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More Than Just Vodka
Absinthe (homemade)
by La Fee Verte
Citation:   La Fee Verte. "More Than Just Vodka: An Experience with Absinthe (homemade) (exp14065)". May 1, 2002.

500 ml oral Absinthe (liquid)


After discovering erowid quite recently, i became fascinated with the information on wormwood and absinthe. i decided after reading some of the experience reports about home made absinthe i decided to try it myself. i found the following recipe:

* 1 pint vodka
* 2 tsp crumbled wormwood (dried)
* 2tsp anise seed
* 1/2 tsp fennel seed
* 4 cardamom pods
* 1 tsp marjoram
* 1/2 tsp ground coriander
* 2 tsp chopped angelica root
* 1 2/3 cups sugar syrup

I bought everything i needed from the local health food/herb shop. I got an older friend to buy me a litre of 37% alcohol vodka. Because i used a litre of vodka i increased the amount of everything else aswell.

I let the wormwood soak for 3 days and then filtered it out. i then added the rest of the ingredients and let them soak for 5 days. after filtering the rest of the herbs out the drink was a whiskey kind of colour, which i was quite upset about because absinthe is supposed to be green. The green colour seemed quite important to me at the time, so i used green food colouring.

I invited 2 of my friends (which i shall call R and T) over to my house the next friday. I was really looking forward to drinking the absinthe and so were my friends. My mum had bought 12 beers for us, and we had about an eighth of pot aswell. I was looking forward to getting quite drunk and so were my friends. We had a small shot of absinthe each at about 6 o clock. Pretty much straight away i felt as if i had had about three or four times the amount of alcohol that i had actually drank. the vodka that i used to make it was only 37%, but the drink was definitely stronger than 37% vodka. R and T didnt like the taste of it, so i drank their shots. We had some pizza at about half past 6, and i felt pretty drunk. My mind was in quite a strange state, i felt quite silly and kept saying stupid stuff that i normally wouldn't, i also felt really self confident; which is not normal for me.

at 7 o clock we went out to smoke some pot. we took a beer each and some pot with us. After 1 joint i felt pretty stoned. i drank my beer and R's as well. I ran home to get some more pot, my water bong and the bottle of absinthe. i also downed another beer while i was there. We filled the bong with absinthe and smoked a bowl ful. We then wandered to a shop where we could get some cigaretes (i dont smoke, but we needed tobacco to smoke more resin with.) The initial dizzyness had worn off now, but my inhibitions had completey disappeared as if i was completely drunk.

As my happy mood grew more intense i started having thoughts about doing stupid thing like running in front of cars and stuff, as a result of this daft mood i drank the bong water. it had actually improved the flavour of the absinthe somewhat; or so i believed, but looking back i dont really think that was possible 'cause it was really bad.

I could tell i was pretty drunk because i was acting stupid, but i didn't feel disorientated, slurred or have the usual problems focussing my eyes when im drunk.

We ended up wandering to the train station and phoning S. She said she would meet us there at twenty past nine. Both R and T were completely sober and they told me to stop drinking. Their advice didnt work, so as a last resort they took the bottle off me and hid it. Somehow i knew where it was, and i went and got it. They took it off me 3 times, and each time i knew where it was hidden. This was pretty strange and i dont really know how i did this, i seemed to have some strange telepathic power. I kept drinking until the bottle was half empty, then i noticed that i had too much and the effects of the alcohol were kicking in quite strongly.

i kept acting stupidly for the rest of the night. everything was just a game to me and i just wanted to be stupid. i chased a really big spider around for what must have been about five minutes, when i caught it i ate it. i dont know why i did that, it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

The time seemed to fly by quicker than ever before when i have been drunk, and before i knew it the time was 9 o clock. we decided to go back home because my mum phoned me and told me to. The affects of the drink were really messin me up and i could hardly walk by this time. I got steadily worse as we went back to my house, and when my mum asked where we had been i could hardly talk. My tongue felt like it was made of lead and pronouncing even words as simple as 'and', even when ive had so much alcohol that i have been throwing up i have never had such a strong speech problem as this. My friends left at half nine and i went to bed at ten o clock because i was so fucked up.

i had some really strange vivid dreams, i can remember every detail of them.

The next morning i woke up at about half past seven as i always do when i got pissed the night before. I still felt really pissed when i woke up, i had breakfast but didnt feel any more sober. I felt happy, even though i should have been upset because i had had an argument with my mum cause she was annoyed that i was so wasted. My mum went out at ten o clock and i went for a joint to cure my developing hangover. i felt much better and had more breakfast.

Overall i would give homemade absinthe a thumbs up cause it was significantly stronger than normal alcohol. It was quite easy to make and i would recomend it to anyone.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14065
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 1, 2002Views: 20,965
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