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Xtraordinary Xperience
Citation:   Jaime. "Xtraordinary Xperience: An Experience with MDMA (exp12748)". Feb 1, 2005.

250 mg oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
My friend's parents were out of town for a week, so naturally we threw a massive party every night. Well about halfway into the week we all decided to wig. Through one person and another we were able to snag some tabs. I bought two and was told that with this batch, two were about 225-250mg total.

In anticipation for the evening, I ate light all day and bought glowsticks, Vicks nasal spray, and burned a new trance CD to strengthen the mood. We all gathered at his house, downed the pills, and started making phone calls.

I had rolled several times before, and was anxious to experience these as I had heard they were spectacular. 20-30 minutes afterwards I felt the cool flowing sensation pouring throughout my body that signifies an upcoming roll. We turned up the music and started to get loose.

An hour later I was very quickly approaching the plateau. My eyes jittered a lot and the black-lights gave everything a heavenly, soothing aura. My mind was calm and organized, and I felt very at peace with everything and everyone. These tabs were incredible; some of the best I've ever had. Everyone I saw I wanted to hug and shake hands with and sit down with, friend or stranger made no difference. I was sweating heavily so I toted a giant mug of ice cold water with me all night.

Later on I pulled my two best friends aside and asked the guys to sit down with me. We were all rolling together as usual and I felt the need to bond with them on a subconscious and philosophical level. My thoughts and feelings were that of grandeur, as though I was stately and important, yet feeling the need to act as the 'father' of the party. I took care of everyone's needs and was very passive yet confident throughout the experience.

My sight, hearing, and sense of touch were amplified considerably, yet my nose had nearly no sensation. The slightest touch, tap, or brush of the skin sent surges of cool tingling throughout my body. Anything that moved under the psychedelic lighting grabbed my attention, and I found myself staring at things for long periods of time, lost in rambling thought and kaleidoscopic daydreams. Watching the mirrorball on the ceiling imprisoned my eyes and I locked my gaze on it for a good 10-15 minutes, leaving the rest of my body still as a statue. My train of thought glided from one thing to another. Memories of childhood playgrounds, old girlfriends, and significant events in my life flooded my consciousness as every muscle and nerve seemed to numb and relax. I felt as though I was anticipating a great event soon, but that nothing could disturb my total, complete, engulfing euphoria.

After an hour and a half I was fully into the wig. It is damn near impossible to describe the utter joy and acceptance I felt for everyone around me. I listened to every word that everyone said as though it were their last. All of my deepest emotions were reeled to the surface, and I felt a bit like Freud: giving myself a thorough analysis and seeming to understand, dreams, love, companionship, loyalty, betrayal, all of the things that come along in life I felt like I could handle with ease. Confidence was one of the most profound qualities of the tab, as is with most tabs, along with empathy for your fellow man (or woman) and an urge to reach out for understanding.

1 hour and 45 mins into it I was still slightly advancing into the roll. My thoughts accelerated. Everything in my head was moving five or six times the speed it normally does, but I could completely understand everything I was thinking. My lips would try to speak at the same pace as my brain but failed, and ended up as a jittery, mumbling mass of sounds and syllables.

I was at the highest point of the experience and was so overcome with different feelings and thoughts that I could hardly remember where I laid my phone or my cigarettes. I ended up smoking the entire pack that night anyway, as it felt so fuckin unreal going through my body.

A close friend of mine came by and I waved her over. She knew I was rolling and told me and the boys to hop in her convertible. So there we are, my two best friends and I and a gorgeous girl with the top-dropped on a beautiful autumn night. She popped in Chemical Brothers and drove to the nearby mall. We proceeded to explore the entire circle drive around the mall at 80mph, blowing every stop sign and wailing into the night with our hands extended. The cool wind blowing against my face felt fantastic, and I stared in wonder at the trees whizzing past the car. Looking at the guys and knowing they were feeling the same way I was made me feel a genuine connection with them, like we had a unique bond that was unlike any other. Seeing her drive the car was extremely sexy and sensual, and I felt a tightening in my chest that resembled love at first sight. I wanted to reach out and kiss her cheek, feeling her soft hand on my face and her breath against my neck. It was an extremely sexual feeling and one that I have not forgotten.

My visual perspective was slightly altered, and everything seemed a bit off, but in a very comfortable way. watching the road through the front windshield, the lane markers seemed to stretch farther and farther away, and the trees all blurred into one mass of green flying past the car. The street lights flashed against my face as they passed, and it gave a strobe effect to everything in the car. The combined sensations of the engine vibrating and the cool air flowing through my hair and pulling it from my face put me at ease and soothed my slight paranoia. We drove around for a while more, listening to Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of the Moon': not only a masterpiece of music and sound but an incredible booster for your roll. With the music up deafeningly loud, the music and vocals ran through my body and made me feel like I was on stage at their concert only inches away from them. I closed my eyes against the wind and saw eyelid movies of 3-dimensional fractal images rolling in and out of each other like a psychedelic, interactive kaleidoscope. My eyes rolled upwards and held themselves there for several minutes as I seemed to space out completely and sort of put myself into my own dreams. For some reason having my eyes rolled up felt sensational and everytime I would refocus them forward they would gently creep back up.

Coming up took a total of about an hour and 45, plateau effects lasted a total of about 2 1/2 to 3 hours, with a very slow come down lasting another 3 or 4. So all in all these tabs lasted me a good 8 hours or so, give or take. My sleep was somewhat restless, waking me up two or three times in the night to take a piss or to readjust my bed sheets. The dreams that came were vivid and amazing, and I seemed to remember it all.

All in all these were the best tabs I've ever come across, and certainly one of the greatest feelings I think can be attained on this Earth. A warning to those who are new to ecstasy, it can be somewhat mentally addictive for people, and can easily consume someone's thoughts if they have a positive experience. People with a tendency for depression, anxiety, fear of being alone [abandonment complexes] may have a problem...

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 12748
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 1, 2005Views: 29,069
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MDMA (3) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Various (28)

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