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Dangerous Overheating on Second Try
PMA (sold as Ecstasy) & Cannabis
by OnceBittenTwiceWary
Citation:   OnceBittenTwiceWary. "Dangerous Overheating on Second Try: An Experience with PMA (sold as Ecstasy) & Cannabis (exp12852)". Jan 14, 2005.

4 tablets oral Bad/Suspect Ecstasy  
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


[Erowid Note: A substance(s) in this report might be identified incorrectly. Erowid reviewers question the author's identification of the drug described. Although the report is included in the collection, the substance might be something other than the author believed it to be.]

Just after Christmas of 2001 some friends and fellow rollers invited me to their apartment in Chicago to try out some pills that one of them had gotten their hands on. When we got to the apartment the friend with the pills pulled me into the bedroom and showed me a bag with about 750 pills in it. I was guaranteed that this was the purest MDMA that was on the street. I had had some bad pills before (at that time bad meant, to me, ineffective) so I insisted on tasting one before paying. It was a white to off-white pill that was almost, but not quite, as thick as a standard double-stack and had a Mitsubishi stamp. I bit a little off the edge of one pill and it tasted right, so I asked about the price. My friend said $20 per, but would charge me half price if i would share an 8-ball of really good coke I had brought. I said sure and bought 10 pills for $100 (generally a great deal). I gave three to my friend who had driven me to the party and took three myself, saving the other four for later. Earlier I had taken caffiene and ephedrine and I swallowed the pills with a SoBe Adrenaline Rush energy drink, followed by 5 more in the next half hour. We did the 8-ball and were feeling pretty good, so we decided to go for a walk on the beach.

We were so fucked up on the way to the beach that we neglected to notice that the air with wind chill was well below freezing, but by the time we got past the lakefront property and onto the sand (and the biting cold lake-effect wind) the coke was wearing off and the pills had not yet kicked in. We knew that it often takes time for the pills to start to do their job and we've all done enough that these days it takes us longer than usual to hit peak, so we were not surprised about our sudden sobriety. We were, however, worried that the extreme cold might have a negative effect on the roll experience due to the negative feelings we were all beginning to manifest. We walked back to the apartment to wait. I will not bore you with the rest of the details of that night, suffice it to say that no one had felt any effects. Everyone else decided that they were done trying to get anything out of these pills, but I still had four pills that had been paid for. So on the next night several of the people from the previous night and I were at a little get-together at one friend's surburban home. Everyone was smoking pot which reminded me of how when I had started rolling I always smoked pot with it to enhance the roll.

I popped all four remaining pills and smoked some herb. After being stoned for about 45 minutes, the roll started to kick in. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Instead of the euphoria with some speediness, this was purely speedy. I began to get paranoid and scared because my heart was beating so fast. After about ten minutes the worst was over and a light euphoria took over the paranoia and fear. One friend had seen my reactions and asked me what I had taken. I told him about the pills and he said that the problem I had had was due to the fact the the bud was cheap regs, but that he had some really killer hydro that he would share with me if I promised not to tell anyone (he did not have enough to share with more than one person). I agreed to his terms, so we snuck off to the garage to smoke a bowl. The hydro was truly excellent and hit me instantly. The euphoria came on strong. Somehow I ended up in a bedroom that was up two flights of stairs after an unknown ammount of time. It was then that I began to get very dizzy and my head felt very heavy. I flopped onto the bed and three friends appeared. I managed to mumble coherently enough for them to know what had happened and one of them told me that I had to stand up right away. I said I couldn't and told them to wait one minute for me to recover enough control of my body to do what they asked.

My friend said that he would not wait and pulled me to my feet. I instantly dropped to my knees and threw up. I had no voluntary muscular control. They surmised this and dragged me to the bathroom to prop me over the toilet. They urged me to vomit as much as possible to release all the toxins. I knew that it was far too late for this to do any good, all it would serve to do was to dehydrate me further. I tried to tell them this, but it just wouldn't come out, although I am unsure whether it would have mattered anyway because they were unwilling to listen to what I had to say. When I had nothing left to purge, I was thrown into a bathtub and the shower head was aimed at me with the coldest possible water issuing forth. I was told later that my body was so hot that it was painful for others to touch me. I managed to mumble enough for them to understand that I was worried about the very serious risk of dehydration and they poured water into my mouth intermittently. After over two and a half hours of this and a near death experience (too much of a private matter for me to discuss in such an open forum) I began to recover rapidly. I did some research on the pill and found alot of helpful information. I found that the pills I had taken fit perfectly the description of some PMA that was rumored to be in the Chicago area at the same time.

Knowing the massive inherant dangers surrounding PMA, I contacted the person who had unknowingly given me the so-called 'killer Mitsubishis' to warn them not to distribute any more. I was told that all the rest had been sold to a rave organizer in Indianapolis already. The very next day I began hearing reports of kids ending up in the hospital and some even dying from taking PMA at raves in central and northwest Indiana. [Erowid Note: This is an unconfirmed report of deaths related to PMA.] I was lucky that I survived the experience. I want to say that I am not at all opposed to the use of certain drugs, including MDMA, for recreational and experimental use. However I also think that because these drugs are illegal we must remember that this means that unlike most other things in our carefully Federally controlled lives there is no system that can guarantee our safety. Only by using caution and discretion can we be even remotely secure in our health and safety. I strongly urge young people and veterans alike to use common sense, and in the case of ecstasy never buy white Mitsubishis and whenever possible get friends together to buy in bulk. If you get a bunch of the same pressing from one supplier who you trust, then it is a simple matter of testing one before trying.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 12852
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 14, 2005Views: 2,343
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PMA (126), Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (567) : Small Group (2-9) (17), What Was in That? (26), Health Problems (27)

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