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Thought it was real...
Brugmansia sanguinea
by BloodJunkie
Citation:   BloodJunkie. "Thought it was real...: An Experience with Brugmansia sanguinea (exp13918)". May 1, 2002.

20 leaves oral Brugmansia (tea)


OK my friends and i had been experimenting by eating and smoking the flowers but to no effect. I found out it was better to use the leaves, so i tried it one day...

I grabbed a couple handfulls of leaves chopped them up, boiled them and made a coffee out of the water. Waited about 45 minutes before i decided it had no effect and put another brew on and went for a walk to the shop to buy some smokes.

Just before i got there i started feeling tired and disassociated from my suroundings. Got my cigs went home sat down. Lit a smoke, was puffing away on it for ages before i realised it wasnt going. Lit it, smoked it and grabbed another i was smoking it and then dropped it. I was frantically searching around for it until i checked the pack and there was only 1 missing.

Went into a total dream state here, thought i was in a '50s TV show for a bit. Woke up to smell of smoke. My house was FULL of smoke, i left the brew on, it was now just black crap on the bottom of a pot. Cleaned it up and sat down again.

Right about now im feeling the worst gut pain ive ever had. I wanted to spew but couldnt. Also needed a drink real bad, but i couldnt move. Finally with a huge effort i got up and got a drink of water, but i couldnt drink it cause it tasted like shit, sat down.. Couldnt stand the dries so i got up and forced myself to drink the water.

i was really tired so crashed out in my room. Woke up cause i heard my family come home. No one was supposed to be there so i went out to talk to them. I bumped into everything in my house and it hurt bad and was such an effort to get moving again. anyway asked my family what they were doing home but didnt get much of an answer. Talked to them a bit more but they didnt seem to be making any sense. And they were all really white they looked like Marilyn Manson. At this point im seeing lots of vivid images the face of a green monster with horns stands out, i thought it was my sister.

I had no idea i was hallucinating up until that point.

Then i started having a conversation with this tall pot plant. It was quite intelligent.

I went into my bathroom and found my dad lying on the floor all white. i thought he was dead. Then i saw blood dripping down all the walls. I went and told my mum but she wouldnt do anything about it and i was so pissed off.

Anyway i put my clothes in the washing machine cause i had to work the next day. I Noticed a puddle of water on the floor, thought my washing machine could be leaking but i couldnt see how. Thought i was just tripping and forgot about it. went to bed.

Next morning and OMFG my house was trashed. I realised no one ahd been there the night b4. All the mirrors were lying face down on the floor. I actually remember talking to myself in my bathroom mirror. and my house was flooded... But not from my washing machine. From my toilet. I had stuffed rolls of paper some cloth and a pot plant down it. the top of the cistern was off and teh valve was stuck open so it would overflow. And part of the bowl was broken. I dont remember doing any of this. My carpet was soaked...

i didnt go to work that day i was sore all over, i was covered with cuts and brusies. I also realised that i had no lights on the night b4 yet i could se fine. But i couldnt look at anything white in the daytime even with sunglasses on cause it was blinding. I couldnt read anything cause it all looked like x's and y's and kept on moving.

I tried datura on another 2 occasions looking for a more mild trip but still got really messed up, freaked out my father and lost alot of time.

Exp Year: 1997ExpID: 13918
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 1, 2002Views: 23,022
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