful for getting lots of work done, especially intellectual work. My intention was to get an introductory taste of the material's effects. I was planning on staying at work; it was an unusual day, we were doing a boring yet essential quarterly task. The mild stimulant effect coupled with the entheogenic quality made me able to stay alert and engaged (rather than bored and frustrated).

After about 45 minutes, I realized the effects had come on because I suddenly noticed myself being especially attentive and nice to the other people with whom I was working. At that time in my life, I got easily impatient with people, and I was often not very nice during times of stress. The quality of the attentiveness and niceness was almost identical to that which I experience while on MDMA, if maybe a little attenuated. I was asking questions, and earnestly listening to answers, with all my senses present and alert.

This experience was like the Energizer Bunny in duration. I was still feeling effects at 2 AM (14 hours later). It was very smooth in its development from baseline to peak, with the peak really being an extremely long plateau. At no time did my body feel overwhelmed or hyperstimulated. But I did feel a pleasant stimulant effect, and felt especially attentive all day long and into the night. I did not tire from my tedious work. The day just went by uneventfully in this alert state of mind. I did not perceive my ability to drive home as being affected.

Around midnight I called a lover and tried to get her to come over. I think sex would have been nice.

I've never tried methamphetamine. I'd be interested in comparing the two.

I'd like to try this material, and use it for writing or doing my taxes.

Exp Year: 1995ExpID: 12684
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 17, 2002Views: 24,875
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4-Methylaminorex (56) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2), General (1)

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