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Nightmare Trip
DXM (Coricidin with CPM)
by Josh
Citation:   Josh. "Nightmare Trip: An Experience with DXM (Coricidin with CPM) (exp13659)". Sep 22, 2004.

T+ 0:00
8 tablets oral DXM
  T+ 0:10 2 tablets oral DXM
  T+ 1:20 6 tablets oral DXM
  T+ 0:59   oral Chlorpheniramine Maleate
  T+ 0:59   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes


8:20pm- Took 8 corciden hbp

8:30pm- take 2 more

9:40pm- Nothing is felt so I finished the whole box taking altogether 16

10:15pm- slight heavy feeling in face, but nothing more

11:00pm- I begin to feel lonely so I tell Juicy to call me when heís out having a cigarette. I wait for him on the phone and mindlessly walked all around the whole house without realizing it. The light on my ceiling has an odd glow to it.

11:30pm- I get up from chair and quickly fall over but do not feel a thing, walking seems difficult but not too difficult if I do it for a while. I feel like a invincible blob. I go outside to smoke and listen to music, and end up getting into it and dancing around like an idiot. Near the end of the song I start to think ďwow this music is loudĒ and for no reason this somehow scared me and I begin to have a small panic attack. So I go back into the room and watch a few music videos on my computer. Cigarettes seem to have a orange taste to them. Iím so numb I canít feel the smoke entering my lungs.

12:00- I get extremely lonely again as everyone on messenger has blocked me. I am still wondering why I got scared when I was outside earlier. Right now I feel great and very happy; relieved that I havenít puked or I donít have that sick feeling corcidin gives you. I walked around in the streets by my house talking to Nick on the phone and eventually head back after realizing how foolish it was. I spin around in circles to see what its like on corcidin and end up falling. Like before, I didnít feel a thing or hardly notice that I had fallen on the ground. Right now I feel no pain at all.

1:00am- the sick feeling kicks in. Also a feeling others would probably describe as ďFryingĒ as it feels as though my brain is actually frying right now. I begin to lose control of my thoughts and get hypnotized by anything I stare at too long. The sick feeling gets worse. This was the same feeling I got last time with Jesse which made me start to freak out. But in realizing this, I am able to stay sane.

1:30am- Threw up 3 times. A little disappointed that I threw up like last time, but happy that I didnít freak out like last time I did this. Throwing up didnít seem to be as bad as last time. I sat with my arms on the toilet (about ready to fall in) for 30 minutes waiting for it again, but nothing happens so I go to bed.

2:00am- The drugs have now started to fuck with my vision. When I close my eyes I can see a ton of white colored worms wiggling rapidly at a fast speed and began to think that they are inside me moving around. I am afraid to go sleep for the fear that I will lose my mind. I cannot close my eyes for I am not sure where I am at. Everything seems to be spinning. Nothing makes sense right now. I also notice that my heartbeat sounds really loud again, and at some points it sounds like its coming from different areas and sometimes its loud, sometimes quiet. I begin to have random weird thoughts such asÖ.. Someone is piling bricks on top of my head more and more and the guy doing it keeps asking me if I feel alright. But I donít feel alright. I feel very weird. So I tell him out loud without realized Im not talking to anyone. Not really sick anymore, but I canít describe how I feel right now. Other than weird thoughts like this, I see weird patterns and colors whenever I close my eyes.

4:00- I hear someone walk into the bathroom but think that that person had actually gone in my room and was sure that they were right in the doorway (I was facing the opposite direction in bed) staring at me, I began to get nervous thinking that they are going to kill me. I lay awake looking around unable to move or do anything. Reality seems to have disappeared. The hands on the clock didn't move for what seemed like 4 hours or more. The room kept changing size. Everything was distorted. I couldn't move. I tried moving my hand, but it was frozen in front of my face. I felt weightless. I felt like I was dead.. Shadows of all sizes and shapes begin moving around the room all over at a fast speed. A million thoughts go through my head at once and I struggle to figure out even one of them without luck feeling as if I am going to have a mental overload. I began to wonder if I have really lost my mind this time. Every time I try to sleep I get a very weird feeling or see something bizarre and then I am afraid to sleep for some reason.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 13659
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 22, 2004Views: 40,499
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DXM (22) : Bad Trips (6), Alone (16)

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