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Unexpectedly Potent
Citation:   Moander. "Unexpectedly Potent: An Experience with DiPT (exp14077)". Aug 9, 2002.

70 mg oral DiPT
Having recently acquired a gram of DIPT, the 'auditory hallucinogen', i decided to take 70mg at around 4 pm on a saturday. This was my first experience with DIPT, but I opted for a dose towards the top of the common dosage range because it seemed to me that all the DIPT trip reports were about the same regardless of dose. I dissolved it in some orange juice and drank it quickly.

Around 40 or 50 minutes passed and i began to feel the first tryptamine alerts. I was also experiencing increasing nausea, which soon dissipated. As i ventured into the street, i noticed that there was very little background noise (tires on concrete, etc) and there was some pressure in my ears. About 15 minutes later, when i was at a train station, i noticed that if i relaxed my eyes when i looked at the pebbles on the floor, they would start to shift with the fluidity of a good acid trip. This effect was unexpected but greatly enjoyed, and the floor started shifting more, until i think i either stopped noticing it or it subsided.

On the train, I couldn't really hear much, until i noticed the strange sounds i started to hear were actually the distorted voices of the other passengers. The way peoples voices sounded was completely alien, and quite entertaining. As far as speech was concerned, everyone sounded like they were speaking through one of those voice disguisers that kind of digitise your voice, but it was dropped in pitch, and it was impossible to tell who was talking unless you were watching their lips move. After i exited the train, in the station the acoustics in the main hallway were distorted, and i could not pick out individual voices at all, but only hear this droning amalgam of many voices, which seemed to linger somewhere towards the top of the room.

The sense that i got was that the 'position' of the sound in the room was a function of the shape of the walls and how the sound bounced around. I had entered a midly psychedelic state of mind with amusing thoughts, and at some points was seriously analyzing recent events in my life, a welcome surprise from a drug i thought would just make everyone sound fucked up. After a while i found myself on another train going somewhere else, and started to get quite annoyed by sounds i was hearing, but was unable to tell if they were hallucinations. I heard repetitive high pitched metal clanking and children laughing, but the sounds seemed to be coming from outside the train. I met my friends, and talked for the first time since the DIPT had affected me. I sounded like a robot too, and it was difficult to regulate tone and inflection in my voice because what i was hearing didnt sound like how i was moving my mouth. I found myself chuckling occasionally because tiny girls would sound like huge mechanical robots. Later i noticed that the more weed i smoked, the more acutely i could hear a ringing in my ears, but it was nothing too bothersome.

Eventually i went home, but was too stimulated to sleep until about 9 hours had passed since ingestion. Music sounded very interesting, as certain changes in tone could not be perceived, so i listened to the same album 4 times in a row and was very entertained. I awoke the next day with a mild sore throat, and noticed that as of about 20 hours since i took the DIPT, voices still sound fairly distorted, as does my own. This was a very fun and interesting tryptamine, but it made it very impractical to try and function in a social setting, although i still had a lot of fun and plan on further experiments in the future.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14077
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 9, 2002Views: 20,564
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DiPT (110) : First Times (2), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1), Alone (16)

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