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Phantom Phone
Brugmansia & Cannabis
Citation:   Brugmansia. "Phantom Phone: An Experience with Brugmansia & Cannabis (exp13201)". Apr 11, 2008.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  3 flowers oral Brugmansia (tea)
Yesterday I experienced hells bell for the first time. That is to say the last time I did not ingest enough to trip. Well I noticed the angels trumpet tree outside my bf's house and thought cool, cause I wanted to see what it was that wouldn't let my friends be sane off the bells the last time. I picked 3 avg...light yellow/white 7in long bells. I sliced them all up and made the into a tea with about 12 oz of water. I boiled them on low heat for 20 min strained it and added a lot of honey, due to the rancid taste it leaves behind if not sweetened. I left it to chill a while after I mixed the honey.

While it was chillen I was out back smoking out with some other friends that just stopped by. By the time I went in to drink the tea I was pretty lit but I smoke a lot so Iím used to it, it's like normal to me. I poured the tea into a cup of ice and added a little more honey. I consumed it slowly over the course of 20 min. Within the first 10 min I felt a slight head change, almost like a buzz from alcohol. 30 min passes, walking became sluggish and I began unecessarily knocking things over and tripping on things. I played solitare for a while, lost track of time. The whole time I felt buzzed.

Once I got up from playing and looked at the clock it was about 4:20 (no joke) so I got up and went out back for a cigerette, and when I came back in it was like walking into an unfamiliar house, but I still was conscious enough to know where I was. I felt I little intoxicated like drunk so I went and laid down and smoke out a little. As I close my eyes I began thinking deep thoughts as though I was being pulled through, to the other side of the mirror. I felt as if I could see myself outside of my body, I was dreaming with my eyes open, I thought they were closed but friends tell me they were open the whole time. Time has now become a faded memory, if you said the word time to me it would not make any sense at this point in the trip. As it started to get dark I remember my bf coming home. He new instantly knew what I did, but I did my research this time.

As I laid in the bed I began talking to what I though was my bf and 3 other friends seeing them in front me clear as day, then when I ask them a question they all disapear along with my bf. My mind could no longer determine whether or not these friends of mine that I was seeing were real. It felt as though my ability to determine real from unreal had been stripped from me but none of this seemed odd to me at the time, I just went on talking to these friends of mine and after awhile they would not disapear and when I asked them a question they would respond with the answer I was think or that I wanted to hear.

Back in reality my boyfriend has been sitting next to me playing x box for the past two hours almost completly horrified by my rantings with these people I saw in front of me. When I realized that it was really my bf it had to have been about 10 o'clock at night, and I ingested the tea at about 3:30pm earlier that day. By then I was in my trip like hardcore. I remember the walls and the ceiling moving upward in waves expanding out ward and inward almost as if the wall had begun to live and breathe, I was very intrigued by this not conscious at all to the fact that I had drank the tea. I personally felt like nothing was wrong.

Assuming the time span, I'd about 3 hours had passed according to my bf. In those three hours he did not understand a word I said I just felt like I forgot how to speak, or maybe I wasnít speaking loud enough, every word out of my mouth was a bunch of mumbled jibberish. There was also a period of time were I remember feeling as if I was asleep but my eyes were wide open and I saw the room full of my friend watching my bf play Xbox, along with myself. I continued to talk to beings that were not there and my bf kept telling me whatís wrong, who are u talking to, along with they havenít been here since yesterday. He was freeking out. I remember I kept telling him, 'Iím ok, Iím trippen.

Also during that time I remembered answering my cell phone and talking to all kinds of different people including a few that I believed were in the room. I didn't even have my cell, I left it at home. This whole time I thought I was on the phone, while boyfriend yells out your doing it again, telling me I didnít have a phone, when I realized I had my hand up to my ear in the shape of a phone this whole time believing I was on the phone. Also during this period of time my mother called the house to talked to me. First thing I remember her saying after I said hi was 'What are you on.' Even in this state of mind thinking I was telling the truth I told her I was drunk, along with a bunch of mumbling and ranting, I then hung up on her. She called right back and asked why I hung up on her, I totally made up this whole conversation that me and her had, nothing more than a mumble had came outta my mouth since that phone was in my hands. But in actuality I managed to really tell her I was drunk but at the same time it took for me to hang on her 3 times before I was able to process who I was really talking to.

After my mother called, the next 3 hours were all about my phone. Every moment that I considered at that time to be conscious I spent either talking on my imaginary hand phone, or searching frantically for it never producing any results. Finally my bf started to get really scared. He said that my speech had gotten really bad, and he said it was almost as if I was possesed, like I had been removed from my body. In my state of unconsciousness, which I spent with my eyes open, I was told that it was like you could see into my brain through my pupils. The color was still present but very scarce, only on the right and left side of the pupils. They had completely open on the top and bottom halves. Even the white of my eyes seemed to be greatly diminished. It almost look like I had black eyes with translucent irises and no pupils. Over all I looked like a power puff girl, only problem is that cartoon world seemed more real to me at that time then the real world.

The last recollection of my trip was my boyfriend pointed out every time was talking on a phone that wasnít there or to a person that wasnít there and I reacted with violent words which to him sounded like and angry neanderthal, nothing but a bunch of mumbled jibberish. The only productive thing that came outta of my mouthe that night was when I told my bf that he was bothering me and that he should leave me alone. At one point were he was playing the video game and I was just watching but I imagined a 2nd control in my hand and since it was a fighting game I thought I really was controlling the characters. I thought I was better.

I gained a little stability back and I looked at the clock and it said 5:15 am Monday morning. Then I realized that I was no longer in front of the t.v and that it was now 6:00am. I only know because my bf hopped into bed at that time. I also remember trying to look at my watch before I knocked out and it was almost like everything that I tried to get a close glimpse at even the ingrediants in visine were not readable and still aren't.

When I was consciously able to close my eyes and sleep I had non-stop night mares of being loney. I had one dream where I attended my own funeral and my mom was sobbing and screaming her lungs off why'd you take my baby why. I felt like I was crying in my sleep this was the most stand outish dream to me. That funeral dream woke me up around 7:30am my bf continued to sleep not to mention I continued to trip. I thought it was over then when I looked at the wall it began to breathe, and the ceiling started moving like shock wave were passing through it. And as hard as it is to understand all the walls in that room moved in unison with one another all going the same direction. I decided that I had had enough hells bells trip so I decide to go back to sleep, or should I say force my self back to sleep because even with my eyes closed I could still see the wall moving it was hard getting trough that last part especially.

I found myself sleeping next to my bf at 10:00am today(mon). Anything close to my eyes was a blur. My eyes were still fully dilated when I got up to brush my teeth. Weird thing is that it felt like I had been fully rejuvinated, leaving me to believe that my body got rest, well maybe not my eyes, during this trip. All together my trip lasted from 3:30 pm yesterday till when I woke up this morning at 10:00am. During the day today I found myself a bit depressed and lonely when I got home. I cried like a little baby for like 20 min just overwhelmed by the thought of what I just went through. Now I report improved vision, not completely but it has improved since I initially lost it.

This was an experience like no other. I would definatly do it again now that I know hat the extent of the trip is like but I wonít do it ever again unless I have someone else there that understands what I feel at that time, if that humanly possible. My true question about this now that Iím sober is, is what we live in now reality or is reality individual to how each person sees reality? Would I seem so crazy in front of four other people who were also on it? I have yet to know.

Iíd give hellís bells a 10 out of 10. Thereís no real physical side effects, at least not so far with me. nothin beyond blurred vision and a little emotional distress. Also it's one of the only drugs that Iíve ever used that is legal to have, and free, not to mention the craziest experience of my life next to shrooms. For reference, I found the trip a little bit similar to shrooms in the way that the walls moved etc. but the hells bells were definatly way more powerful and way more mind altering.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 13201
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 11, 2008Views: 15,288
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Brugmansia (84) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), General (1)

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