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Why the Hell Hasn't anyone Else Tried This?
Ephedra sinica (extract), Cannabis & Caffeine
Citation:   Trip vonShroom. "Why the Hell Hasn't anyone Else Tried This?: An Experience with Ephedra sinica (extract), Cannabis & Caffeine (exp12981)". Feb 7, 2005.

  repeated oral Caffeine (liquid)
    smoked Ephedra sinica (freebase)
    smoked Caffeine (freebase)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
For starters, I'm 165lbs, male, good physical condition, have been drinking coffee all day but prior to the experience in question (happening at this very moment) not too jacked-up. I am a regular cannabis user and a chemistry student at a private university. Around two years ago, I used to trip on acid, shrooms, dxm, and other psychedelics anytime I could, but have never tried any 'hard' drugs such as coke, meth, or heroin. I enjoy drugs but I've got to draw the line somewhere. However, I have one small problem: I really like uppers. What I mean by this is that I really enjoy drugs like caffeine and ephedrine in moderation. I like the way they subtly speed me up and make my thinking crystal clear while somehow making me slightly innebriated. Even though I've never tried and never will try the hard stuff like coke or crystal, I'm still curious about them.

This is the reason for my latest experiment, taking place as I type. The purpose of my experiment was to see if freebase ephedrine would be an active stimulant and if so--what could be its implications? My first attempt consisted of 2 crushed 'mini-thins' dissolved in about 100ml of household clear ammonia, added 150ml zippo brand lighter fluid, shook vigorously many times over the course of about 30min, removed zippo lighter fluid layer with medicine dropper, evaporated zippo lighter fluid on a glass dish, and was left with...*gasp*--freebase ephedrine in the form of an oil. I'm not kidding. I definitely expected crystals since the ephedrine molecule so closely resembles that of methamphetamine. Anyway, how the hell was I supposed to smoke this oil? All I have is the bowl that I smoke herb out of. I decided to soak it up with some gumless rolling papers. It took only about two and one half papers to soak it all up (actually, there was a substantial amount remaining on the glass dish but I was just too lazy to remove it). Next, I packed the crumpled-up rolling papers into my bowl and smoked it. It tasted awful, of course. I did get some speedy effects and the same feeling I get from maybe 1/2 of a 'mini-thin'. The problem was this: The actual rolling papers burned faster than the oil and therefore there was a large amount of freebase ephedrine that I didn't actually breath in. I needed a better delivery system. That brings me to tonight...

I recently bought a bottle of 'stacker 2' pills. I really like these pills taken orally but I find that the excessive amount of caffeine (200mg) is a bit much for me. It also contains several vitamins, herbs, etc--but most importantly, ma huang extract (standardized 25mg ephedrine). I decided to do what the cigarette companies do to tobacco in order to convert the nicotine salt into a freebase--soak it in ammonia. I opened up one of the capsules onto a glass dish, added 5ml household clear ammonia via medicine dropper, 'cut' with razor blade until capsule contents were fully saturated, and let soak for approx. 1 hour. Next, I evaporated the ammonia in the microwave, scraped up sticky goo (light brown in color, almost rubbery but sticky when rolled into a ball), and smoked through my trusty bowl. That was bout two hours ago. Since then, have taken about 7 hits of the pharmaceutical-tasting lump and have taken about 5 hits of some damn good shake from the ass-end from a quarter of some damn good herb.

Right now, I am totally jacked up. I'm so glad that I'm stoned--otherwise, there's no way that I could mellow out at all. I have all the classic ephedrine effects but with a rush. I have no idea whether or not I freebased the 200mg of caffeine in the capsule. I am feeling no distinct caffeine syptoms. After about 4 hits of that lump and about the same number of hits of weed (from trusty bowl #2), I got the distinct feeling of coming on to a pychedelic. I even got some cool visuals, especially with eyes closed. Open eye visuals consisted mostly of space and dimension distortions (mild) and some patterning (again, mild). Closed eye visuals consisted of light but pretty detailed patterning with multiple colors (very mild but if I concentrated...). The visuals started about 2 minutes after my last hit and lasted approx. 10min. Again, I have no idea what role (if any) caffeine plays in this experience. Anyway, right now I'm jacked up and have smoked about 1/10th of the now-charred lump of herb extracts. This stuff is obviously potent but maybe a tolerance could be established if used consistently and frequently. It may also be addictive.

Please be careful if you try this experiment. Remember--I am typing this report as I am still experiencing the effect so I very well may have a heart attack and hence fall dead before the trip concludes. Therefore, I advise NOT trying this experiment at home (it is wrong to use a 'nutritional supplement' contrary to the label's indications).

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 12981
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 7, 2005Views: 67,261
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Ephedra sinica (243), Caffeine (11) : Preparation / Recipes (30), Unknown Context (20)

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