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Fun and Boring
Dimenhydrinate & Codeine
by P.S.
Citation:   P.S.. "Fun and Boring: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate & Codeine (exp13488)". Jul 18, 2005.

60 mg oral Codeine (pill / tablet)
  315 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


Before I start, I would like to say that while I have not done nearly as many drugs as some have, I'm not inexperienced. I have done acid 2 times, shroom 5-6 times, smoke a lot of pot and drank a whole bunch, nutmeg 1 time, and had very low threshold doses of DMT and DXM.

I have read many experience reports, and most of them after I tried this drug. I notice that many of the experiences here are included in the Difficult Experiences category. While I report many of the same effects as the others, I didn't find it 'Difficult'. It may be the fact that it was combined with codeine, but the trip seemed quite different from what an opiate should be and I'm pretty sure that the Gravol was overpowering in this case. Anyway, on with the story.

After finding ourselves with a house to ourselves for the entire day and nothing to do (drug wise), we began raiding the drug cabinet. We found some T3s and decided we could take 2 each without a noticeable amount missing. We then found the Gravol. We each took six tablets out and added them to our little piles (a few nights earlier in sheer boredom i had taken several vitamins and 150 mg Gravol and noticed shifting walls and a strange disassociated feeling). We headed to the computer and checked here on erowid for Gravol. I was surprised to find the strong psychoactive effects of this drug. After a quick check for drug interactions between codeine and dimenhydrinate, we proceeded to swallow out pills.

About 10 minutes later i asked my friend if he felt anything, for I was feeling slightly dizzy. He said something was 'weird'. We sat down and started playing Mario Kart 64 (one of the funnest video games in existence). About two races into the game, it hit me. From one instant to the next I went from sober to very high! I sank into the futon couch and blackness started filling into my vision from the corner of my eyes (like when you are fainting). This continues until I had only a small spot in my vision where I could see. I would then blink, and my vision would be instantly back. Whenever I blinked, however, I would get a feeling of falling like when you get ripped out of sleep right when entering a dream (Described by others on this site). When looking through my now clear vision I would see vertical white lines through everything. At this point the blackness would come again and I would repeat the entire process over again.

I did this about 10 times before I asked my friend if he felt it. He was feeling hardly anything at all, which is odd, because he is much lighter than me. After describing the effects to him, we resumed playing Mario Kart. About three minutes later, the wave that had taken me hit my friend. Out of nowhere, he yelled 'Whoaaaa!' and told me how unbelievably high he was. He said he couldn't control his arm which was why I beat him so badly in the game. We continued playing some more which was very fun at this point. The blackness -> Blink -> Falling feeling continued, but after a while the falling feeling was starting to make me feel sick. So I decided to get up, but when I did, I nearly fell over forward! Standing was very hard. The sickness instantly left me so I sat down again. That was very strange because when I sat, I felt my entire body fall backward through the futon giving me that feeling of having your chair pulled out under you. I showed this to my friend and we proceed to sit down about 15 times.

We had finished out Mario Kart cup and stopped playing Nintendo 64. We stood on my friends porch in the sun for a while, then went back inside. At this point we realized we had nothing to do. We had been bored before getting high and hope this would make the day fun. This is one of tha major difference between this drug and others. For other drugs, being high can be fun by itself, but with this drug it's like you're as bored as you were before, just high on the side! We killed time sitting around listening to music for about two hours. In this time we stared at the ceiling which would swim like quicksand. Very much like on mushrooms which we had also done in that room before. The walls would also bubble quite a bit. The chimney pipe from the stove would bend and warp and have little lines shooting out of it, very mushroomy. After this lost it's interest like everything else, we decided to go outside.

Once outside, we had actually planned a lengthy walk, but due to the wind and cold, were only outside for about 15 minutes. The entire walk was, as stated in other reports very dreamy. This was actually quite enjoyable. Had I had thicker pants, I would have stayed out longer (I had a coat). The sun felt warm but was chilled by the wind. I could watch everything go by. We walked by some very small dogs that came up to our legs. When I looked down, my legs felt as if they were not part of my body.

When we got back inside we laid down on couches and just laid there in silence, alone with our thoughts. The problem was, I had none! I had no subject I was thinking about, but my mind would just ratter on, and I could watch thought after thought go by. It was like watching my mind have a very fast conversation with itself. The suddenly something scared this shit out of me. I'm sure everyone knows the sound of a very distorted hardcore electric guitar. DUNT! Out of nowhere, this sound came. All around me and extremely loud, this truly did scare the shit out of me. Me heart was racing. Now here is the hard part to explain. I have no idea what my thoughts were, but I could 'visualize' my thought pattern. I started thinking again, and suddenly it happened again. As this occurred again and again, I started to see a pattern in my think patterns. Eventually I learned that if I though a certain way, not about anything in particular, just in a certain pattern, I would hear the sound. Eventually I learned to control it completely and could play hardcore songs in my head (the sound I describe is heard in Prison Song by System of a Down). This was one of the highlights of the trip, and made me feel like I had accomplished something (analyzed the human thought pattern and learned to manipulate it). This was actually no the first auditory hallucination I had heard. Before all this had started I heard a mockingbird, that my friend did not.

The rest of the trip was mostly just boredom, passing time being high. My friend and I did not say much at all to each other. It was more of a private high. Later on he seemed to describe different effects than me, giving us nothing to share. Also after the walk, my friend said he was pretty much sober again. I was still VERY HIGH (which is odd again, since he is MUCH lighter than me). Eventually, I was down completely down, or so I thought. My friend's parents came home, and we spent the night watching TV. When we went to bed, about 8 hours after I was down, I realized I was still high. I have noticed this drug is Much more intense when you are laying down. When I went to bed, the falling feeling came back, but less intense. The ceiling still warped and bent, and the auditory hallucinations returned. I started hearing various voices going through my head, and let them talk me to sleep. I find all that very odd since I had been down completely.

My conclusion: This is a drug that has some great effects, but is much funner if I have something to do (Day at the amusement park, etc.). Keep in mind that this was combined with 2 T3s. I can see how this could be an overwhelming drug for some, but I found nothing I couldn't take. I should clarify that part where the heavy guitar sound scared me. It wasn't a fear kind of scared, but I mean that it startled me. I actually jumped. 315 mg is low compared to the 800 mg doses some people take. At 315 mg, I had no lasting effects past the day I took the drug. Have Fun!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 13488
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 18, 2005Views: 40,945
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Codeine (14), Dimenhydrinate (17) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Music Discussion (22), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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